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• Documentation Challenges

• Include the HIM Team to Maximize Your EHR Implementation

• Data Usability Taking Root

• Releasing Medical Records

• Patient Identification Challenges

• Leading the World in Patient Access: Two Insights Post Data Liberation Day

• Referential Treatment

• Get Set for HIPAA Changes

• Words Have Power

• Diagnosis: A Serious Case of Note Bloat

• The OCR: Friend, Not Foe

• The Pros and Cons of Sharing Consultation Notes

• Defining the Designated Record Set

• Automated Data Collection Can Improve Information Sharing

• Career Paths Expand for Health Informaticists

Modernizing the Aggregation, Usability of Cancer Data

• Use Clinical Documentation Data to Remedy Physician Burnout

• Moving Document Exchange Beyond Manual

• Open Notes for All

EHRs, Usability Remain at Odds

• Mastering the Patient Index

• New Law Changes the Security Landscape

Can HIT Salvage the Nation’s Pandemic Response?

• Moving Beyond Basic EHR Secure Messaging

• Telehealth Caretakers

• EHR Sustainability and Long-Term Costs in the COVID Era

Fine-Tune the Alert Volume

Eliminating the Problems From Problem Lists

Record Release Party

• The Quest for an Inclusive EHR — How AHIMA Is Shifting the Conversation on the Treatment of LGBTQ Patients

• Smooth Data Migration Boosts EHR Implementation

The Untold MPI Story: How ‘Dirty Data’ Affect a Value-Based Revenue Cycle

• Down but Not Out

• OpenNotes — What We’ve Learned So Far

Know Thy EHR

Meaningful Detection

Information Blocking: Is It or Isn’t It?

• Reduce Keyboard Time to Help Cure Physician Burnout

EHRs and Patient Safety: Where Do We Stand?

• Mergers, MPIs, Oh My!

• Data Standardization Can Improve Patient Matching 

• AHIMA Goes to Capitol Hill 

• Demand for Data Sharing Mounts

Nebulous Notes Hinder Cancer Research

• Medical Transcription — Is It Dead Yet? 

• Shutdown or Not, Washington Wheels Turn

‘Stupid’ Program Gets Results

• EHRs Pose Malpractice Risk

FHIR Blazes New Path Toward Interoperability

• HIT Must Put Physicians Front and Center

• Artificial vs True Intelligence — What the C-Suite, HIT, and RCM Need to Relearn From HIM

EHRs Still Burden Physicians

Harnessing Data

A Targeted Approach to EHR Training Improves Success Rates

Patient Matching: Are We Any Closer to a Solution?

Surviving the Storm — And Other EHR Downtime Disasters

• Hidden Treasure: The Value of Unstructured Documentation

• CMS Proposal Filled With Questions

• Self-Documentation Challenges

• The Consequences of Inaccurate Provider Directories

• Initiative Expands the Prenatal Record Process

Efficiency Experts

• Choose Your Words Carefully

• Can TEFCA Ensure Interoperability on a National Scale?

A Ransomware Wakeup Call

• Conflict in the EMR

• Free Innovative Spirits to Deliver HIT's Promise

• EHR Implementations: Don't Be Left Out

• Damsels in Distress

Education Initiatives Keep Pace With the Dynamic HIT Landscape

• A 'Ribbon' Takes Top Prize

• What's in Store for Behavioral Health Incentives?

Image Conscious

• EHRs Bolster Lack of Authorization Claims

The Price of EHR Downtime

• Patient Safety Is a Shared Responsibility

Is It Possible to Curtail Copy and Paste?

Next-Generation Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

• The Right Mix

• A Matter of Location

• Meeting Postacute Care Needs in an EMR

• Interoperability's Secret Weapon: Nurse Informaticists 

• Quality Data Reduce Disparities for LGBT Patients

• Technology's Role in a Fee-for-Value Universe

NLP: An Evolving Dictation Opportunity

• Small MTSOs Fight to Succeed

• Patient Engagement Proving to Be Tricky

Is Speech Recognition Viable in the ED?

Huddle Up

• Digging Deep for Revenue

• Technically Correct but Totally Useless

The 21st Century Cures Act

Transcription Shell Game

• Specialists Join the Data Revolution 

• The Perfect EMR Application

• Know Thy Docs

Hope or Hopeless?

• Navigating HIPAA-Compliant File Sharing

• What Lies Ahead?

• Record Destruction: When, Which Ones, and How

• Documentation's Circle of Strife

• Location, Location, Location — CIMS Adoption Differs Between Rural and Urban Facilities

• HIT's Public Health Report Card

• Evolve or Be Left Behind

• This Drug's for You

• Oversight of HIT Safety a Top Priority

• Eliminate EHR Holes With ECM

• The 411 on Subpoenas

• Six New CDI Challenges to Overcome

• Health Data: What's Yours Is Yours

• Scribes Etch a Spot in the Care Process

• Language Barriers Hamper Analytics Efforts

• Speech Recognition Meets the Web

• OpenNotes Takes Hold in the Northwest

• Dive Into Data, Save Lives

• A Solution Inside a Problem

• MACRA, MIPS — Slated to Make an M-pressive Impact

• Words Matter

• What's Your HIT Hiring Strategy?

• Data Banks or Garbage Bins?

• The Challenges of Population Health Management

• Front- vs Back-End Speech Recognition: Which Fits Better?

• Next Steps for the EHR Code of Conduct

• The Long and Short of EHR Documentation

• Digitization Complicates the ROI Process

• Cybersecurity: Locking the Vault

• Advice to EMR Vendors: Get Parallel

• The Shape of Things to Come

• The State of HIEs

• Beyond Words: Terminology's Role in Meaningful Use

• Queries: It's All in the Timing

• How to Maximize an EHR Investment

• EMRs and the Lost Narrative

• A Life Without Meaningful Use

• Dress Rehearsals Key to Speech Rec Success

• EHR Training for HIM Students

• What to Do About CPOE Alarm Fatigue

• The Evolution of ECM

• Together Again

• Get at the Heart of Clinical Information

• Documentation During EMR Downtimes

• Service Market Chaos

• Upping the Ante on Meaningful Use Audits

• Community Colleges to the Rescue

• This Will Go On Your Permanent Record — Or Will It?

• Switching EHRs? Get the Data Conversion Correct

• Copy and Paste: Don't Mess Up a Good Thing

• Long on Potential, Short on Results

• MU: Keep an Eye on the Future

• An Academic Approach to EHR Training

• Invisible Information Governance

• Marrying Voice and Text Within the EHR

• Recording Artists

• Where's the Payoff?

• The Small Data Revolution

• The Business Case for Process Management

• The Critical Role of MTs in EMR Documentation

• 10 Questions to Ask Prospective Vendors

• Tame the Big Data Beast

• Rise of the Scribes

• Birth Data at Risk

Where's HIT Headed in 2015?

EHR Patient Safety Concerns Mount

The Cost of Doing ROI Business

Chart Amendments Pose HIM Challenges

Has MU Gone Up in Smoke?

• The Evolution of EHRs

• Why I Have White Hair

Voice Command Technology Enters the OR

• 10 Ways to Reduce Go-Live Stress

How Records Management Can Serve Two Masters

Vendors Vent MU Frustrations

• Paper Exit Strategies

• Circumventing the Copy-and-Paste Conundrum

• Measured Steps Toward Interoperability

• Time to Build on Meaningful Use

• NLP Shows Off Its Versatility

• Assessment Tool Promotes EHR Usability

Tips for Integrating Speech Recognition With an EHR

• Alternative CPOE Solution Earns Plaudits

EHR, ECM Tandem Packs a Punch

• ONC Challenge Spotlights EHR Access

• Template-Dictation Combo a Winner

How to Break Up With Your EHR

Mined EHR Data Yield Impressive Results

A Cure for Documentation Ailments

Five Challenges Facing Transcription Managers

Hospital Adopts Novel Notetaking Approach

Create Worry-Free Problem Lists

Meaningful Use Audits Heighten Nerves

• The Ongoing Quest for Interoperability

• Can Social Media Data Find a Place in EHRs?

• Interoperability in Its Truest Form

The Time Is Now to Consider a Career in EHR Management

• CPOE Anytime, Anywhere

• EHR Data Power Learning Health System

EHRs Underutilized for Infection Control

Copy and Paste Leads to Coding Headaches

Capturing Cancer Data in Real Time

• Speech Recognition: A Work in Progress

Life in an EHR World—Where Do HIM Professionals Fit?

Mining Untapped Data

Get the Most Out of Abbreviated EHR Document Input

ACOs Embrace HIT Challenges

Use Informed Consent to Better Engage Patients

Partial to Dictation

Manage Change to Boost EHR Projects

Setting the Stage for MU’s Next Act

Relieve Document Management Headaches

The Changing Face of Release of Information

Meaningful Use Enters Stage 2

• Where Does the Paper Go?

In Search of Clinical Decision-Support Standards

NLP and EMR Data Make a Powerful Combination

The Direct Project Simplifies Messaging

• New Thoughts on EHR Design

Armed for Care—Sutter Health Takes Its EHR on the Road

Stage 2 Stretches Meaningful Use Requirements

When Is It Time to Part Ways With Medical Records?

Can EHRs Satisfy Physician Dictation Cravings?

• Secrets to a Successful CAC Interface

• Patient Engagement, Interoperability Key to ACO Success

• Tear Away From Paper Records

Data Solution Focuses on Specificity

The Perils of ROI in a Hybrid Environment

Tips for Purchasing an EHR

Experts Analyze the Viability of Remote CDI Programs

HIM Plays Leading Role in Safety, Quality Issues

AMIA Addresses Data Capture Deficiencies

Inside Cornell’s Thriving HIT Program

Under Review—Experts Call for an EHR Safety Board

Go Inside Two Successful HIT Projects

How to Stay Relevant in the HIM Biz

The Continuity-of-Care Document Becomes More Meaningful

• The Hazards of Note Bloat

• Discovery Processes in the Electronic Age

• New Data Management Horizons for Registrars

• Finding the Best Candidates for HIT Positions

Ophthalmology’s View of a Well-Built EHR

Keep Tabs On Data Using Enterprise Content Management

• A DIY Approach to EHR Certification

Life in a Hybrid Medical Record Setting

The iPad Invades Healthcare

EHR Data Get Personal

• Go Inside the VA's Telehealth Initiative

• Successful Attestation: It’s All in the Details

Medical Device Integration — More Than Meets the Eye

EHR Adoption: The Evolution of Physician Acceptance

Bank on It: Speech Rec Shows Measurable ROI

• Preserving the Patient Narrative

• Navigating the EHR Certification Process

HIM's Role in the Revenue Cycle

• Raising Cancer Care

• Natural Language Processing Enhances Patient Narrative

• Sorting Out Meaningful Use

• Copy Fees: The Battle Continues

• Decision Support: A Foundation for Success

Document Management and Meaningful Use Requirements

• Discover the Value of Secondary EHR Data

The Perils of Copy-Paste

RFID Signals Innovation

How to Handle Hybrid Medical Records

Explore EHR Adoption Strategies

• Family History Project

See What's Cooking in an HIT Lab

HIT Training Programs Offer Opportunity

• 2010’s Overlooked Noisemakers

Behavioral Health Seeks Federal Incentives

• The CCD Standard: Building Blocks for Better Data Exchange

• Web-Based EMRs OFfer an Alternative

• How Will MU Rules Affect Radiology?

Meaningful Use Complicates Release of Information

Steps to Secure Remote EHR Access

How EHRs Affect Physician-Patient Communication

• The EHR Life Cycle

Explore How Hospitals Can Reach ARRA Incentives

Electronic Document Management Systems: Much More Than Scanning

Adult Educational Principles in Clinical Informatics

How Three Organizations Plan to Use Stimulus Funds

• RECs Help Achieve Meaningful Use

• From DNA to Dashboards: Data Mining on the Brink of a Breakout

• EHR Management in a Hybrid Setting

• Myriad Issues Obstruct Data Sharing

Bearing the Burden of Meaningful Use

Create a Patient-Centric Medical Record

Healthcare 2010: What's in Store?

• EHR Implementation Strategies

• A Snapshot of Healthcare 2009

Beware the Lure of EHR Incentives

Inside the EHR Certification Process

Dealing With Downtime: How to Survive If Your EHR System Fails

Document Management in EHR Adoption

• HIM Professionals and EHR Education Opportunities

• Opening Doors to EHR Adoption

Spring Into E-Prescribing

Living in a Hybrid World

• Digital Signatures Come of Age

Stimulus Plan and HIT

The NHIN: A Country Connected

Telling the Full Story Through the Health Story Project

Get Your Piece of the Stimulus Pie

EMRs Aren't Perfect

Increasing EMR Adoption in Smaller Physician Practices

Rethink EHR Project Timelines

A New Day Rising — Transcription and EMRs

Scanning Technology: Improving Images

Dive In — Exploring EMR Options

How to Net a Document Capture System — Spectrum Health Used Five Steps to Prepare

Still a Ways to Go: Widespread EHR Adoption Remains Off in the Distance

Friend or Foe? — The EMR Mandate’s Effect on Transcription Companies

Open Sesame: Entering the Realm of Open Source Technology

Improving Public Health Through ESP

Medical Records You Can Bank On

Virtual Neighbors — The Wisconsin Health Information Exchange

Making EHR/PHR Integration a Reality

A Tall Order — What to Do With Old Paper Records

Pediatric EMRs: Big Considerations for Small Patients

• Stopping Traffic? The Stark Exemption