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• The Clearly Defined Designated Record Set

• The Complexity of Payer Policy Changes

• Releasing Medical Records

• RADV Medical Record Reviewer Guidance and Preparedness Utilizing AI

• Lessons Learned From a Recent Data Breach

• Data Breaches on the Rise

• Becoming an AHIMA-Approved CDI Trainer

• The High-Risk Game of High-Risk Diagnosis Groups

• Navigating Privacy and Compliance Post Dobbs

• State AGs Crack Down on Data Privacy

• Does Your Documentation Meet the MEAT Criteria?

• Prompt Response Required

• Get Set for HIPAA Changes

Shoring Up Safe Harbor

• Getting Back to Normal: Planning for RAC Audits

• The OCR: Friend, Not Foe

• The Pros and Cons of Sharing Consultation Notes

• Internal Audits Help Combat Payer Risk

• Be on the Lookout for New Critical Care Service Policies

• Defining the Designated Record Set

• Systematic Coder Audits Help Stem Revenue Leakage

• Security Tips for Personal Devices in the Workplace

• How to Deal With Sensitive Information

• The Future Looks Bright for Coders

• Prior Authorization Denials: Building for the Future

• Follow These Guidelines to Optimize Coder Education

• The Privacy Rule May Be In for a Makeover

• When the Police Come Knocking

OIG Data Brief Causes a Stir

• Health Care’s Telehealth Conundrum

• New Law Changes the Security Landscape

• ‘Reasonable and Necessary’ Gets Redefined

• The Future of Prior Authorizations Is Near

The Quest for Clean COVID Claims

• Misconceptions Plague Use of Locum Tenens

• Multilayered Response

• Keep Pace With Disclosure Management Changes

• Get Compliance Efforts in Line

ROI Processes Adapt to a New World

• How to Expel Acute Respiratory Failure Denials

For Hackers, It’s as Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4

• Days of Our Lives — A Dive Inside the Intricacies of the Two-Midnight Rule

The Evolving Cancer Registry Requirements

Record Release Party

• Leveraging Prebill Audits to Combat Denials

• Keeping Tabs on Right of Access

• Rappin’ About RACs

• Down but Not Out

• Overcoming Obstacles to Obtaining Medical Records

• Balancing Policy and Technology

Keeping Tabs on Data

• Denial Reasons You Never Saw Coming

• Eight ROI Missteps to Avoid

• Be Mindful of PA Documentation 

• The Labyrinth That Is HIPAA

• Through the Cracks

• Anesthesia Coding: Tips to Maintain Accuracy

• Home Health Agencies Face Documentation Hurdles

• Key Telehealth Regulatory Issues

• What’s Your Business Associate Agreement Strategy?

• Shutdown or Not, Washington Wheels Turn

• Coding Audits Shouldn’t Be Random

Privacy With a European Flair

TPE Program Sets Sights on Improper Claims

Hitting the Mark on Coder Performance

Medical Record Requests Continue to Challenge Hospitals

• EHRs Pose Malpractice Risk

• Data Breaches: Insights Into a Pervasive Problem

Fax Machines Still Prevalent

Is Offshore Coding Dead in the Water?

Time to Shake Up PEPPER?

 Health Care's BAA Breach Readiness Quandary

• Quality Data Key to New Payment Rule

Battle Lines Drawn

Assessing Documentation Quality

• Are Auditors Playing Fair?

• Strategies to Help Providers Respond to Audits

• ROI Vendors Face Confusion Over Fees

Litigation Evolves With Data Breach Scope, Frequency

Should Patient Records Stay or Go?

• Coding for Pressure Ulcers, Obesity, and BMI

Be on the Lookout

Is Right to Access Being Taken to Excess?

The Human Errors Behind Data Breaches

• Governance Efforts Shape Reidentification Risks

Best Practices in Coding Audits

Reimbursement Analysis Offers Investment Protection

• The Quest for a Better Records Request Strategy

• EHRs Bolster Lack of Authorization Claims

• Desperately Seeking Clinical Validation

• Digital Engagement Demands a Nimble HIPAA Strategy

Is It Possible to Curtail Copy and Paste?

• What to Consider When Implementing Streaming Video

• Indefatigable RACs Plow Ahead

• New Medicare ID Cards to Impact Providers 

• Privacy Concerns Complicate X-ray Silver Mining 

• Swift Response Can Limit Cyber Attack Damage

Sticky Query Situations

Keep an Eye on Exclusion Monitoring

• Discover the Auditor Within

• OCR Puts Audit Controls on the Front Burner

• How to Conquer Compliance Challenges 

Is Texting Physician Orders 2G2BT?

• Patient Engagement Proving to Be Tricky

• Preventing and Preparing For IoT Attacks

The 21st Century Cures Act

Make Patient Privacy a Priority

ROI Demands on the Rise

• MTSOs Face HIPAA Compliance Challenges

The Regulatory Challenges of Population Health Management

• Navigating HIPAA-Compliant File Sharing

• What Lies Ahead?

• Record Destruction: When, Which Ones, and How

• OIG Takes Notice of ICD-10 DRG Assignments

• Call In the Reinforcements

• Is Your Hospital Adapting to Network Demands?

• Six Best Practices for Informed Consent

• The 411 on Subpoenas

• At a Disadvantage?

• Subject to Review

• Redefined Sepsis Affects Coding, Documentation

• @Risk-Filled Routine

• Devil of a Time

• Information Governance: A Bright Future in the Cloud

• Unfinished Business

• Put ICD-10 Nightmares to Bed

• Eight Trends in Coder Training

• MACRA, MIPS — Slated to Make an M-pressive Impact

• Disclosure Management in a Risky World

• Legal Concerns in Information Governance

• Mitigate Medical Necessity Denials

• mHealth in the Mental Health Sector

• The Here and Now on Present-on-Admission Indicators

• Next Steps for the EHR Code of Conduct

• Digitization Complicates the ROI Process

• The Essentials of Medical Necessity

• Beware of HIPAA Zealots

• Shootout at the Coding Corral

• A Life Without Meaningful Use

• Bring Nurses Back to the Bedside

• Upping the Ante on Meaningful Use Audits

• This Will Go On Your Permanent Record — Or Will It?

• Copy and Paste: Don't Mess Up a Good Thing

• Long on Potential, Short on Results

• A Delicate Balancing Act

• HIPAA a Back Breaker for Chiropractic Interns

• Rehabilitation Facilities Tackle RA Complexities

• The Deidentification Dilemma

• Take the Pain Out of Revenue Cycle Audits

• What a Patient Wants

• Keep Text Messaging Secure

• So You Want to Be a Privacy Officer?

• Auditors Take Aim at DRGs

• ROI Peak Performers

• Wireless Networks Need HIPAA-Focused Makeover

Into the Abyss

MTSOs Gear for OCR Audits

Has MU Gone Up in Smoke?

Voice Command Technology Enters the OR

Educating or Infuriating?

• Boston Data Breach Raises Questions

• The Reward of HIPAA Risk Assessment

• View ICD-10 Audits as an Opportunity

Twists and Turns in the RAC Program

Permanent Discharge

• Implementation Through Collaboration

• The RAC Trifecta of Trouble

• The Challenges of Corporate Compliance

• Are Cancer Registrars Ready for ICD-10?

• Disclosure Management — More Complicated Than Ever

Internal Audits: Steps to Keep Your Programs Pumping

• Remediation and ICD-10

• Risky Business

• Take Steps to Ensure Mobile Device Security

• Aids and Audits

• The Challenges of Capturing Meaningful Use Data

• Inside the Documentation Pressure Cooker

• ICD-10 Mash-Up Thrives in Idaho

• Terminology Tools Help Providers Meet Initiatives

• The New Omnibus Rule

Meaningful Use Audits Heighten Nerves

• The Essentials of Policy and Procedure Management

Should Providers Bother With RAC Appeals?

Providers, Payers Must Be in Step With ICD-10

Copy and Paste Leads to Coding Headaches

HIPAA’s Omnibus Rule Makes Its Mark

Survey Readiness—Are You Prepared if the CMS Arrives at Your Door?

RACs Take Aim on Short Stays

ICD-10 Weighs Heavily on Physicians

Harried CIOs Try to Keep Up With Technology

Big Year Ahead for Disclosure Management

Mobile Device Security Concerns

Setting the Stage for MU’s Next Act

The Changing Face of Release of Information

ICD-10: Give Them Something to Talk About

Meaningful Use Enters Stage 2

ACOs Face Quality Measure Challenges

The Nuts and Bolts of IPPS

• The Value of Error Reports

RAC Frustrations Remain

Compliance Strategies for the 72-Hour Rule

•  Stage 2 Stretches Meaningful Use Requirements

•  When Is It Time to Part Ways With Medical Records?

•  Make Revenue Cycle Management a Team Effort

•  Precise Documentation Equals Fewer Compliance Headaches

•  Coping With Coding Audits

•  Random HIPAA Compliance Audits Have Arrived

•  The Ins and Outs of Observation Status

•  Cancer Registrars Step Up to New Challenges

•  Licensing Issues Crimp Telemedicine

•  Negotiating Cloud Computing Contracts

•  Are Post-Acute Care Transfers a Goldmine for RAC Audits?

•  Ethical Business Practices in Transcription

•  ICD-10's Reach Goes Beyond HIM

•  Experts Analyze the ACO Reporting Requirements

•  Get It in Writing—BA Agreements Grow in Importance

•  Time to Fear Medicaid RACs

•  Tick, Tick, Tick—The ICD-10 Deadline Approaches

•  The Ins and Outs of the ACO Final Rule

•  How to Dispose of Retired PCs Properly

•  A DIY Approach to EHR Certification

•  State HIEs Face Assessment Deadline

•  Make Admission Orders a Priority

•  Release of Information Management

•  Mobile Devices Create HIPAA Concerns

•  Targets in RAC's Crosshairs

•  Successful Attestation: It's All in the Details

•  Caught in a Coding Conundrum

•  Chart Auditing: How to Spot Documentation Flaws

•  ICD-10 Reality Check: It's More Than a Coding Issue

•  OCR Layin' Down the Law on Noncompliant Providers

•  The Advent of Accountable Care Organizations

•  ICD-10: Two Questions to Ponder

•  Navigating the EHR Certification Process

•  How to Measure Clinical Documentation Improvement Effectiveness

•  Raising Cancer Care

•  Sorting Out Meaningful Use

•  Finding Holes in IT Security

•  HIM Programs Move With the Times

•  The Perils of Copy-Paste

•  Say Hello to Medicaid RACs

•  Hospitals Scramble to Absorb 2011 IPPS Changes

•  MAC Attack

•  PEPPER Reports: A Helpful Financial Condiment

•  Cell Phone Camera Use in Hospitals

•  Unreasonable ROI Request?

•  Bearing the Burden of Meaningful Use

•  Deciding on a Document Destruction Vendor

•  Medicaid Integrity Program Promises New Headaches

•  Hospitals, Physicians Tackle RACs

•  Patch Transcription Security Holes

•  Do Privacy Hurdles Impede Data Exchange?

•  HIPAA Targets: New Rules Place BAs in the Bulls-Eye

•  Pulling It Together — The HITECH Act & HIPAA

•  Ushering in Change: ARRA Adds New Challenges to ROI Requests

•  Coding Checks and Balances

•  Medical Identity Theft: Will the Real John Doe Please Stand Up?

•  The New Red Flags Rule and Healthcare Organizations

•  DRGs: Still Frustrating After All These Years

•  Navigate ROI Nuances

•  RAC Strategies — It's Your Move

•  Coding Manager Compliance Advice

•  Healthcare Technology — It's Not Foolproof

•  Navigate the E-Discovery Maze

•  RAC Appeals: More Than Simple Math

•  Cleaner and Clearer — The Joint Commission Standards Improvement Initiative

•  Maneuvering Your Way Through RAC Audits

•  Chart a Course for Better Documentation

•  Accurate Electronic Patient Charts  — A Standardized Clinical Language Is Key to Success

•  A HIPAA Crackdown?

•  eDiscovery Advice: Get Your Records Network in Order

•  Organization Serves CDI Specialists' Needs

•  Unannounced HIPAA Audits: Don't Get Spooked

•  Dirty Tricks: On the Lookout for Inappropriate DRG Denials

•  CDA4CDT Standards — Satisfying a Craving

•  Times Are Changing — Delivery of Transcribed Reports

•  NAHIT Outlines Five Key HIT Terms

•  Talk of the Town — Guidelines for Better Dictation Practices

•  RACs: New Sheriff in Town