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HIM Consolidation on the Upswing
Many experts believe the benefits of centralizing HIM departments outweigh the drawbacks.

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Information Governance's Role in Value-Based Care
The Proof Is in the Proofing
The Price of EHR Downtime

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• Denial Rates Before and After ICD-10 Implementation
• Following WannaCry, HIT Needs to Stay Current

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• More Delays, Cost Overruns Hit Vancouver Electronic Health Project

• ICD-11 Autism Criteria to Match That of DSM-5

• New Survey Sheds Light on Digital Priorities of Health System Leaders

• Fragmented Data Represents Health Care Providers' Biggest Barrier to Determining Total Cost of Care

• WEDI Announces Slate of New 2018 Board of Directors

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These Genes Are on FHIR!
Advances in Standardizing
Genomics Through HL7 FHIR

The Seven Deadly Sins of EHR Snooping

Why Do So Many Technology Projects in Health Care Fail?

Spotlight on Telehealth 

Telemedicine Faces Off Against Chronic Disease

Telehealth Coding Nuances

Telehealth: Betting the Minimum or All In?

By the Numbers


This percentage of patients relies on their physicians to track their health records; 28% keep their health data in a home-based physical storage system; and 9% say no one keeps track of their health records, according to a Salesforce report.

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Documentation, Coding Issues Abound
Some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry tackle reader questions regarding documentation and coding.

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