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Cycle Management Resource Guide


• New Code Alert: G2211

• Overcoming Query Challenges

• Physicians and Coding

• Seven Critical Factors for a Successful Risk Adjustment Program

• HCC Overhaul Brings New Documentation Challenges

• The Complexity of Payer Policy Changes

• Medical Coding Is Going Hybrid

• Denials With a Capital D

• Evaluation and Management Guidelines 2023

• Addressing Gaps in Coding for Virtual Care

• Five Things Every Medical Coding Technology Should Deliver and How to Find the One That’s Right for You

• The High-Risk Game of High-Risk Diagnosis Groups

• Does Your Documentation Meet the MEAT Criteria?

• Lean on Reports to Measure Efficiency

Coding Spinal Procedures

• How to Solve Both Coding Issues and Staffing Shortages

• Getting Back to Normal: Planning for RAC Audits

• Internal Audits Help Combat Payer Risk

• Be on the Lookout for New Critical Care Service Policies

• Systematic Coder Audits Help Stem Revenue Leakage

IPPS: What’s New and What’s Ahead

• The Future Looks Bright for Coders

• Follow These Guidelines to Optimize Coder Education

OIG Data Brief Causes a Stir

How to Build an In-House Coding Department

• Queries: Moving Beyond Business as Usual to Identify Learning Opportunities

• ‘Reasonable and Necessary’ Gets Redefined

• The Future of Prior Authorizations Is Near

The Quest for Clean COVID Claims

• Misconceptions Plague Use of Locum Tenens

• HIM Training Adapts to the New Normal

• It’s Time for Coders to Get ‘With’ It

• Leave No HCC Behind

• How to Expel Acute Respiratory Failure Denials

The ICD-11 Clock Is Ticking

• A Tangled Mess

• Days of Our Lives — A Dive Inside the Intricacies of the Two-Midnight Rule

The Pandemic’s Effect on the Coding Job Market

• E/M Changes Afoot

• What’s Driving the CDI Resource Crunch? — Alternative Options for Extending Your CDI Team

• Mobile Solutions Tackle Query Concerns

• Leveraging Prebill Audits to Combat Denials

• Tackling Coding Challenges at FQHCs

• Ahead of the Curve

• Address Skill Gaps, Boost Coder Productivity

• Working in Tandem

• Preparing Noncoders for New 2020 Codes

• Denial Reasons You Never Saw Coming

The Qualification Question

• How Rethinking SDOH Codes Can Eliminate the Alligators

CAC: Temper Expectations With Reality

• AHIMA Goes to Capitol Hill 

• Finding the Right Coding Vendor

• Anesthesia Coding: Tips to Maintain Accuracy

Unlocking the Social Determinants of Health

• Tuesday’s Child: A Chat With Chuck Buck

Coding Pneumonia: Of Viral Importance

• The PDPM: Prepare and Prevail

• Coding Audits Shouldn’t Be Random

• Constructing a Career in Coding

• Successful Coding of Device Failure

Hitting the Mark on Coder Performance

• Altered Mental Status: More Info Please

Is Offshore Coding Dead in the Water?

• Skilled Nursing Facilities Face Payment Changes

Time to Shake Up PEPPER?

• DRG Mismatches

• Getting Specific With Unlisted CPT Codes

• HIM's Role in HCCs

• Questions? We Have Answers

• Are Auditors Playing Fair?

• Filling In the Blanks

• A Look at the Proposed 2019 ICD-10 Codes

• Why Physician Practices Need Coders

Joint Maneuvers

• How to Improve the Query Process 

• Conflict in the EMR

• Coding for Pressure Ulcers, Obesity, and BMI

• Medical Necessity in E/M Coding Selection

Be on the Lookout

• Quality Documentation Can Help Fight Opioid Abuse

Education Initiatives Keep Pace With the Dynamic HIT Landscape

A Singular Effort

Best Practices in Coding Audits

• Numerous Changes to Radiology Codes on Tap: CPT 2018 Revisions Summary

• Don't Let 'No Experience' Be an Obstacle

• CAC's a Tool, Not a Panacea

• Desperately Seeking Clinical Validation

• Using Data to Improve Coding Performance 

Is It Possible to Curtail Copy and Paste?

• Preventing Stress, Avoiding Burnout

• October Brings Important Updates

• Indefatigable RACs Plow Ahead

• Embrace Risk Adjustment

• The Future of Coding

• Vaccination Sticking Points

Sticky Query Situations

External Cause Codes in the Courtroom

• Discover the Auditor Within

• A New Line of Defense for Inpatient Claims

• Don't Sleep on Z Codes

• Telehealth Coding Nuances

How to Avoid CDI Snares

• Documenting Death

Coding Contest Hints at ICD-10 Struggles

• Love Hurts

• Take Charge of Remote ICD-10 Coding

• Bursting the ICD-10 Cost Bubble

Yearning to Learn

Qualifying and Quantifying Risk

• What Lies Ahead?

• OIG Takes Notice of ICD-10 DRG Assignments

• Medicare Bundled Payments: Are AMI and CABG Next?

• Data-Driven Remote Coding Management

• A Call for Common Sense Coding Standards

• October Brings Code Adjustments

• At a Disadvantage?

• Six New CDI Challenges to Overcome

• Redefined Sepsis Affects Coding, Documentation

• Language Barriers Hamper Analytics Efforts

• Devil of a Time

• ICD-10's Aftereffects

• Coding and the Third-Party Option

• Put ICD-10 Nightmares to Bed

• Eight Trends in Coder Training

• A Solution Inside a Problem

• "AFIRM"ative Action

• Poor Documentation: Why It Happens and How to Fix It

• Mitigate Medical Necessity Denials

• Converging Career Paths

• Data Banks or Garbage Bins?

• Bronnert Weighs In on the State of Coding

• The Here and Now on Present-on-Admission Indicators

• ICD-10 and the Order of Things

• Tools, Teaching Lead To CDI Success

• Old Dog, New Tricks

• ICD-10 Flexibility Raises Questions

• The Essentials of Medical Necessity

• Shootout at the Coding Corral

• Queries: It's All in the Timing

• Inpatient Coders: Get Your Money's Worth

• Together Again

• Where We Are, Where We're Headed

• Service Market Chaos

• Short-Stay DRGs: Fix or Fiasco?

• A Gem of a New Tool

• Is the Price Right?

• Don't Sleep on ICD-10 Testing

• Accurate Documentation Breeds Success

• CDI Makes Its Mark

• The Complicated Anatomy of ICD-10-PCS

• Dashboard Dangers

• Pediatric Documentation — It's Not Child's Play 

• Auditors Take Aim at DRGs

• Navigate the CDI Divide

• Step It Up!

• How Important Data Get Lost

• Hurry Up and Wait

• View ICD-10 Audits as an Opportunity

For Better Documentation, Unite Coders, Nurses

• The ICD-10 Delay — Five Steps to Take Right Now

• Recruit, Retain, Rejoice

• Documenting Malnutrition

• Chicken Little Meets ICD-10

• Implementation Through Collaboration

• What Sepsis Numbers Do and Don’t Tell Us

• Hospital Schooled

• Are Cancer Registrars Ready for ICD-10?

• Don’t Quit!

Warning: Productivity Loss Ahead

• Resilient MTs Venture Into Coding

• Remediation and ICD-10

Don’t Let Coders Fall Into Bad Habits

• Documentation Key to Core Measures Reporting

• Aids and Audits

• ICD-10 Mythbusters

• Inside the Documentation Pressure Cooker

• ICD-10 Mash-Up Thrives in Idaho

• CDI: It's Not Just for CCs Anymore

• Two Systems, One Direction

• Terminology Tools Help Providers Meet Initiatives

• Coding for Hip Replacement Surgery

• Risk Adjustment Creates Challenges

• Coding for Whooping Cough

How to Select a Perfect CAC Solution

• ICD-10 Forum an Eye-Opener

• The Conundrum That Is Congenital Coding

• Coding for Acute Coronary Syndrome

• 2013 OIG Work Plan: HHS Targets Three Areas

The Challenges of Finding That First Coding Job

Providers, Payers Must Be in Step With ICD-10

Copy and Paste Leads to Coding Headaches

Double Down on ICD-10 With Dual Coding

Coding for Pediatric Chronic Lung Disease

Query Guidelines Get a Makeover

• APR-DRGs in the Medicaid Population

Observation Services— A Keen Coding Eye Is Necessary

Life in an EHR World—Where Do HIM Professionals Fit?

ICD-10 Weighs Heavily on Physicians

Cherry-Picking Is the Pits

Addressing Coder Shortages From Within

NLP Works to Improve Documentation

Coding for Ovarian Cancer

CDI Extends Its Reach to Outpatient Settings

• Industry Disconnect

• The Value of the "Why" Explanation

Coding for Cognitive Disorders

Seven Steps to Hiring the Right Coders

Coding for Peripheral Neuropathy

ICD-10: Give Them Something to Talk About

• Coding for Hydrocephalus

Coding Tips for Acute Coronary Syndrome

Coding for Congenital Anomalies

Five Tips for Better Radiology Coding

The Nuts and Bolts of IPPS

Coding for Catheter Infections

• The Value of Error Reports

• Coding for Anxiety Disorders

• ICD-10 Testing Strategies

Coding for Diabetic Retinopathy

How to Avoid Leading Queries

• Coding for Cystic Fibrosis

DRGs Get Knocked Off Their Throne

• Coding for Colon and Rectal Cancer

Good Neighbors—Canada’s Experience With Coding Diabetes in ICD-10

Compliance Strategies for the 72-Hour Rule

Coding for Measles

Dispelling Some ICD-10 Myths

Make Revenue Cycle Management a Team Effort

Coding for STDs

• Coding for 'Summertime Blues'

• Secrets to a Successful CAC Interface

• Intent on I-10 Implementation

Coding for Seizures and Epilepsy

ICD-10 Can Strengthen Disease Management

Correctly Coding Catheter Infections

Coding for Hypertension

Coding for Open Wounds

• Coding for Insomnia

• Coding for Intestinal Infections

• Breaking the ASC Codes

Are Post-Acute Care Transfers a Goldmine for RAC Audits?

• Coding for Traumatic Brain Injury

Coding for Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

ICD-10's Reach Goes Beyond HIM

• Coding for Viral Hepatitis

• Coding for Hysterectomy

Physician Buy-In Essential to CDI Programs

• The Coding Enabler

CIOs Discuss ICD-10's Impact

• Coding from Diagnostic Reports

• A Bridge to Better Reimbursement

Time to Fear Medicaid RACs

• Coding for Carcinoid Tumors

• Tick, Tick, Tick—The ICD-10 Deadline Approaches

Coding for Dermatitis

• Writing Effective Physician Queries

• Principal Diagnosis and DRG Assignment Are Cause for Confusion

• Coding for Sepsis and SIRS

• Coding for Diabetes Mellitus

• Coding for Bladder Cancer

• Coding's New World

Make Admission Orders a Priority

• Coding for Acute and Chronic DVT and PE

• Update on Uterine Fibroids With Embolization

• Experts Say Coders Can Excel As CDI Specialists

• Targets in RAC's Crosshairs

• Coding for Norovirus

Coding for Acute Myocardial Infarction

CDI Programs React to Value-Based Purchasing

• Coding for Aortic Conditions

Documenting Death

• Caught in a Coding Conundrum

• Treatment Options for Chronic Kidney Disease

• Regulations Cramp Coder Productivity

Foreign Conquest: Tips for Opening Offshore Operations

• Coding for Liver Cancer

• Chart Auditing: How to Spot Documentation Flaws

ICD-10 Reality Check: It's More Than a Coding Issue

• Coding for Cardiomyopathy

• ICD-10: Two Questions to Ponder

• Coding for Bone Diseases

• Coding for Spina Bifida

• A Documentation Improvement Success Story

Coding for Lung Cancer

• Coding for Brain Aneurysm

• Coding for Dysphagia

• Computing-Assisted Coding Gets the Job Done

• Coding for Postoperative Wound Infection

• Say Hello to Medicaid RACs

• Coding for Thyroid Diseases

• Coding for Prostate Cancer

• Coding for Heart Disease

Learn How ICD-10 Affects Documentation Practices

• Coding for Autism

• Get Relief From Pain Management Codes

• Coding for Lymphoma

• The Connection Between ICD-10 and MU

• Coding for Heart Arrhythmias

• Coding for Peripheral Artery Disease

• New ICD-9-CM Codes Take Effect

• Coding for Menopause

• What Have We Learned From RAC Audits?

• Code for Peripheral Artery Disease

• Coding for Vertebroplasty

• The Importance of Discharge Summaries

• Coding for Joint Replacement

• MAC Attack

• Coding for Chemotherapy Treatment

• Coding for Sleep Apnea

• The Mechanics of Inpatient Chart Review

• Coding for Menstrual Disorders

• Coding for Delirium

• Why Physicians, DRG Coders Should Get Acquainted

• Coding for Shingles

• Coding for Chest Pain

• Coding for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

• Coding Conundrum: Injections and Infusions

• Coding for Scoliosis

• ICD-10 Timetable — Where Does Your Organization Stand?

• Unclog Difficult Vessel Variation Codes

• Coding for H1N1 Flu

• Coding for Multiple Myeloma

• Acute Renal Failure Update

• Coding for Spinal Cord Injuries

Denials Management Strategies

• Coding for Marfan Syndrome

• The AHA's Central Office: A Hidden Treasure

• Escape Query Quandaries

• Coding for Liver Disease

• A Snapshot of Healthcare 2009

• Separating Fact From Fiction in ICD-9 Coding

• Coding for Gout

• Happy, Healthy & Wise — Keys to Smooth Practice Management

• Coding for Ear Infections

• GEMs: A Training Tool for Coders

Coding for Cerebral Infarction

• Coding for Brain Tumors

• A Coding Balancing Act

• Meet the 2010 ICD-9-CM Codes

• Coding for Radiation Therapy

• CAC: It Still Needs the Human Touch

• Top 10 E/M Coding Flaws

• Coding for Parkinson's Disease

• Medical Decision Making in E/M Coding

• Coding Debridement Revisited

• Coding for Melanoma

• Observations on Coding 'Observation'

Coding for Depression

• Coding for Sleep Disorders

• Toxic Mix: Coding for Sepsis and SIRS

• HIM Transformers

• Coding Checks and Balances

• Coding for Immunotherapy

• Discharge Codes: Let's Go Home ... Or Maybe Not

• DRGs: Still Frustrating After All These Years

• Coding for Injuries

• Ruling Out the "Rule-Out" Diagnosis

• RAC Strategies — It's Your Move

• Coding for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

• Coders vs. Hurricane Ike

• Coding for Dementia

• 5010: Transitioning to the New Standards

• Review of Pregnancy Coding Guidelines

• Coding for Prostate Cancer

• Take Documentation Out of the Dark

• Coding for Deep Vein Thrombosis

• Coding Manager Compliance Advice

• Coding for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

• Coding for Acute Myocardial Infarction

• Benchmarking Cautions

• Coding for Osteoporosis

• Coding for Group B Streptococcus in Pregnancy

• RAC Appeals: More Than Simple Math

• Coding for Glaucoma

• Coding for Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis

• Look North — Canada's Slant on Smooth ICD-10 Strategies

• Coding for Cushing's Syndrome

• Crossing Over to ICD-10

• Coding for Fractures

• Coding for Cognitive Disorders

• Maneuvering Your Way Through RAC Audits

• Outta Here — Hit Your Backlogs Hard

• Neoplasm Coding Guidelines

• Coding for Cochlear Implants and Hearing Loss

• Dealing With Fussy Neonatal Codes

• Coding for Liver Cancer

• Coding for Multiple Sclerosis

• Coding's Support System — Computer-Assisted Coding

• Coding for Thyroid Nodules

• Coding for Scleroderma

New ICD-9-CM Codes Coming Soon

• Coding for Pain Management Services

• Coding for Gastroenteritis

• Coding for Prematurity

• Coding for Schizophrenia

• Seal the Deal — Negotiating Coding Vendor Contracts

• Dirty Tricks: On the Lookout for Inappropriate DRG Denials

• Coding for Brain Injury

• Coding for Electrolyte Disorders

• Coding for Acute Renal Failure

• Coding Under Scrutiny  — The Power of Auditing

• Coding for Lung Biopsy

• Coding for Peripheral Vascular Disease

• Paired for Success — Concurrent Coding Programs

• Coding for Breast Cancer

• Coding for Heart Failure

• RACs: New Sheriff in Town

• Coding for Malnutrition

• A Little Help From Your Friends: Teamwork Among Departments

• Coding for Tendonitis

• Coding for Physician Phone Calls to Patients

• Coding for Bladder Cancer

• Build Your Own DRG

• Coding for Food Allergy

• Coding for Esophageal Cancer

• The Physician Query Quagmire