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Health Information Technology

• Best Practice Advice: Implementing RPA in the Revenue Cycle

• Triaging Your Automation Needs in Five Steps

• Automating ROI Workflows Is the Future. Is Your HI Team Prepared?

• The Evolution of Clinical Documentation

• Evolving Nurse Informaticist Skill Sets

• How Technology Is Overcoming Challenges in Clinical Trial Matching

• Patient Identity Management

• Automation and Documentation in Health Care

• Effective IT and HIM Collaboration

• Medical Coding Is Going Hybrid

• The Digitization of ROI

• RADV Medical Record Reviewer Guidance and Preparedness Utilizing AI

• The Complexity of Denials in Today’s Claim Culture

• Patient Data Integrity and AI/Advanced Analytics

• Clinical Documentation Integrity’s Technological Evolution

• Five Things Every Medical Coding Technology Should Deliver and How to Find the One That’s Right for You

• Cancer Registries Use Natural Language Processing in Data Abstraction

• Race in CDS Tools

• Take a Diligent Approach to Revenue Cycle Automation

• Referential Treatment

• The Possibilities Abound

• Prompt Response Required

• Helping Care Partners Access Patient Portals for Older Patients

• Keys to Managing Chronic Disease and SDoH

• How to Solve Both Coding Issues and Staffing Shortages

• Words Have Power

• Diagnosis: A Serious Case of Note Bloat

• Defining the Designated Record Set

• Automated Data Collection Can Improve Information Sharing

• Career Paths Expand for Health Informaticists

• Security Tips for Personal Devices in the Workplace

• Health Care’s Digital Health Balancing Act

Person Matching Supports Data Exchange

• Prior Authorization Denials: Building for the Future

• Moving Document Exchange Beyond Manual

• Patient-Generated Health Data — Managing the Inflow

• CISA Report Sounds the Alarm on Cyber Threats

• CDI Flexibility Key to Value-Based Care Success

• How APIs Help Deliver Better Outcomes

• Extending the Value of HIM Services

• Stand Tall Against Information Blocking

• Cultivating Interoperability in the Next Normal

• What the Biden Administration Means for the HIT Industry

• Mastering the Patient Index

• Health Care’s Telehealth Conundrum

Can HIT Salvage the Nation’s Pandemic Response?

• Moving Beyond Basic EHR Secure Messaging

Locked & Loaded Against COVID-19

• The Logic Behind Computer-Assisted Coding

• A Look Inside Intelligent Automation Platforms

• Multilayered Response

• Telehealth Caretakers

• Molding Tomorrow’s HIT Professionals

• Health Care Communications Could Use an Upgrade

Documentation Integrity in the Age of Speech Recognition

ROI Processes Adapt to a New World

Fine-Tune the Alert Volume

• Consistent Financial Processes Key to Multilocation Health Care Practices

Patient Identification During a Crisis

Record Release Party

• The Expedition to Realize Interoperability

• Data Capture Enables Digital Transformation

Can AI Turn the Corner Into Clinical Settings?

• Big Tech Companies Cast Large Shadow in Health Care

• Why Are HIEs Not Meeting Expectations?

• Smooth Data Migration Boosts EHR Implementation

Diving Deeper Into Denials

• Harm Index Improves Patient Safety

• Analytics Provides a Window Into the Revenue Cycle

• Down but Not Out

• Overcoming Obstacles to Obtaining Medical Records

• OpenNotes — What We’ve Learned So Far

• How C-Suite It Is

Opening the Door to Data

Know Thy EHR

• What the FHI Says About Telehealth

• Balancing Policy and Technology

Meaningful Detection

• New Care Delivery Models Mold Health Care’s Future

• Is TEFCA 2.0 — Finally — the Harbinger of True Interoperability?

• AI Initiatives Extract Value From Data Assets

The Emergence of Ambient Clinical Technology

Information Blocking: Is It or Isn’t It?

CAC: Temper Expectations With Reality

• Data Standardization Can Improve Patient Matching 

• Demand for Data Sharing Mounts

• Breach Preparedness Know-How

• The Labyrinth That Is HIPAA

• Strategies to Survive the AI Revolution

• Four Ways Big Data Advances Telemedicine

• How to Calculate ROI in Digital Health 

Natural Language Processing Emerges in Health Care

• Continuous Surveillance: The New Standard in Patient Safety

• Shutdown or Not, Washington Wheels Turn

• Five Ways Technology Is Changing Patient Care

The Rise of the Chatbots

• EHRs Pose Malpractice Risk

Fax Machines Still Prevalent

Diversity Key to Patient Matching

FHIR Blazes New Path Toward Interoperability

• HIT Must Put Physicians Front and Center

• Artificial vs True Intelligence — What the C-Suite, HIT, and RCM Need to Relearn From HIM

Harnessing Data

Surviving the Storm — And Other EHR Downtime Disasters

• Hidden Treasure: The Value of Unstructured Documentation

• Quality Data Key to New Payment Rule

• Self-Documentation Challenges

Medical Device Security

• Interoperability and The Sequoia Project

Can Technology Solve the Technology Problem?

Tale of the Tape

• Can TEFCA Ensure Interoperability on a National Scale?

• Print and Save This Article

Deidentification Done Right

• Hospitals Need to Make Peace With the Data Masters

• How to Improve the Query Process 

A Ransomware Wakeup Call

• Conflict in the EMR

• Free Innovative Spirits to Deliver HIT's Promise

• Education's Role in the Precision Medicine Movement

• Shopping for Data Analytics Solutions

• Tools for Tough Decisions: Analytics in Palliative Care

Precise, Purposeful Health Care

• Keep an Eye on KPIs

• Net Neutrality Questions Loom Over Telemedicine

• Damsels in Distress

Education Initiatives Keep Pace With the Dynamic HIT Landscape

• Patient Matching: The Saga Continues

• Clinical, Technical Innovation Characterize Sepsis Strategies

• A 'Ribbon' Takes Top Prize

• ICAs Help Harness the Power of Patient History

Artificial Intelligence Forges a Path in Health Care

• What's in Store for Behavioral Health Incentives?

• CAC's a Tool, Not a Panacea

• The Quest for a Better Records Request Strategy

The Price of EHR Downtime

The Proof Is in the Proofing

Information Governance's Role in Value-Based Care

• Digital Engagement Demands a Nimble HIPAA Strategy

• New Jersey Partnership Set to Curtail Patient Mix-Ups

• Patient Safety Is a Shared Responsibility

In Case of Emergency …

Next-Generation Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

• Five Ways to Leverage NLP to Boost Outcomes

• What to Consider When Implementing Streaming Video

• The Right Mix

• How to Make Registry Abstraction Less Stressful 

• HIEs Serve Communities of All Sizes

• A Matter of Location

• Interoperability's Secret Weapon: Nurse Informaticists 

• Blame Analytics for Slow HIT Progress

• How to Adopt a Security Culture

• Can Health Care Trust Its Security Practices?

• Technology's Role in a Fee-for-Value Universe

NLP: An Evolving Dictation Opportunity

• Health Care Needs a Revolution

• How to Conquer Compliance Challenges 

Is Texting Physician Orders 2G2BT?

CDS Systems: Common Malfunctions, Practical Solutions

• Telehealth: Betting the Minimum or All In?

Is Speech Recognition Viable in the ED?

• Preventing and Preparing For IoT Attacks

The 21st Century Cures Act

Transcription Shell Game

The Evolution of Personalized Cancer Care

• Specialists Join the Data Revolution 

• HIT Tackles the Nation's Drug Epidemic 

• The Perfect EMR Application

Make Patient Privacy a Priority

• Security, Value Top HIT Concerns

The Regulatory Challenges of Population Health Management

Hope or Hopeless?

• New Metrics Spotlight Interoperability Progress

• What Lies Ahead?

• Make a List, Check It Twice

• Integrate Technology With Process Improvement

• Documentation's Circle of Strife

• Location, Location, Location — CIMS Adoption Differs Between Rural and Urban Facilities

• HIT's Public Health Report Card

• The Future of Speech Recognition

• Clinical Image Sharing Outgrows Radiology

• Is Your Hospital Adapting to Network Demands?

• Evolve or Be Left Behind

• Gain Insight With Predictive Analytics

• Oversight of HIT Safety a Top Priority

• Eliminate EHR Holes With ECM

• On High Alert for Hackers

• Leveraging Risk Management During Disaster Recovery

• Health Care Can Learn From Social Networks

• Using Technology to Fight Drug Abuse

• Speech Recognition Meets the Web

• Information Governance: A Bright Future in the Cloud

• OpenNotes Takes Hold in the Northwest

• Assemble the Perfect Financial Analytics Team

• Partnership Leads to Improved Dictation App

• The Road Ahead for HIT

• Informatics Poised for Job Growth

• Dive Into Data, Save Lives

• Joint Developments Raise Intellectual Property Concerns

• A Solution Inside a Problem

• Poor Documentation: Why It Happens and How to Fix It

• Data Integrity Challenges Loom Large

• Take Charge of Discharge Summaries

• Words Matter

• Mitigate Medical Necessity Denials

• What's Your HIT Hiring Strategy?

• Middleware Matters

• Data Banks or Garbage Bins?

• Research Analyzes Physicians' Mobile Search Habits

• Evidence-Based Practice Centers Offer Clues to Quality Care

• Front- vs Back-End Speech Recognition: Which Fits Better?

• Preparing Tomorrow's HIT Leaders

• Uniformity Key to Useful Imaging Data

• HIM Ingenuity on Display

• The Long and Short of EHR Documentation

• Cybersecurity: Locking the Vault

• Advice to EMR Vendors: Get Parallel

• Tools, Teaching Lead To CDI Success

• The State of HIEs

• Health Care's Fortunes on the Rise

• Beyond Words: Terminology's Role in Meaningful Use

• Health Care's Patient Matching Challenge

• Care Connection: Ensure Wi-Fi Works

• How to Maximize an EHR Investment

• It's All on the Wrist

• Population Health Management in Action

• A Life Without Meaningful Use

• Dress Rehearsals Key to Speech Rec Success

• Bring Nurses Back to the Bedside

• What to Do About CPOE Alarm Fatigue

• The Evolution of ECM

• Get at the Heart of Clinical Information

• Documentation During EMR Downtimes

• Community Colleges to the Rescue

• Women Look to Make Leadership Inroads

• The Human Touch

• How Togetherness Can Divide

• How to Meet Value-Based Care Demands

• Long on Potential, Short on Results

• MU: Keep an Eye on the Future

• Is Mobile the Answer to Closed-Loop Dictation?

• HIEs Search for Solid Footing

• Can Smart Cards Reduce Medical Fraud?

• Marrying Voice and Text Within the EHR

• Where's the Payoff?

• Keep Text Messaging Secure

• Enlist Consultants Wisely

• A Realistic Approach to Speech Recognition

• The Business Case for Process Management

• Telemedicine Faces Off Against Chronic Disease

• Training Program Helps Vets Gain HIT Skills

• Birth Data at Risk

Where's HIT Headed in 2015?

• Dependable Data Key to Better Care

• The HIT Challenge in Children's Hospitals

• The ONC's Idyllic Interoperability Idea

Voice Command Technology Enters the OR

• The Search for HIT Talent

• The Reward of HIPAA Risk Assessment

• 10 Ways to Reduce Go-Live Stress

CAC’s Effect on Accuracy Rates

Permanent Discharge

Groundwork Key to Speech Recognition Success

• Who’s Gauging the Cost of HIT?

• Health Care’s Semantics Challenge

• Measured Steps Toward Interoperability

• How to Keep HIT Projects on Track

• NLP Shows Off Its Versatility

Patient Portals: How to Balance Security vs. Usability

• Prepare for the Worst

Cloud Computing on the Rise

• New Best Practices Optimize Wi-Fi 

Tips for Integrating Speech Recognition With an EHR

• Alternative CPOE Solution Earns Plaudits

• What Can Health Care CIOs Expect in 2014? — A Top Five List

EHR, ECM Tandem Packs a Punch

• The Challenges of Capturing Meaningful Use Data

• ONC Challenge Spotlights EHR Access

Experts Stack Up Front-End Speech Rec

• Terminology Tools Help Providers Meet Initiatives

NLP Deciphers Clinical Notes

• The Ongoing Quest for Interoperability

How to Select a Perfect CAC Solution

Staffing Shortages Plague HIT

• Interoperability in Its Truest Form

• The Essentials of Policy and Procedure Management

Funding Cuts Threaten HIEs

• CPOE Anytime, Anywhere

• EHR Data Power Learning Health System

EHRs Underutilized for Infection Control

When Disaster Strikes

HIT Curriculums Continue to Evolve

How to Measure MPI Duplicate Rates

• Speech Recognition: A Work in Progress

Healthcare Information: The New Terrorist Target

• CDS Tools and Patient Satisfaction

Mining Untapped Data

Get the Most Out of Abbreviated EHR Document Input

ACOs Embrace HIT Challenges

Partial to Dictation

Harried CIOs Try to Keep Up With Technology

NLP Works to Improve Documentation

Patients, Providers Partner to Boost Care

Mobile Device Security Concerns

Meet a New Breed of MTs

• Technology: Just One Piece of the HIT Puzzle

Speech Recognition Goes Mobile

Breaking Into the HIT Job Market

A Progress Report on the HIT Pro Exams

ACOs Face Quality Measure Challenges

Learn What to Avoid When Financing HIT Projects

In Search of Clinical Decision-Support Standards

NLP and EMR Data Make a Powerful Combination

The Direct Project Simplifies Messaging

• ICD-10 Testing Strategies

• Using HIT to Combat Diabetes

Aligning Dictation Processes With Workflow

• New Thoughts on EHR Design

Real-Time Prompts Promise to Change CDI

• Emerging Technologies for Chronic Disease Care

A Broad Plan for Broadband

Smart Move—The Health IT Curriculum Project Gets Updated

Armed for Care—Sutter Health Takes Its EHR on the Road

How to Acquire Top HIT Talent

Can EHRs Satisfy Physician Dictation Cravings?

• Secrets to a Successful CAC Interface

Patient Portals Open Windows to Better Care

• Patient Engagement, Interoperability Key to ACO Success

Data Solution Focuses on Specificity

Speech Recognition Studies Yield Interesting Results

Identifying Patients in HIEs

• The Value of HIT Competency Exams

• Clinic Uses Tracking Software as HIPAA Tool

Cancer Registrars Step Up to New Challenges

Make Disaster Planning a Priority

iPad App Helps Manage Cardiac Devices

Negotiating Cloud Computing Contracts

Inside Cornell’s Thriving HIT Program

• Proceed With Caution

Go Inside Two Successful HIT Projects

• The Coding Enabler

CIOs Discuss ICD-10’s Impact

How to Stay Relevant in the HIM Biz

The Continuity-of-Care Document Becomes More Meaningful

• Can Telehealth Reduce Costs?

Raising Public Awareness of HIT Tools

The Ins and Outs of the ACO Final Rule

• The Hazards of Note Bloat

• An Uncertain Future

• How Tweet It Is

• Discovery Processes in the Electronic Age

• A Service-Oriented Approach

How to Dispose of Retired PCs Properly

• Finding the Best Candidates for HIT Positions

Ophthalmology’s View of a Well-Built EHR

• Coding’s New World

The iPad Invades Healthcare

Mobile Devices Create HIPAA Concerns

Can IBM’s Watson Reshape Healthcare?

• Conquering Wireless Barriers

• Old Reliables Like Microcassettes Can Help in a Pinch

• Information Not-So-Super Highway

The Aurion Project Makes HIE Inroads

EHR Data Get Personal

• Go Inside the VA's Telehealth Initiative

• Successful Attestation: It’s All in the Details

How to Fill HIT Staff Needs

Medical Device Integration — More Than Meets the Eye

EHR Adoption: The Evolution of Physician Acceptance

Bank on It: Speech Rec Shows Measurable ROI

• The Advent of Accountable Care Organizations

• Patient Portals: Opening Doors, Improving Care

• Natural Language Processing Enhances Patient Narrative

• Sorting Out Meaningful Use

• Finding Holes in IT Security

Innovative Care: Mobile Devices Heed the Call

• Decision Support: A Foundation for Success

• Cloudy Forecast for Healthcare

Where Do Images Fit in the Interoperability Puzzle?

Student Counsel: HIT Grad Survival Guide

Social Media Makes Inroads in Healthcare

RFID Signals Innovation

• Ten Elements of a Successful HIE

• Family History Project

See What's Cooking in an HIT Lab

Hospitals Battle to Stay Solvent

• Inside HL7 Standards

The Benefits of Bar Coding

HIT Training Programs Offer Opportunity

Behavioral Health Seeks Federal Incentives

The Connection Between ICD-10 and MU

• Web-Based EMRs OFfer an Alternative

• How Will MU Rules Affect Radiology?

• Major mHealth Disconnect

• PHRs Bring Power to the People

Hospitals Make Use of Smartphones

Search Technologies Deliver Rich Data

Reap the Rewards of Enterprise Content Management

Recording Daily Health Data to Improve Care

• Patient-Centered Medical Homes: An Old Concept Gets Recharged

• How Do You Define Interoperability?

• A Unique Approach to HIT Implementation

HIT Safety Proposal Draws Criticism

• The EHR Life Cycle

Explore How Hospitals Can Reach ARRA Incentives

• National MPI: Why Such a Numbering System Raises Concerns

HIT's Job Outlook

• Cell Phone Camera Use in Hospitals

Telemedicine in the ICU Makes the Connection

• Verizon Launches HIT Platform

Tips for Successful RTLS Implementation

How Three Organizations Plan to Use Stimulus Funds

• RECs Help Achieve Meaningful Use

• From DNA to Dashboards: Data Mining on the Brink of a Breakout

• E-Prescribing Standards: More Clarity Needed

Maximize the Value of Partial Dictation

• The iPhone's Impact on Healthcare

Plug Into the Future of Cancer Registry Practices

• A New Era in Physician Documentation

Bearing the Burden of Meaningful Use

• UW Hospital's Stage 7 Achievement

Wireless Technology Transforms Care

Telehealth Initiatives Are Gaining Traction

• Tap Into the Power of PHRs

Create a Patient-Centric Medical Record

EDIS Implementation Challenges

• IT Vendor Negotiations in the ARRA Era

Healthcare 2010: What's in Store?

• E-Prescribing at the Tipping Point

• A Snapshot of Healthcare 2009

• The Impact of New Communication Tools 

• Beware the Lure of EHR Incentives

• Transcription Technology Wars: ASP vs. ASR

• Signs of the Times: Digital Signature Technologies

A New Kind of Office Visit: Interactive Patient Portals

• A Coding Balancing Act

• Crush Medication Errors With Bar Coding

• Cloud Computing: IT in the Sky

• CAC: It Still Needs the Human Touch

• Get Buy-In Before Buying

• Georgia Uses HIT to Battle Cancer

• Learn CPOE From a Master

• HIT Streamlines Nursing Home Operations

• Uncoupling BCMA from its Unintended Consequences

• Maximize HIT Investment

• Pulling It Together — The HITECH Act & HIPAA

• Making Wireless Technology Work

Keep Data Contained

HIEs Seek a Cash Injection

• Speech Recognition: Vive La Voice

• Opening Doors to EHR Adoption

Spring Into E-Prescribing

eCare Programs in the ICU

The Value of Clinical Decision Support Systems

• Digital Signatures Come of Age

Stimulus Plan and HIT

The NHIN: A Country Connected

Precious Commodity — Beds at a Premium

Get Your Piece of the Stimulus Pie

Enter the Age of Interoperability

EMRs Aren't Perfect

Prudent Data Security Practices

Managing the Ebb and Flow of the Emergency Department

Is RFID Technology Too Nosy?

Telemedicine: Miles Don’t Matter

Healthcare Technology — It’s Not Foolproof

• Collaboration Technologies Have Arrived

Basic Training — Going Beyond the Traditional for Speedier End-User Adoption

MPI Integrity: The Foundation for Patient Safety and Quality Care

Does the NHIN Already Exist?

Scanning Technology: Improving Images

A Little Bit Country, a Lot of Technology

On the Right CPOE Track in Massachusetts

Unique Rural HIE Challenges

Striking Gold or Striking Out? Data Mining Delves Into Private Information

It Takes a Community — Technology Serving the Underserved

Data Governance — Make It a Priority

Data Sharing Between Facilities

All Aboard — Building Consensus to Make Change Happen

Coding’s Support System — Computer-Assisted Coding

Tools to Tackle Uncompensated Care

eDiscovery Advice: Get Your Records Network in Order

Open Sesame: Entering the Realm of Open Source Technology

HIT Workers Wanted, Says Study

Tales of the Scripts — Successful ePrescribing Stories

Rest Easy With Bedside Bar Coding

Buried Treasure — Unearthing  Quality Data

RFID: Playing Tag

State Expectations — The eHealth Initiative

Point of No Return? — Point-of-Care Solutions

Analyze This: HIS Workflow Analysis

Take EDIS to the Next Level

Virtual Neighbors — The Wisconsin Health Information Exchange

Reshaping Cancer Registry — Connecting Data, Improving Care

Quill Power — Is the Digital Pen Mightier?

NAHIT Outlines Five Key HIT Terms

The Power of Telemedicine

Data Recovery: Preparing for the Worst

Presenting a New Number: The Voluntary Universal Healthcare Identifier Project

Energize Your System — The Promise of SOA

Note-Taking With a Flair

Making EHR/PHR Integration a Reality

RHIOs — Struggling to Bloom

Georgia Hospital Upgrades ED Operations to Eliminate Survey Stress

Maine Objective: HealthInfoNet