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The X-Factor
With nonbinary birth certificates gaining more acceptance, HIM departments may have to re-examine certain practices.

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• 119 Health Care Organizations Sign Letter to Congress Urging Removal of Ban on Funding for National Patient Health Identifier Standard

• ABIM President Touts Effectiveness of EHRs

• Using EHRs to Track Vaccine Surveillance

• HHS Issues Alert About Ultra Aggressive Ransomware Group

• EHR Documentation of Pediatric SOGI Data Requires Attention to Privacy

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Reduce Keyboard Time to Help Cure Physician Burnout

Scribes Struggle to Fit Into a Different Reality

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Black Americans are disproportionately impacted by the “digital divide,” according to a study by Clarivate. This percentage of Black households do not have a computer or broadband access. Both availability and affordability can be challenges; 1 in 5 Black Americans (19.5%) are living below the poverty line. 

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