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Are You Moving the CDI Needle?
Determining the effectiveness of a clinical documentation improvement program can be a tricky proposition, but there are steps facilities can take to get a better read on what's going on.

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Artificial Intelligence Forges a Path in Health Care
A Singular Effort

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• Connecticut Supreme Court Allows Patients to Sue Providers for HIPAA Violations

• ONC Appoints Kathryn Marchesini as Chief Privacy Officer

• Ciox Health Sues HHS to Stop 'Irrational' HIPAA Enforcement

• CMS Launches Voluntary Bundled Payment Model

• How Doctors Are Providing Smarter Care With EHRs

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Breach Prevention: Developing Best Practices From OCR Audits and Enforcement Activities

Who Suffers the Most From EMR Usability Issues?

These Genes Are on FHIR!
Advances in Standardizing
Genomics Through HL7 FHIR

Spotlight on Clinical Documentation Improvement  

Great Lengths, Big Trouble

Qualifying and Quantifying Risk

How to Avoid CDI Snares

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In 2016, 26.9% of medical school students graduated without debt. Of those who graduate with debt, this number is the average amount owed, according to a JAMA study. The average medical student graduating with debt in 1986 owed $30,000, which would be $70,000 in 2017 dollars.

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Numerous Changes to Radiology Codes on Tap
The 2018 CPT manual features a slew of additions and deletions to radiology services.

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