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Don't Sleep on Z Codes
Organizations that capture social determinants are likely to enhance their population health and value-based care efforts.

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CDS Systems: Common Malfunctions, Practical Solutions
Is Texting Physician Orders 2G2BT?
Double Down Efforts to Thwart Duplicate Patient Records

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• How to Improve EHR Usability: First, Listen to the Clinician
• Profession in Health Care Lies Dormant, Not Dead

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• When AI Botches Your Medical Diagnosis, Who's to Blame?

• Careless Handling of HIV Information Jeopardizes Patient's Privacy, Costs Entity $387k

• Health Care Is Facing a Security Staffing Crisis, HHS Says

• How Erie County Medical Center Got Hacked

• IBM Research, Sutter Health Collaborate to Train Research Models That Could Be Used for Identifying Heart Failure Earlier

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Let's Generalize EHR Findings

Pros and Cons of Messaging Patients Through the EHR

Why Value-Based Care Is Doomed

Spotlight on Release of Information

How to Outsmart ROI Challenges

Digitization Complicates the ROI Process

The 411 on Subpoenas

By the Numbers


Between January and August 2016, at least this percentage of all breaches reported to Health and Human Services' public breach tool can be traced back to business associates and third-party vendors, and 35% of breached records were caused by third-party breaches, according to a report from Protenus and

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Questions about lab orders, child status, and moderate sedation find answers.

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