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• Include the HIM Team to Maximize Your EHR Implementation

• HIM Careers: The Rise of Skills-Based Hiring

• Patient Identity Management

• Switching It Up

• Effective IT and HIM Collaboration

• HCC Overhaul Brings New Documentation Challenges

• Data Usability Taking Root

• The National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program

• The Digitization of ROI

• Patient Identification Challenges

• A Foundation for Optimizing the Future of Documentation

• The Essence of Data Integrity

• Patient Data Integrity and AI/Advanced Analytics

• Risk Adjustment Factor Methodologies

• Renovating Your Release of Information Program

• Cancer Registries: Is Outsourcing a Better Option?

• Leading the World in Patient Access: Two Insights Post Data Liberation Day

• Becoming an AHIMA-Approved CDI Trainer

• State AGs Crack Down on Data Privacy

• Does Your Documentation Meet the MEAT Criteria?

• Lean on Reports to Measure Efficiency

• The Possibilities Abound

• Prompt Response Required

• Keys to Managing Chronic Disease and SDoH

• Thoroughly Modern HIM Directors

• The People Factor

• The OCR: Friend, Not Foe

• The Pros and Cons of Sharing Consultation Notes

• Internal Audits Help Combat Payer Risk

• Be on the Lookout for New Critical Care Service Policies

• Defining the Designated Record Set

• Career Paths Expand for Health Informaticists

• Know the ‘Rights’ for Accepting Patient Records

• Health Care’s Digital Health Balancing Act

• Hit a CDI Roadblock? Maybe Your Success Metrics Need a Tune-Up

Modernizing the Aggregation, Usability of Cancer Data

• The X-Factor

Person Matching Supports Data Exchange

Making Sense of Social Determinants of Health

• Use Clinical Documentation Data to Remedy Physician Burnout

• How to Deal With Sensitive Information

• The Future Looks Bright for Coders

• Birth Certificates Enter a New Era

• The Privacy Rule May Be In for a Makeover

• Open Notes for All

• When the Police Come Knocking

• Extending the Value of HIM Services

• Stand Tall Against Information Blocking

• So You Got Your COVID-19 Vaccine: What’s Next?

Cancer Registry, Care Coordination Go Hand in Hand

• Medical Records—Everybody Wants ’Em

• Treating the Whole Person — The Importance of SDOH

• HIM Training Adapts to the New Normal

Busy ED Environment Breeds Documentation Lapses

Feds Go Postal to Address Patient-Matching Shortcomings

• Keep Pace With Disclosure Management Changes

• Get Compliance Efforts in Line

• Leave No HCC Behind

• For Myeloma Patients, Two Organizations Provide Hope

• Patient Identification: Calling on Congress to Make a Difference

ROI Processes Adapt to a New World

• HIM’s Role in Interprofessional Education

HIM Homebodies

Eliminating the Problems From Problem Lists

• Telemedicine — Health Care’s New Documentation Paradigm

Patient-Generated Health Data Under the Microscope

Patient Identification During a Crisis

• The Quest for an Inclusive EHR — How AHIMA Is Shifting the Conversation on the Treatment of LGBTQ Patients

SDoH: Behind the Buzz Is Real Potential

• Mobile Solutions Tackle Query Concerns

The Untold MPI Story: How ‘Dirty Data’ Affect a Value-Based Revenue Cycle

Documentation’s Effect on Readmission Rates

• Analytics Provides a Window Into the Revenue Cycle

• Tackling Coding Challenges at FQHCs

• Ahead of the Curve

• Delayed Test Results Impact Continuity of Care

• OpenNotes — What We’ve Learned So Far

• How C-Suite It Is

Embedding IG to Optimize Cybersecurity

• Working in Tandem

• Genomic Data Delivery Must Span the Enterprise

• Full Tilt Into the Future

• Is TEFCA 2.0 — Finally — the Harbinger of True Interoperability?

• The Future of HIM

Information Blocking: Is It or Isn’t It?

The Qualification Question

• Eight ROI Missteps to Avoid

• Be Mindful of PA Documentation 

• Mergers, MPIs, Oh My!

• Documentation’s Effect on Value-Based Care 

• Data Standardization Can Improve Patient Matching 

• AHIMA Goes to Capitol Hill 

• Documentation’s Finer Points

• Home Health Agencies Face Documentation Hurdles

Nebulous Notes Hinder Cancer Research

• All-In for All-Payer CDI

A Measured Approach to Quality

‘Stupid’ Program Gets Results

Privacy With a European Flair

• Pay It Forward

• Altered Mental Status: More Info Please

• How to Report Shared/Split Visits

Diversity Key to Patient Matching

• ICYMI: The Challenges Associated With Texting 

• Research Pathways Open to HIM Professionals

Harnessing Data

Patient Matching: Are We Any Closer to a Solution?

Surviving the Storm — And Other EHR Downtime Disasters

• HIM's Role in HCCs

• The Consequences of Inaccurate Provider Directories

Battle Lines Drawn

Assessing Documentation Quality

• Initiative Expands the Prenatal Record Process

• Physician Advisors Command Leading Role in Risk Adjustment

Efficiency Experts

Tale of the Tape

• Choose Your Words Carefully

Informatics Takes Off

Deidentification Done Right

• Hospitals Need to Make Peace With the Data Masters

• ROI Vendors Face Confusion Over Fees

• How to Improve the Query Process 

What's New in Cancer Staging

Data Aggregation Is Key for Analytics Efforts

• CMS Eases Student Documentation Requirements

Should Patient Records Stay or Go?

• Coding for Pressure Ulcers, Obesity, and BMI

• Should Clearinghouses Be Allowed to Use PHI?

• EHR Implementations: Don't Be Left Out

Is Right to Access Being Taken to Excess?

• Damsels in Distress

Opportunities, Challenges Mark eCQM Debut

• New York Enacts Changes to Medical Record Fees 

• ICAs Help Harness the Power of Patient History

A Singular Effort

Are You Moving the CDI Needle?

• CAC's a Tool, Not a Panacea

• The Life of a Chart

Image Conscious

• The Quest for a Better Records Request Strategy

• Sweeping Change Coming to Informed Consent

• Desperately Seeking Clinical Validation

Information Governance's Role in Value-Based Care

• HIM Consolidation on the Upswing

• New Jersey Partnership Set to Curtail Patient Mix-Ups

• Using Data to Improve Coding Performance 

• Preventing Stress, Avoiding Burnout

• Tips for HDS Performance Measurement

• Embrace Risk Adjustment

• How to Make Registry Abstraction Less Stressful 

• HIEs Serve Communities of All Sizes

• Make Documentation a Two-Way Street

• Quality Data Reduce Disparities for LGBT Patients

How HIPAA Affects Research Efforts

• A Skills Evolution

• Credentials — Valuable or Alphabet Soup?

Improve Security Through Information Governance

• Discover the Auditor Within

• OCR Puts Audit Controls on the Front Burner

• A New Line of Defense for Inpatient Claims

Double Down Efforts to Thwart Duplicate Patient Records

Is Speech Recognition Viable in the ED?

• HIM Involvement Essential to Effective IG

Discovery Mission

Transcription Shell Game

ROI Demands on the Rise

• Know Thy Docs

Yearning to Learn

Qualifying and Quantifying Risk

• Record Destruction: When, Which Ones, and How

• A Critical Juncture for Clinical Data Sharing

• Make a List, Check It Twice

• Call In the Reinforcements

• Tips for Hiring, Educating Staff

• Grab a Seat at the Table

• A Bird's Eye View of HIM Workflow

• Six Best Practices for Informed Consent

• Brain Power

• The 411 on Subpoenas

• How to 'Remote'

• Precision Medicine: It's Complicated

• Health Data: What's Yours Is Yours

• Scribes Etch a Spot in the Care Process

• Information Governance: A Bright Future in the Cloud

• Unfinished Business

• A Solution Inside a Problem

• Poor Documentation: Why It Happens and How to Fix It

• Measure Care Processes to Improve Outcomes

• Data Integrity Challenges Loom Large

• Informatics Makes a Dent in D.C. Policy

• Take Charge of Discharge Summaries

• Legal Concerns in Information Governance

• How to Build a Better HIM Department

• PHI: Valuable and Vulnerable

• Data Integrity at the Forefront of Cancer Registry

• Data Banks or Garbage Bins?

• Back to the Future of HIM

• Getting Your IG Initiative Off the Ground

• The Challenges of Population Health Management

• HIM Ingenuity on Display

• Digitization Complicates the ROI Process

• The Shape of Things to Come

• Tools, Teaching Lead To CDI Success

• Uncharted Territory

• Health Care's Patient Matching Challenge

• Queries: It's All in the Timing

• EMRs and the Lost Narrative

• Population Health Management in Action

• The Changing Face of Disaster Recovery

• EHR Training for HIM Students

• Together Again

• Where We Are, Where We're Headed

• Service Market Chaos

• How to Outsmart ROI Challenges

• Community Colleges to the Rescue

• Consider a Career as a Patient Advocate

• This Will Go On Your Permanent Record — Or Will It?

• The HIM 2.0 Effect

• Invisible Information Governance

• Accurate Documentation Breeds Success

• What a Patient Wants

• Recording Artists

• CDI Makes Its Mark

• In Search of Actionable Data

• Pediatric Documentation — It's Not Child's Play 

• HIM Faces Hurdles to Leadership Roles

• ROI Peak Performers

• HIM's Future in Population Health Management

• Navigate the CDI Divide

• Tame the Big Data Beast

• Rise of the Scribes

• Birth Data at Risk

• How Important Data Get Lost

• Dependable Data Key to Better Care

The Cost of Doing ROI Business

Chart Amendments Pose HIM Challenges

• HIM's Facelift

• Why I Have White Hair

For Better Documentation, Unite Coders, Nurses

• A True Reflection?

• Grad School Option Expands HIM Horizons

How Records Management Can Serve Two Masters

Hooked on PEDs: Performance-Enhanced Departments

Put a Jolt in Hospital Finances

• Paper Exit Strategies

• Hospital Schooled

• Patient Identification in an HIE Environment

• The Challenges of Corporate Compliance

• Disclosure Management — More Complicated Than Ever

Data Analytics: Narrow Approach Key, Experts Say

Internal Audits: Steps to Keep Your Programs Pumping

Data in the Classroom: AHIMA’s Curriculum Maps Spotlight Governance

Hospitals Seek to Engage Physicians in CDI

• Documentation Key to Core Measures Reporting

• Let Your Résumé Do the Talking

ROI Processes Continue to Evolve

HIM Professionals Get Into Genomics

Does the Government Spy on PHI?

Mined EHR Data Yield Impressive Results

• Two Systems, One Direction

Five Challenges Facing Transcription Managers

Hospital Adopts Novel Notetaking Approach

Create Worry-Free Problem Lists

How to Select a Perfect CAC Solution

• An International Perspective on HIM

• The Essentials of Policy and Procedure Management

• CDI's Far-Reaching Benefits

When Disaster Strikes

Copy and Paste Leads to Coding Headaches

Capturing Cancer Data in Real Time

How to Measure MPI Duplicate Rates

Query Guidelines Get a Makeover

• Q & A With AHIMA President Frawley

Life in an EHR World—Where Do HIM Professionals Fit?

Control Your Data Domain

Use Informed Consent to Better Engage Patients

Addressing Coder Shortages From Within

Big Year Ahead for Disclosure Management

CDI Extends Its Reach to Outpatient Settings

Setting the Stage for MU’s Next Act

Relieve Document Management Headaches

The Changing Face of Release of Information

ICD-10: Give Them Something to Talk About

Medical Scribes Make Their Presence Felt

Partners in High Finance

• To Catch a Thief

The Emergence of Physician Advisors

ACOs Face Quality Measure Challenges

• Where Does the Paper Go?

Optimize Your Data for Better Care

Shortage of Cancer Registrars Raises Concerns

Big Data Creates Big Privacy Concerns

Good Neighbors—Canada’s Experience With Coding Diabetes in ICD-10

When Is It Time to Part Ways With Medical Records?

Make Revenue Cycle Management a Team Effort

How HIM Companies Primp for Investors

Precise Documentation Equals Fewer Compliance Headaches

• Patient Engagement, Interoperability Key to ACO Success

• Intent on I-10 Implementation

Coping With Coding Audits

• Tear Away From Paper Records

The Perils of ROI in a Hybrid Environment

Identifying Patients in HIEs

Cancer Registrars Step Up to New Challenges

Experts Analyze the Viability of Remote CDI Programs

Make Disaster Planning a Priority

HIM Plays Leading Role in Safety, Quality Issues

• Operation Data Rescue

Time Is Now for MTs to Tout Their Skill Sets

AMIA Addresses Data Capture Deficiencies

Negotiating Cloud Computing Contracts

Are Post-Acute Care Transfers a Goldmine for RAC Audits?

• Ethical Business Practices in Transcription

More Providers Looking to Implement New RCM Systems

ICD-10’s Reach Goes Beyond HIM

Experts Analyze the ACO Reporting Requirements

Physician Buy-In Essential to CDI Programs

How to Stay Relevant in the HIM Biz

• Tick, Tick, Tick—The ICD-10 Deadline Approaches

The Ins and Outs of the ACO Final Rule

Tackling Revenue Disrupters

• The Hazards of Note Bloat

• Discovery Processes in the Electronic Age

• Writing Effective Physician Queries

• HIM Heroes

• New Data Management Horizons for Registrars

Keep Tabs On Data Using Enterprise Content Management

• Coding’s New World

• State HIEs Face Assessment Deadline

Life in a Hybrid Medical Record Setting

• Release of Information Management

The Aurion Project Makes HIE Inroads

CDI Programs React to Value-Based Purchasing

Quality Assurance Keeps Transcription on Track

• Meet the New Boss

Medical Device Integration — More Than Meets the Eye

Foreign Conquest: Tips for Opening Offshore Operations

• Recognizing Excellence in Revenue Cycle Management

Chart Auditing: How to Spot Documentation Flaws

• OCR Layin’ Down the Law on Noncompliant Providers

• ICD-10: Two Questions to Ponder

HIM's Role in the Revenue Cycle

• How to Measure Clinical Documentation Improvement Effectiveness

• Raising Cancer Care

A Documentation Improvement Success Story

Lean Management Helps Reshape Healthcare

• Copy Fees: The Battle Continues

HIM Programs Move With the Times

• The MT Credentialing Debate

The Perils of Copy-Paste

Computer-Assisted Coding Gets the Job Done

Get Transcription Overflow Under Control

Student Counsel: HIT Grad Survival Guide

How to Handle Hybrid Medical Records

• Keys to Effective Breach Management

Learn How ICD-10 Affects Documentation Practices

2010’s Overlooked Noisemakers

• The CCD Standard: Building Blocks for Better Data Exchange

• EMR/RCM Integration Reshapes HIM Roles

• Establishing Reality-Based Turnaround Times

Automating Forms Saves Time and Space

Meaningful Use Complicates Release of Information

• HIM Difference Makers

Reap the Rewards of Enterprise Content Management

Should HIEs Obtain Consumer Consent?

• The EHR Life Cycle

Electronic Document Management Systems: Much More Than Scanning

Adult Educational Principles in Clinical Informatics

• Unreasonable ROI Request?

Documentation Programs Boost Bottom Lines

• Plug Into the Future of Cancer Registry Practices

• EHR Management in a Hybrid Setting

HIM Field Braces for an Estimated 50,000 New Professionals

• Escape Query Quandaries

• A Snapshot of Healthcare 2009

• Happy, Healthy & Wise — Keys to Smooth Practice Management

• Never Say Good-Bye to Medical Records?

Cancer Registrars Prepare for the Electronic Era

Dealing With Downtime: How to Survive If Your EHR System Fails

• Cloud Computing: IT in the Sky

• Document Management in EHR Adoption

HIM Professionals and EHR Education Opportunities

Ushering in Change: ARRA Adds New Challenges to ROI Requests

HIM Transformers

Buyer Be Aware of VBCs

Transcription’s Holy Grail: Standard Quality Measures

Living in a Hybrid World

The Effects of New CTR Education Requirements

Navigate ROI Nuances

Advice for New HIM Graduates

Dispose Properly of Patient Files

Telling the Full Story Through the Health Story Project

Take Documentation Out of the Dark

Process Mapping and the Revenue Cycle

• Disaster Recovery — Lessons From Tulane’s Response to Katrina

• Find the Perfect Release of Information Fit

• Growing the HIM Curriculum

• Time to Reengineer the HIM Department?

• Healthcare 2009: A Scramble for Answers?

• Best of Both Brains — Electronic Cancer Registry

• It’s a Wrap — The Year in Healthcare

• Chart a Course for Better Documentation

• All Aboard — Building Consensus to Make Change Happen

• Conquering ROI Backlogs

• Shaking Down the Money Tree — 2008 Salary Survey

• Intelligent Language Processing — A Brighter Approach to Speech Recognition

• CDA4CDT Standards — Satisfying a Craving

• Seal the Deal — Negotiating Coding Vendor Contracts

• A Panoramic View of Revenue

• HIM Career Choices: Now in More Colors

• Times Are Changing — Delivery of Transcribed Reports

• Coding Under Scrutiny  — The Power of Auditing

• Talk of the Town — Guidelines for Better Dictation Practices

• Reshaping Cancer Registry — Connecting Data, Improving Care

• Paired for Success — Concurrent Coding Programs

• Pulp Friction: Destroying Confidential Information

• Document Management: Going Digital

• Seeing Green — Streamling the ROI Process Can Turn Headaches Into Revenue

• Speech Recognition in the ED — and Beyond

• A Tall Order — What to Do With Old Paper Records

• Healthcare 2008: The Shape of Things to Come