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KPIs Shift With the Times
A recent survey sheds lights on how health care organizations are changing their views on key performance indicators.

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Making Sense of Social Determinants of Health
IPPS: What’s New and What’s Ahead
Person Matching Supports Data Exchange

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• Augmenting the Revenue Cycle Operation in a Post-COVID World
• Employee Monitoring Ensures HIPAA Compliance

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• Zoom Adds Cerner EHR Integration

• Another COVID-19 Pandemic Outcome: Busier Physician EHR Inboxes

• Shorter Hospital Stays Associated With Patient Portal Use

• AHIMA, Moxe Highlight AHIMA dHealth at Frontiers Health Global Conference 

• The Buckeye Institute: Making Telehealth Permanent Will Increase Access to Care

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Enhancing Person-Centered Care Through Inclusive Standards Development

A Care Coordinated Journey: Breast Cancer & Technology-Enabled Care

Spotlight on Revenue Cycle Management 

Tackling Coding Challenges at FQHCs

Analytics Provides a Window Into the Revenue Cycle

Diving Deeper Into Denials

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According to an American Medical Association study, the clinician burnout rate is roughly this percentage, which
is much higher than burnout rates in
other professions; most health care professionals say EHR use is the
main cause.

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