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CDI Makes Its Mark
While clinical documentation improvement projects enjoy success, organizations must be careful not to spread staff too thin.

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• With Hospitals 'Drowning in Paperwork,' Patients Look to Internet for Treatment

• The Day "View, Download, and Transmit" Died

• Women's Health Leader Dismayed by Proposed Changes to Meaningful Use Criteria

• Obama Administration Report Slams Digital Health Records

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Do All Physicians Oppose the Transition to ICD-10?

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Spotlight on Telehealth

The Evolution of Telehealth

A "Smart" Treatment Option

The Bottom Line on Telehealth

By the Numbers

40 Million

According to a Redspin report, more than this number of Americans suffered a breach of their personal health information from 2009 through the end of 2014. (This excludes the breach of 80 million records at Anthem, made public this January.)

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