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Address Skill Gaps, Boost Coder Productivity
There are holes in coders’ games, according to the results of a nationwide coding contest. Don’t fret, say coding directors, there are strategies out there that can help plug any deficiencies.

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to Concurrent Coding

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• Wyoming Health System COO Recounts Ransomware Attack

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ONC Should Not Delay the Release
of Its Rule

I Didn’t Become a Physician to Do
Data Entry

Health Data Outside HIPAA: Simply Extending HIPAA Would Be a #FAIL

Spotlight on Health Information Exchange 

Can TEFCA Ensure Interoperability
on a National Scale?

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

FHIR Blazes New Path Toward Interoperability

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This percentage of respondents to the fourth annual UnitedHealthcare Consumer Sentiment Survey said the internet or a mobile app is the first source they usually consult for information about specific health symptoms, conditions, or ailments. Only health care professionals, such as a nurse or doctor, ranked higher at 46%.

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Coding for Salpingo-Oophorectomy, Versus Diagnoses, and Community-Acquired Pneumonia