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Current Issue

October 2019


Full Tilt Into the Future
As anyone in the profession can attest, the HIM landscape is undergoing unprecedented change. What lies in store for newcomers and veterans alike?

Keeping Tabs on Data
Are health care organizations overconfident in their ability to locate data? If they’re taking inventory only once per year, that may well be the case.

Medical Transcription: Still Room In-House
A dying breed, no doubt, but there remain health care organizations with on-site medical transcriptionists.

Meaningful Detection
It’s an evolving process with plenty of kinks to work out, but using data to spot trouble ahead for patients is filled with potential.


Editor’s Note

News Brief

HIPAA Challenges
The lawsuit filed against Google and the University of Chicago Medical Center serves as a reminder of how difficult it is to balance policy and technological advancements.

Industry Perspectives
The power of genetic data is rendered impotent if the information is siloed. Can technology save the day?

mHealth Update
The Future Health Index unveiled a host of interesting findings, not the least of which had to do with telehealth adoption.

Coding Corner
Here’s a reminder that coders aren’t the only health care professionals who must be prepared for the upcoming coding changes.

Ask the Experts
A question about whether to code the principal or secondary diagnosis highlights this month’s inquiries.

Fall Showcase

Evolving Education


By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care’s facts and figures.