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Current Issue

Summer 2023


The Essence of Data Integrity
What is it, why does it matter, what makes it challenging, and how can industry professionals work together to manage it?

A Foundation for Optimizing the Future of Documentation
As with remodeling a home, the success of renovating a release of information program depends on a strong foundation. Learn how to assess your program’s foundation to prevent problems right from the start.

Patient Identification Challenges
Patient portals, variables in demographic data, and the intake process are among the factors contributing to patient identification challenges, but there are solutions.

Denials With a Capital D
Numerous factors have caused revenue cycle managers to struggle with staffing their departments and capture revenue at the pace they once did. Learn how to break the inefficient cycle of revenue management.


Editor’s Note
It All Comes Down to Data Integrity

Release of Information
Digital Release of Information: How to Shift Your Teams

Coding Corner
How Innovative Coding Teams Integrate Automation

Cancer Registry
The SEER Program: 50 Years of Turning Data Into Discovery

Evolving Education
Five Things Staff Need to Know and Do When Releasing Medical Records


By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care’s facts and figures.