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Privacy Issues

• Safeguards to Consider in the Era of Interoperability

• Beating Burnout in Cybersecurity

• Releasing Medical Records

• Renovating Your Release of Information Program

• Lessons Learned From a Recent Data Breach

• Data Breaches on the Rise

• Navigating Privacy and Compliance Post Dobbs

• State AGs Crack Down on Data Privacy

• Get Set for HIPAA Changes

Shoring Up Safe Harbor

• The People Factor

• Defining the Designated Record Set

• Security Tips for Personal Devices in the Workplace

• Health Care’s Digital Health Balancing Act

• How to Deal With Sensitive Information

• The Privacy Rule May Be In for a Makeover

• When the Police Come Knocking

• CISA Report Sounds the Alarm on Cyber Threats

• New Law Changes the Security Landscape

• Multilayered Response

• Keep Pace With Disclosure Management Changes

• A Better Line of Defense

• Strategies for Filling the CISO Role

For Hackers, It’s as Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4

Records for Ransom

• SDoH Raise Interesting Privacy Questions

• Overcoming Obstacles to Obtaining Medical Records

Embedding IG to Optimize Cybersecurity

• Balancing Policy and Technology

Keeping Tabs on Data

• Eight ROI Missteps to Avoid

• Breach Preparedness Know-How

• The Labyrinth That Is HIPAA

Mitigating Risks Associated With Research Data

• What’s Your Business Associate Agreement Strategy?

• Shutdown or Not, Washington Wheels Turn

Privacy With a European Flair

The Rise of the Chatbots

• EHRs Pose Malpractice Risk

• Data Breaches: Insights Into a Pervasive Problem

Fax Machines Still Prevalent

• ICYMI: The Challenges Associated With Texting 

 Health Care's BAA Breach Readiness Quandary

Battle Lines Drawn

Medical Device Security

Tale of the Tape

• Print and Save This Article

Deidentification Done Right

• ROI Vendors Face Confusion Over Fees

A Ransomware Wakeup Call

Litigation Evolves With Data Breach Scope, Frequency

• Should Clearinghouses Be Allowed to Use PHI?

Is Right to Access Being Taken to Excess?

The Human Errors Behind Data Breaches

• Governance Efforts Shape Reidentification Risks

Funding, Personnel Issues Hamper Cybersecurity Efforts

• The Quest for a Better Records Request Strategy

• Digital Engagement Demands a Nimble HIPAA Strategy

In Case of Emergency …

Next-Generation Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

• New Medicare ID Cards to Impact Providers 

• Privacy Concerns Complicate X-ray Silver Mining 

• Swift Response Can Limit Cyber Attack Damage

Cyberattack on Nuance Offers Teaching Moment

How HIPAA Affects Research Efforts

• How to Adopt a Security Culture

• Can Health Care Trust Its Security Practices?

Improve Security Through Information Governance

• OCR Puts Audit Controls on the Front Burner

• How to Conquer Compliance Challenges 

Is Texting Physician Orders 2G2BT?

• Preventing and Preparing For IoT Attacks

Make Patient Privacy a Priority

The Regulatory Challenges of Population Health Management

• What Lies Ahead?

• Record Destruction: When, Which Ones, and How

• A Critical Juncture for Clinical Data Sharing

• Call In the Reinforcements

• On High Alert for Hackers

• Health Data: What's Yours Is Yours

• @Risk-Filled Routine

• Information Governance: A Bright Future in the Cloud

• Disclosure Management in a Risky World

• Legal Concerns in Information Governance

• PHI: Valuable and Vulnerable

• Keep Watch for Medical Identity Theft

• mHealth in the Mental Health Sector

• Next Steps for the EHR Code of Conduct

• Digitization Complicates the ROI Process

• Beware of HIPAA Zealots

• The Changing Face of Disaster Recovery

• A Phish Story

• Long on Potential, Short on Results

• HIPAA a Back Breaker for Chiropractic Interns

• The Deidentification Dilemma

• What a Patient Wants

• Keep Text Messaging Secure

• So You Want to Be a Privacy Officer?

• Rise of the Scribes

• Wireless Networks Need HIPAA-Focused Makeover

Into the Abyss

MTSOs Gear for OCR Audits

• Boston Data Breach Raises Questions

• The Reward of HIPAA Risk Assessment

The Friends and Family Plan for Online Records

• Disclosure Management — More Complicated Than Ever

Patient Portals: How to Balance Security vs. Usability

Cloud Computing on the Rise

• Risky Business

• Take Steps to Ensure Mobile Device Security

Does the Government Spy on PHI?

• The New Omnibus Rule

HIPAA’s Omnibus Rule Makes Its Mark

Thoughts on Sending Transcription Overseas

Healthcare Information: The New Terrorist Target

Mining Untapped Data

Big Year Ahead for Disclosure Management

Mobile Device Security Concerns

• To Catch a Thief

Big Data Creates Big Privacy Concerns

Random HIPAA Compliance Audits Have Arrived

• Clinic Uses Tracking Software as HIPAA Tool

• Ethical Business Practices in Transcription

Get It in Writing—BA Agreements Grow in Importance

How to Dispose of Retired PCs Properly

Mobile Devices Create HIPAA Concerns

• OCR Layin’ Down the Law on Noncompliant Providers

• Finding Holes in IT Security

• Make Privacy and Security a Year-Round Focus

• Discover the Value of Secondary EHR Data

• Keys to Effective Breach Management

• 2010’s Overlooked Noisemakers

Should HIEs Obtain Consumer Consent?

• National MPI: Why Such a Numbering System Raises Concerns

• Cell Phone Camera Use in Hospitals

• Myriad Issues Obstruct Data Sharing

Deciding on a Document Destruction Vendor

• Do Privacy Hurdles Impede Data Exchange?

• Cloud Computing: IT in the Sky

Pulling It Together — The HITECH Act & HIPAA

Keep Data Contained

Ushering in Change: ARRA Adds New Challenges to ROI Requests

Medical Identity Theft: Will the Real John Doe Please Stand Up?

The New Red Flags Rule and Healthcare Organizations

Dispose Properly of Patient Files

Prudent Data Security Practices

Is RFID Technology Too Nosy?

Navigate the E-Discovery Maze

• Striking Gold or Striking Out? Data Mining Delves Into Private Information

• Virtual Visits — The Way of the Future?

• A HIPAA Crackdown?

• Unannounced HIPAA Audits: Don’t Get Spooked

• Minding the Privacy Store

• Pulp Friction: Destroying Confidential Information

• All Tied Up — ePrescribing Restrictions

• A Tall Order — What to Do With Old Paper Records

• PHRs: Striking a Balance Between Privacy and Purpose