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• Addressing Gaps in Coding for Virtual Care

• Leading the World in Patient Access: Two Insights Post Data Liberation Day

• Helping Care Partners Access Patient Portals for Older Patients

• The People Factor

• The Pros and Cons of Sharing Consultation Notes

• Patient-Generated Health Data — Managing the Inflow

• Cultivating Interoperability in the Next Normal

• So You Got Your COVID-19 Vaccine: What’s Next?

• Health Care’s Telehealth Conundrum

• Telehealth Caretakers

• For Myeloma Patients, Two Organizations Provide Hope

• Integrating Telemedicine Into ICU and ED Workflows

• Telemedicine — Health Care’s New Documentation Paradigm

Patient-Generated Health Data Under the Microscope

• Google Makes a Move in the Ongoing Tech Wars

• Patient Awareness, Adoption Key to Telehealth Success

• OpenNotes — What We’ve Learned So Far

• What the FHI Says About Telehealth

• New Care Delivery Models Mold Health Care’s Future

• Four Ways Big Data Advances Telemedicine

• Key Telehealth Regulatory Issues

• Five Ways Technology Is Changing Patient Care

The Rise of the Chatbots

• The Need Grows to Increase Access to Virtual Care

• ICYMI: The Challenges Associated With Texting 

• Patient Engagement — Five Points of Failure

• Hospitals Have a Smartphone Problem

• Medicare Boosts Telemedicine, Chronic Care Management

• Net Neutrality Questions Loom Over Telemedicine

• The Quest for a Better Records Request Strategy

• What to Consider When Implementing Streaming Video

• mHealth's Role in the Future of Care Delivery

• The Kids Are All Right

Is Texting Physician Orders 2G2BT?

• Telehealth: Betting the Minimum or All In?

• Telehealth Coding Nuances

• Digital Health Innovations Spark User 

• Health Data: What's Yours Is Yours

• Health Care Can Learn From Social Networks

• Using Technology to Fight Drug Abuse

• Engage Patients to Boost Preventive Care

• Fresh Perspectives on Patient Engagement

• Research Analyzes Physicians' Mobile Search Habits

• mHealth in the Mental Health Sector

• The Secrets to Patient Engagement

• It's All on the Wrist

• Bring Nurses Back to the Bedside

• How Millennials Are Reshaping mHealth

• Long on Potential, Short on Results

• Keep Text Messaging Secure

• Telemedicine Faces Off Against Chronic Disease

Where's HIT Headed in 2015?

• Texting Program Provides Bump to Prenatal Care

The Bottom Line on Telehealth

• A ‘Smart’ Treatment Option

• Patient Sharing Site Clicks With Users

• mHealth: For Richer, for Poorer

• New Best Practices Optimize Wi-Fi 

• An App a Day Helps Keep the Doc Away

The Evolution of Telehealth

• Can Social Media Data Find a Place in EHRs?

Mobile Tools Boost Care

Patients, Providers Partner to Boost Care

Engage Patients Through mHealth

Speech Recognition Goes Mobile

Text Messaging Can Improve Health Outcomes

Must-Have mHealth App Features

Online Communities Bring Patients Together

• Emerging Technologies for Chronic Disease Care

• Partnership Aims to Boost Community Health

A Broad Plan for Broadband

Armed for Care—Sutter Health Takes Its EHR on the Road

Patient Portals Open Windows to Better Care

Licensing Issues Crimp Telemedicine

iPad App Helps Manage Cardiac Devices

• App Overload

• mHealth in Action

• Can Telehealth Reduce Costs?

Raising Public Awareness of HIT Tools

• How Tweet It Is

• Conquering Wireless Barriers

• Go Inside the VA's Telehealth Initiative

• Patient Portals: Opening Doors, Improving Care

• Innovative Care: Mobile Devices Heed the Call

Telemedicine Condenses Care

Social Media Makes Inroads in Healthcare

• PHRs Bring Power to the People

• From DNA to Dashboards: Data Mining on the Brink of a Breakout

• Tap Into the Power of PHRs

Healthcare 2010: What's in Store?

• E-Prescribing at the Tipping Point

• The Impact of New Communication Tools 

• A New Kind of Office Visit: Interactive Patient Portals

The PHR — Moving Consumers From Pawns to Kings

• Get Physician Buy-In Before Buying

Gaps and Opportunities in E-Prescribing

Spring Into E-Prescribing

Healthcare All Atwitter Over Social Networking

The 411 on Cell Phone Applications in Healthcare

Telemedicine: Miles Don’t Matter

Unlocking the Secret to Successful PHRs

• Collaboration Technologies Have Arrived

• The Physician’s Online Tool Kit — Emerging Resources for Collaboration and Communication in the Digital Age

• On Point — Healthcare Organizations Tiptoe into Health 2.0

• Virtual Visits — The Way of the Future?

• Sound the Alarm — Education, Usability Key to Accelerating PHR Adoption Rates

• Tales of the Scripts — Successful ePrescribing Stories

• Medical Records You Can Bank On

• State Expectations — The eHealth Initiative

• The Power of Telemedicine

• All Tied Up — ePrescribing Restrictions

• Test Track — PHR Pilot Projects

• The Benefits of Plan-Sponsored Web Communication

• Making EHR/PHR Integration a Reality

• PHRs: Striking a Balance Between Privacy and Purpose