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Editor's e-Note
As more medical transcriptionists fall victim to layoffs (including 400 at Mayo Clinic this month), it’s becoming even more important for health care professionals to keep tabs on the job market.

This month’s E-News Exclusive does just that by taking a look at what’s going on in the clinical documentation improvement realm. It’s an area that’s evolved over the past 10 years to the point where certain individuals have become more sought after than others.

Lee DeOrio, editor
e-News Exclusive
Current Landscape of CDI Job Market
By Scott Entinger

In speaking to clinical documentation improvement (CDI) professionals on a daily basis, I have seen many trends develop over the past 10 years regarding where this job market has been and where it is going. Professionals I talk to give me their trust to discuss their current job situation and they put faith in me to give them the best advice when it comes to finding a new opportunity in the CDI field. With that thought in mind, I offer my two cents.

It seems as though the CDI job market is on an uptick. Last year, we seemed to be bogged down in a bit of a post-ICD-10 lull when it came to hiring and a lot of organizations were working with much smaller budgets than in years prior. Legislative uncertainly also played a key role in planning and spending for most organizations.

We have started to see the CDI contract/interim solution taper a bit and hospitals are hiring more full-time equivalents now than before. Despite a slower 2017, the one fact that has always been an issue is the shortage of good qualified CDI professionals. The demand for highly skilled and experienced CDI staff remains at an all-time high and the supply of these individuals still falls short.

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Other News
Cerner Implementation Causing Delays at Connecticut Health System
Patients are experiencing long waits while providers adjust to a new system for billing, scheduling, and maintaining EHRs, according to The News-Times.

Patient Access to EMRs Has Benefits and Drawbacks
Patient portals enable patients to quickly access their test results, but seeing the data without an explanation from their physician may cause them concern or confusion, according to The Washington Post.

HEALTHCON attendees tweeted about what they learned at AAPC’s recent conference in Orlando, Florida. The following are their takeaways from a few of the sessions.

“President’s Welcome” by Bevan Erickson
@aapcstaff: “Hard skills will get you the job. Soft skills will get you to the next level.” — Bevan Erickson, AAPC President #HCON18

@Lisa_Eramo: Coders need to evolve faster than the world around them. — Bevan Erickson #HCON18

“The Medical Uses of Next Generation Sequencing” by Kenneth Ward, MD
@aapcstaff: “We’re in a genetics revolution. It’s changing medical science and patient care.” — Kenneth Ward, MD, CEO of Juneau Biosciences #HCON18

@Lisa_Eramo: Everything we do in health care will change as a result of genomic discoveries. — Kenneth Ward #HCON18

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Tech & Tools
Edifecs Launches Smart Decisions
Edifecs has unveiled its Data Science Product Line with the product Smart Decisions, a machine learning and artificial intelligence platform in combination with a Data Science app store. Available to health plans and provider organizations, Smart Decisions brings deep analytics capabilities and ready-to-deploy applications to any health care legacy application and platform, granting easier access to machine learning and artificial intelligence benefits. Smart Decisions allows any health plan or provider to easily jumpstart the efficiencies of machine learning across many common analytics functions without the high costs, trial-and-error start-up phase of incorporating new technologies. Smart Decisions is preintegrated into Edifecs source systems such as Smart Trading and Encounter Management. The Data Science app store features prebuilt applications to address industry challenges including cost to collect, member retention, opioid abuse tracking, medication adherence, managed care encounter data completeness, and value-based care. Learn more »

Pillo Delivers Voice-First Experiences Via Digital Care Management Platform
Pillo Health partnered with Orbita to create and manage powerful interfaces for the company’s care management platform and Pillo device, a first-of-its-kind in-home companion robot dedicated to health care, which made its debut on the HIMSS 2018 exhibit floor. Pillo uses artificial intelligence algorithms to proactively engage with patients, improve therapy adherence, and deliver personalized care for adults living with chronic conditions, allowing them to live healthier and more independent lives. Leveraging the power of voice experiences, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, Pillo assists users with complex therapy regimens, encourages adherence to provider-directed care plans, enables connectivity to care teams, and captures valuable health data from inside the home. Health care organizations and caregivers who deliver and manage care in the home use Pillo to reduce costs associated with improving personal and population health outcomes. Pillo serves as a 24/7 in-home extension of the care team to accompany a patient at every point on their care journey. Combining voice-first technology with algorithms and architecture dedicated to health care is critical to optimizing the power of Pillo as an intelligent in-home care assistant. Learn more »
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Industry Insight
Report Ranks Top 50 Best Value Health Informatics Master’s Degrees

Value Colleges, an independent online guide to the best values in undergraduate and graduate education, has released their Top 50 Best Value Health Informatics Master’s Degrees.

While the health care sector has been one of the fastest-growing parts of the economy for quite some time, one field in particular—health informatics—is seeing tremendous growth. In the age of big data, the Affordable Care Act, and health insurance giants, record keeping is at a premium, and health care practitioners who can handle computer technology effectively are in great demand. Whether it is a nurse earning a certificate to increase income or an administrative professional learning a new skill, a health informatics degree is a great opportunity to enhance credentials. Value Colleges has looked at the nation’s most successful health informatics programs to rank the top 50 best value health informatics master’s degrees, giving prospective students the full picture of what colleges and universities can deliver on their promises.

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