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Shoring Up Safe Harbor
Nailing down the exact meaning of “recognized security practices” would help erase confusion about how organizations can qualify for the safe harbor law.

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• Social Scores Are Invading Health Care

• HHS Announces Melanie Fontes Rainer as Director of the Office for Civil Rights

• Patients sue Vermont health center, claim it failed to safeguard their info

• Unsealed Lawsuit Claims 62 Indiana Hospitals, Ciox Health Triggered Fraudulent EHR Incentive Payments

• SSNs, PHI Stolen at Texas Hospital

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JAMA Network Open cross-sectional study found that female physicians are more likely to experience doctor burnout because they spend this many more minutes on EHRs each day than their male counterparts. Researchers examined EHR data from 2018 to 2019 for 318 physicians (194 male and 124 female) in a New England ambulatory practice network.

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