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Big Tech Companies Cast Large Shadow in Health Care
New technology from Amazon and others looms over the documentation sector. What will be its long-term impact on hospital decision makers and HIM processes?

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SDoH: Behind the Buzz Is Real Potential
Records for Ransom
Can AI Turn the Corner Into Clinical Settings?

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• Be Mindful of Strict Referral Laws
• Tips to Combat Insider Threats

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• AI Uncovers Individual Disease Risk in EHR Data

• UCSF Pays Hefty Ransom to Unlock Computer System

• AMA Announces CPT Update for Antigen Tests in the Fight Against COVID-19

• PHI on Missouri Health Center’s COVID-19 Dashboard May Have Been Exposed

• CMS Announces Formation of Office of Burden Reduction and Health Informatics

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Former ONC Director Tells Where Telehealth Falls Short

We Need a Better Way to Measure the Quality of Telehealth Services

The Need for “Exposure Registries”
for Novel Coronavirus

Spotlight on Data Breach

Health Care’s BAA Breach Readiness Quandary

Data Breaches: Insights Into a Pervasive Problem

Mitigating Risks Associated With Research Data

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According to the ransomware incident response firm Coveware, the average ransom payment was $41,198 in the third quarter of 2019, but doubled to $84,116 by the fourth quarter, with a median payment of this amount. The large increase in ransom amounts is a result of ransomware gangs focusing on attacking large enterprises.

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Is There an ICD-10-CM for Personal History of COVID-19 or Sequela?

COVID-19 ICD-10-CM Coding FAQs