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Current Issue

September 2019


Eight ROI Missteps to Avoid
Clunky guidance and hard-to-follow rules make it difficult for HIM departments to gain footing.

The Qualification Question
With denials due to clinical validation on the rise, the qualifications of coders and clinical documentation specialists to query for clinical validity are creating heavy discussion.

Information Blocking: Is It or Isn’t It?
The verdict on how to define the term promises to have huge ramifications across the health care industry.

The Emergence of Ambient Clinical Technology
Is it possible for physicians to focus on patients instead of their computer screens and produce quality documentation? Nuance’s latest product says “yes.”


Editor’s Note

Coding Corner
There are your typical denials, and then there are the ones that blindside health care organizations. A leading educator examines the latter and offers tips on how to avoid the misery.

HIM Challenges
In a profession in a state of flux, HIM professionals must take it upon themselves to make sure they stay a step ahead of the changes.

Chart Conundrums
Payers and providers are using clinical natural language processing to reduce administrative costs and improve the accuracy of analytics.

Inside Interoperability
It may sound like the acronym for a blue-collar union, but in actuality TEFCA is the moniker for the much-anticipated, much-debated effort to achieve interoperability. Is it worth its salt?

Industry Perspectives
Disruption in the health care industry is making the value of patient data rise exponentially.


By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care’s facts and figures.