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Documentation Challenges
Leverage EHR metrics to alleviate documentation burden and the burnout it fuels.

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• Three Steps Your Practice Can Take to Mitigate Physician Burnout
• Making Patient Data Usable — New Guide Points the Way Toward Semantic Interoperability

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• EHR Association Provides Feedback on Federal HIT Strategic Plan

• HIM Professionals Invited to Make Their Voice Heard

• Emtelligent 'Took AI to Medical School' With New Tech for NLP

• Large-Scale Cyberattacks Disrupt Essential Substance Use and Mental Health Services

• HSCC Publishes 5-Year Health Care Cybersecurity Strategic Plan

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EMR Shutdown Highlights Vulnerability
in Health Care IT

Time Wasted, Care Hampered:
How Antiquated Tech Hurts Patient Engagement

Blockchain Technology in Population Health Management

Spotlight on Data Breach

Breach Preparedness Know-How

For Hackers, It’s as Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4

State AGs Crackdown on Data Privacy: Is It Time to Think Beyond HIPAA?

By the Numbers

33% and 55%

The disruption of EHR systems during a cyberattack can cause in-hospital mortality rates to spike between these two percentages due to collateral damage to other important clinical IT systems.

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What coders need to know about the new CMS office and outpatient evaluation and management visit complexity add-on code.