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Where's the Payoff?
Despite design flaws, EHRs add value to health care. Nevertheless, experts say the technology is capable of much more.

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 • The Complicated Anatomy of ICD-10-PCS
 • Life on the Low End of the Pay Scale
 • In Search of Actionable Data

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• The Problem-Oriented Medical Record: Building a Pathway Back to the Joy of Practice
• Three Benefits of eHealth in the Workplace

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• EHR Installation Leads to IT Layoffs at Pennsylvania Hospital

• Why Timing of Stage 3 Proposed Rule Helps ICD-10 Transition

• Boston Children's Emerges From Electronic Records Shutdown

• Lack of ICD-10 Delay in SGR Fix Not Necessarily an All-Clear

• Fake Patient Data Could Have Been Uploaded Through SAP Medical App

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How to Be an ICD-10 Champion

Do All Physicians Oppose the Transition to ICD-10?

Protecting EHRs From Cyber Attackers Is a Game of Cat and Mouse

Spotlight on Speech Recognition

The Case for a "Front-End" Alignment

A Better Rollout for Speech Recognition

Groundwork Key to Speech Recognition Success

By the Numbers


According to a survey conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, this percentage of respondents who were offered online access to their health records viewed their data at least once. For those who declined to access their online record, the most frequently cited reason was not having a need to use it.

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• Coding for Deep Vein Thrombosis

• Coding for Colon and Rectal Cancer

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