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Patient Matching: The Saga Continues
There's more to an effective duplicate record strategy than implementing the latest technology.

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Opportunities, Challenges Mark eCQM Debut
Education Initiatives Keep Pace With the Dynamic HIT Landscape
The Human Errors Behind Data Breaches

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• Let's Do the Math: A Reality Check on MT Productivity-Based Pay
• Is It Time to Replace Your Network's Annual Check-Up?

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• Insurance Company Reports Another Breach

• FDA Approves AI Stroke Application

• OCR May Investigate Portland's Handling of Patient Info

• Bankrupt Medical Records Company Slapped With $100K HIPAA Fine

• Aetna Sues Claims Administrator KCC Over Botched Notice in HIV Case

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Training Business Office Staff on PHI Disclosure Management

Why Doctors Would Hate the Best EHR in the World

Why Medicine's Digital Transformation
Is Just Beginning

Spotlight on Clinical Decision Support

Seeking Clinical Decision Support Standards

CDS Tools and Patient Satisfaction

CDS Systems: Common Malfunctions, Practical Solutions
By the Numbers


According to ICD-10 data collected by Amino, a San Francisco-based health care transparency company, in 2016, this number of people sustained injuries by walking into a lamppost, 17,200 by walking into a wall, and 25,500 by walking into furniture.

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Numerous Changes to Radiology Codes on Tap
The 2018 CPT manual features a slew of additions and deletions to radiology services.

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