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Make Documentation a Two-Way Street
Banner Health System's decision to adopt a patient charting initiative has been a winning proposition for all those involved.

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 • HIEs Serve Communities of All Sizes
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Coding and Billing Chronic Lyme Disease
How to Improve EHR Usability: First, Listen to the Clinician

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• MeHI Grants Aim to Improve Electronic Reporting of Child Behavioral Health Data

• Study Analyzes Consequences of Opening Multiple Records in an EHR

• New Research Finds Pushing Patients to Online Care Options May Have Unintended Consequences

• Veterans Group Sues Pentagon for Exposing Private Military Records

• White Paper Suggests FHIR and Direct Can Complement Each Other

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ICD-10 Quick Tips: Pink Eye

A New Pothole on the Health Interoperability Superhighway

We Still Haven't Solved the Health Care Cybersecurity Problem

Spotlight on ICD-10

Put ICD-10 Nightmares to Bed

October Brings Code Adjustments

OIG Takes Notice of ICD-10 DRG Assignments

By the Numbers


The final 2018 ICD-10-CM codes include this number more changes than what was proposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in April's hospital inpatient prospective payment system rule. The final 2018 update CMS posted to its website in June includes 360 new, 142 deleted, and 226 revised diagnosis codes.

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