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Current Issue

June/July 2019


Through the Cracks
Knowing and addressing the barriers to proper charge capture can help organizations reach a better financial plateau.

Documentation’s Finer Points
Just in time for summer reading, AHDI has introduced the latest edition of its style book, which hopes to improve standardization across the industry.

The Labyrinth That Is HIPAA
The omnipresent law can pop up and become a consideration in a variety of settings.

Breach Preparedness Know-How
Being the victim of a data breach is a harrowing experience. However, hospitals with a well-rehearsed, well-coordinated plan in place have the best chance to minimize the damage.


Editor’s Note

CFO Zone
A director of revenue integrity and the chief operating officer of a coding vendor contemplate the ingredients that make up a productive relationship between a hospital and its coding partner.

HIT Happenings
A survey illustrates the public’s desire for providers to have greater access to health records. Is anyone listening, though?

Washington Scene
An AHIMA leader summarizes the organization’s recent trip to Capitol Hill.

Industry Perspectives
A new paper touts the prospect of using a system similar to the one employed by the US Postal Service to help curtail patient matching miscues.

Chart Conundrums
Focus on improving documentation and watch risk adjustment factors fall in line with the care being provided.

News Brief


By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care’s facts and figures.