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A Skills Evolution
These days, data reign in health care. As a result, HIM must shift its approach to education and workplace issues.

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How HIPAA Affects Research Efforts
Sticky Query Situations
Cyberattack on Nuance Offers Teaching Moment

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Coding and Billing Chronic Lyme Disease
How to Improve EHR Usability: First, Listen to the Clinician

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• Advanced HIT Infrastructure Could Solve EHR Dissatisfaction

4 Reasons Patients Value Access to Visit Notes in the EHR

Lawmakers Build Patient Matching Into HHS Budget

• Telemedicine Gaining Popularity at Schools

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• Epic Notches a First With Canadian EHR Install

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18 MACRAnyms You Should Know

Fostering Medical Innovation:
A Plan for Digital Health Devices

The C-CDA Has Come a Long Way

Spotlight on DRGs

Short-Stay DRGs: Fix or Fiasco?

OIG Takes Notice of ICD-10 DRG Assignments

Medicare Bundled Payments: Are AMI and CABG Next?

By the Numbers


According to a report titled "Anticipating Economic Returns of Rural Telehealth," national average estimates of rural telehealth's annual cost savings include this amount per medical facility in travel expenses, $3,431 per medical facility in lost wages, and $20,841 per medical facility in hospital cost.

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