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Digging Deep for Revenue
Using data analytics to increase reimbursement sounds enticing, but the process has several hurdles to clear.

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Huddle Up
How to Avoid CDI Snares
Is Speech Recognition Viable in the ED?

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• How to Improve EHR Usability: First, Listen to the Clinician
• Profession in Health Care Lies Dormant, Not Dead

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• EHR Data Can Help Educate Patients

• Vanderbilt's EHR Install Will Test Financial Mettle

• Doctor Counter-Sues After Being Sued for HIPAA Violation

• Coding Strategies Issues MIPS Participation Letter Reminder

• Device Manufacturer Settles Potential HIPAA Violation for $2.5 Million

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Why Value-Based Care Is Doomed

Is Privacy the Price of Precision Medicine?

Four Health Care Privacy Officer Best Practices

Spotlight on Clinical Documentation Improvement 

Poor Documentation: Why It Happens and How to Fix It

Redefined Sepsis Affects Coding, Documentation

Six New CDI Challenges to Overcome

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KnowBe4 analyzed more than 10,000 e-mail servers and identified that this percentage is misconfigured, allowing spoofed e-mails to enter an organization disguised as coming from a company's own domain. Phishing subject lines that employees are most likely to click on include "Email Account Updates," "Re: Your Vacation Request," and "Internet Capacity Warning."

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Questions about lab orders, child status, and moderate sedation find answers.

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