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Coding Spinal Procedures
Here’s the scoop on the multiple factors that make these procedures a persistent headache for even veteran coders.

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• How the Health Care Industry Battles Physician Burnout With Computer Literacy
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• NAACOS Praises Positive Changes for ACOs in Final CMS Rule

• Social Scores Are Invading Health Care

• HHS Announces Melanie Fontes Rainer as Director of the Office for Civil Rights

• Patients sue Vermont health center, claim it failed to safeguard their info

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The Quest for Clean COVID Claims

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In 2021, this percentage of inpatient claims in Nevada contained a social determinant of health diagnosis code. According to a study conducted by Hospital Pricing Specialists, a data analytics company, this percentage is the highest in the United States.

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ICD-10-CM Coding Guideline for the Key Word “With”