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• Extending the Value of HIM Services

• Scribes Struggle to Fit Into a Different Reality

• Big Tech Companies Cast Large Shadow in Health Care

Medical Transcription: Still Room In-House

• Reduce Keyboard Time to Help Cure Physician Burnout

• Medical Transcription — Is It Dead Yet? 

• Artificial vs True Intelligence — What the C-Suite, HIT, and RCM Need to Relearn From HIM

• Self-Documentation Challenges

Can Technology Solve the Technology Problem?

Efficiency Experts

• Get to Know the MTC

• Quality Assurance — Substance and Style

• Damsels in Distress

The Proof Is in the Proofing

• Tips for HDS Performance Measurement

Cyberattack on Nuance Offers Teaching Moment

• Small MTSOs Fight to Succeed

Transcription Shell Game

• MTSOs Face HIPAA Compliance Challenges

• Documentation's Circle of Strife

• The Future of Speech Recognition

• Evolve or Be Left Behind

• Partnership Leads to Improved Dictation App

• An MT's Farewell Letter to the Industry

• Words Matter

• Front- vs Back-End Speech Recognition: Which Fits Better?

• TAT — The Hydra of Health Care Documentation

• The Shape of Things to Come

• EMRs and the Lost Narrative

• Dress Rehearsals Key to Speech Rec Success

• Transcription's Outsourcing Conundrum

• Service Market Chaos

• The Human Touch

• Is Mobile the Answer to Closed-Loop Dictation?

• Life on the Low End of the Pay Scale

• A Realistic Approach to Speech Recognition

• The Critical Role of MTs in EMR Documentation

MTSOs Gear for OCR Audits

Transcription Gaps Pose Problems

Groundwork Key to Speech Recognition Success

• Solid or Shaky?

• And It Shall Be Written — Forging Successful Transcription Agreements

• Bring It On — MTs Welcome Documentation Roles

How to Limit Dictation Errors

• Resilient MTs Venture Into Coding

How to Cope With Transcription Fluctuations

• Speak Clearly and Carry a Big Credential

Experts Stack Up Front-End Speech Rec

• Template-Dictation Combo a Winner

A Cure for Documentation Ailments

Five Challenges Facing Transcription Managers

• NEMT, Chartnet to Provide SR Externship

• Do MTs Still Love Their Jobs?

• How to Fix Poor Dictation

Stem the Tide of Transcription Overflow

• Speech Recognition: A Work in Progress

Thoughts on Sending Transcription Overseas

Life in an EHR World—Where Do HIM Professionals Fit?

Rethinking MT Education Strategies

Partial to Dictation

Addressing Coder Shortages From Within

Meet a New Breed of MTs

MTSOs Look to Keep the Cash Flowing

• MTs As Patient Advocates

Medical Scribes Make Their Presence Felt

Shedding Light on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

MTs Question Compensation Rates

Aligning Dictation Processes With Workflow

Measuring Transcription Productivity

Location Matters When It Comes to MT Work

Speech Recognition Studies Yield Interesting Results

Time Is Now for MTs to Tout Their Skill Sets

• Ethical Business Practices in Transcription

• Proceed With Caution

MTs vs. Dictation Editors—What’s the Difference?

• An Uncertain Future

• Old Reliables Like Microcassettes Can Help in a Pinch

Quality Assurance Keeps Transcription on Track

• Meet the New Boss

Foreign Conquest: Tips for Opening Offshore Operations

Bank on It: Speech Rec Shows Measurable ROI

• Preserving the Patient Narrative

• Natural Language Processing Enhances Patient Narrative

• The MT Credentialing Debate

Dictation Platforms — Numerous Options for Buyers

Get Transcription Overflow Under Control

Five Tips to Better Measure MT Productivity

Disabled MTs Find a Home

• MTSOs, Mergers, and Matchmaking

Transcription's Place in a Digital World

Experts React to the MedQuist-Spheris Deal

• Transcription Efficiency: One Facility's Blended Approach
to Controlling Costs

• Offshore Transcription: A Seaworthy Choice?

Narrative Notes Head for the Digital Highway

Patch Transcription Security Holes

• A Snapshot of Healthcare 2009

• HIPAA Targets: New Rules Place BAs in the Bulls-Eye

• Transcription Technology Wars: ASP vs. ASR

Transcription Leaders Muse About the Industry

HIM Transformers

• Speech Recognition: Vive La Voice

Transcription Group Opposes Offshoring

Buyer Be Aware of VBCs

Transcription’s Holy Grail: Standard Quality Measures

Telling the Full Story Through the Health Story Project

Outsourcing as a Cost-Cutting Option for Hospitals

Speech Recognition: Hype vs. Reality

• A New Day Rising — Transcription and EMRs

New Metrics Give Transcription a Jolt

How Well Do You Measure Up? Gauging Transcription Efforts Against the New Industry Standards

Merger Madness

Transcription and Revenue Cycle Management

Friend or Foe? — The EMR Mandate’s Effect on Transcription Companies

Getting in Tune — Survey Spotlights the MT’s Role in Healthcare

Intelligent Language Processing — A Brighter Approach to Speech Recognition

CDA4CDT Standards — Satisfying a Craving

Times Are Changing — Delivery of Transcribed Reports

The Visible Black Character

Talk of the Town — Guidelines for Better Dictation Practices

Overseas Transcription — Is India Still the Low-Cost Option

Speech Recognition in the ED — and Beyond