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Editor's e-Note
Is biometrics the panacea to the health care industry’s data security ills? Without question, it can be part of a solution that incorporates other best practices.

And biometric technology continues to evolve. For example, this month’s E-News Exclusive examines how biometric signature authentication can provide another layer of protection to health care organizations looking to stay ahead of data thieves.

Lee DeOrio, editor
e-News Exclusive
Biometric Signature Authentication:
The New Modality of Choice for Safeguarding EMR Access

By David Rizzo

Meaningful use. Two words of towering importance that now remind every hospital administrator, CFO, and medical group CEO that they must comply with newly promulgated regulations from federal HIPAA and HITECH legislation, or risk forfeiting funds previously received from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

But while emphasis originally stopped at the word “meaningful”—as in, is the EMR system being employed as demanded by law—greater emphasis now lands squarely on the word “use”—as in, will the physicians, paramedical staff, and record-keeping and insurance-billing departments actually use the EMR as required? After all, what good is any electronic system if the user experience suffers?

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Industry Insight
Researchers to Tackle EHR Barriers With $2.5 Million Grant

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) has received a $2.5 million grant to make the EHR more useful for health professionals and safer for patients.

The five-year grant was awarded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to measure best practices across existing EHR systems, listen and learn what providers believe to be the ideal system, and then build and test a model EHR system that can improve patient care.

John Windle, MD, a professor and chief of cardiology at UNMC and principal investigator of the grant, says the funding came from an understanding that the intended consequences of EHR adoption also had significant unintended consequences. His preliminary research suggested that physicians resisted EHR adoption because they felt it adversely affected their workflow, communications among the health care team, and patient care.

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Tech & Tools
Mobile Heartbeat CURE Smartphone App
The Mobile Heartbeat CURE (Clinical Urgent REsponse) smartphone app enhances clinical communications, offering secure texting and allowing clinical staff to have patient information and current vitals at their fingertips. The new Dynamic Role feature allows clinical teams to connect immediately to whoever is assigned to a specific key role each shift, since the same extension number is used from shift to shift, allowing staff to find the specific caregiver they need quickly, easily, and without searching. With the Staff Assignment module, clinical staff can see which patients they are assigned to each shift and who else from the clinical staff is on each patient’s care team. The Staff Directory module makes it quick and easy to look up and find anyone in the hospital. Mobile Heartbeat CURE enables efficient delivery of clinical data and communications to users on-site, off-site, and at multiple locations to ensure timely patient care decisions and response. Learn more »

Catavolt Health Care Mobile App Platform
Catavolt’s health care mobile app platform allows health care providers and payers to securely mobilize critical patient data. It enables caregivers to use their mobile devices to view and interact with clinical information (such as patient histories, treatment plans, diagnostic information, and forms) and daily tasks (such as their calendar, appointments, and visit log). Catavolt's secure, HIPAA-compliant platform doesn’t store sensitive health care or personally identifiable information on mobile devices or in the cloud. Apps that are easily configured using Catavolt's health care mobile app platform include real-time access to patient records; secure collaboration across the continuum of care, including caregivers, providers, payers, and patients; digitization of paper forms; and real-time operational analytics for census, length of stay, discharge, readmit, and other metrics. Learn more »

Stat Doctors Physician App
Stat Doctors, a national eHealth solution, is launching a physician-facing application to simplify and improve delivery of the company’s eHealth services. The Physician App features a next-generation EMR system, enables seamless communication between Stat Doctors’ physicians and patients’ primary care providers, enhances coordinated care, and incorporates proprietary video technology, allowing physicians to interact with patients as they would in person. Features include built-in charting templates that automate much of the charting process and allow doctors to focus their attention on patients; a streamlined charting process that speeds up the delivery of discharge instructions and simplifies communication with patients’ primary care physicians; and patient charts and medical history doctors can view at a glance, providing contextual cues to inform patient care. The app is built entirely on top of Stat Doctors’ proprietary mobile application programming interface and is fully responsive based on the user device; is 100% native to iPad and leverages familiar touch-based and swipe-action functionalities; and offers an intuitive visual design with colored and highlighted selections that put the right information at physicians’ fingertips. Learn more »
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Doctors Feel More Connected
to Computers Than Patients

A survey found that more than one-half of health care practitioners frequently feel more attached to their computers than their patients, reports MedCity News.

EMRs Putting Financial Squeeze on Doctors
Some health care providers are under pressure from the high cost and reduced productivity involved in implementing EMRs, according to
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