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• Three Steps Your Practice Can Take to Mitigate Physician Burnout

• Making Patient Data Usable — New Guide Points the Way Toward Semantic Interoperability

• How the Health Care Industry Battles Physician Burnout With Computer Literacy

• Delivering on the Promise of Interoperability With the Patient Access API

• Augmenting the Revenue Cycle Operation in a Post-COVID World

• Employee Monitoring Ensures HIPAA Compliance

• Applying Artificial Intelligence to Predictive Analytics Can Save Lives

• Cotiviti Comments on Recent Data Breach Incident

• Now Is the Time to Incorporate Precision Medicine

• Payers Should Comply With the Interoperability Rules Now

• Remote Patient Monitoring: A Fad or Here to Stay?

• Six Ways Health Care Organizations Can Effectively Manage EHR Data

• Addressing Heightened Risk of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse From Telehealth Expansion

• Rebuilding After COVID-19: Three Business Strategies to Optimize Anesthesia Services

• Patient Engagement During the COVID-19 Pandemic

• AHIOS Responds to the Court Ruling on Third-Party Directives

• Hold the Phone — HIPAA and Other Potential Pitfalls in Providing Telemedicine Services

• Be Mindful of Strict Referral Laws

• Tips to Combat Insider Threats

• Despite the Pandemic, It’s Time to Act on the Interoperability Regulations

• Reimbursement for Remote Patient Care During the Pandemic

• Getting Ahead of Emerging COVID-19 Hot Spots

• Telehealth Flattens, Redefines the COVID-19 Curve

• Why Fail-Proof Patient Matching Is Critical to Disaster Response

• Consistent Financial Processes Key to Multilocation Health Care Practices

• Four Data Privacy Threats to Address Now

• Health Care CIO Trend Adjustments for 2020

• Resolutions for Refining the Claims Audit Process for a Better 2020

• Reducing the Stress of MIPS Compliance

• Eight Steps for Health Care Change Management Success

• The Moral Imperative Behind Health Care M&A

• ‘Smart Pilots’: Digital Health Tools Transform Health Care

• MyHealthEData and Patient Information Blocking

• Four Tips to Transform the HIT Help Desk

• Three Ways Health Plans Can Improve Risk Score Accuracy

• It Pays to See the Revenue Cycle Through Your Patients' Eyes

• Making the Most Out of HIT in an Ambulatory Care Setting

• Are You Measuring the Wrong Key Performance Indicators?

• The Personal Health Record Today: Peril or Promise?

• Changes Afoot at Nuance

• Hospitals Have a Smartphone Problem

• Let's Do the Math: A Reality Check on MT Productivity-Based Pay

• Is It Time to Replace Your Network's Annual Check-Up?

• Denial Rates Before and After ICD-10 Implementation

• Following WannaCry, HIT Needs to Stay Current

• How to Combat Ransomware

• Nontraditional Work Environment Attracts, Retains Millennials

• Health Data Privacy and Security: Finding the Right Balance

• Coding and Billing Chronic Lyme Disease

• How to Improve EHR Usability: First, Listen to the Clinician

• Profession in Health Care Lies Dormant, Not Dead

• Exciting Times for Clinical Trial Data and Privacy

• ACA Repeal: Process Over Policy

• Why the Future of HIT Requires a Collaborative Approach to Development

• FHIR: The Springboard to True Interoperability

• The MACRA Basics

• What Health Systems Need to Know Now About Secure Texting

• Documentation Improvement Helps Value-Based Purchasing

• A Look at Post–ICD-10 Coding

• AHIMA Works to Build Tomorrow's Leaders

• Medical Errors, Hysteria, and Death

• A Weightier ICD-10 — Is the Industry Ready for the First Round of Updates?

• The Road Ahead for HIT: Transitioning From "Meaningful Use" to Useful Meaning

• Workflow Technology and HIPAA Compliance: Challenges and Best Practices

• CMS Chart Audits: Proper Coding to Avoid Chargebacks

• Taking Control of Transparency

• Rethinking Health Care Data Security From the Inside Out

• Did a Cholera Outbreak Inspire ICD-1?

• Recover From Data Mishaps in Minutes

• Data Analytics: The Cornerstone of Meaningful Use

• Why Health Data Have Become Black-Market Favorites

• HCCS Assesses Early ICD-10 Returns

• Utilizing Value-Based Reimbursement to Promote EHR Interoperability

• Tips for Coding Sepsis in ICD-10

• Is a Data Breach at Your Health Care Organization Inevitable?

• Six Must-Dos to Increase Your ICD-10 Confidence

• Can Technology Solve Our Health Care Problems?

• Transforming Medical Billing Into a Competitive Advantage

• Hospital Charges vs Quality of Care — Are We Getting What We Pay For?

• Best Practices to Achieve Revenue Cycle Optimization

• Telemedicine: An Ally in the Fight to Get Your Life Back

• The Problem-Oriented Medical Record: Building a Pathway Back to the Joy of Practice

• Three Benefits of eHealth in the Workplace

• Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's Personal Physician and Our Moment in History

• Time to Let the Air Out of the Tires on ICD-10

• Software, People Combo a Hit

• The Seven Layers of Security in Health Care Computing

• A Turnaround Strategy for HIT

• Business Process Management in Health Care

• How to Craft an Analytics Strategy

• 10 Questions to Ask Your EHR Vendor Before a Demo

• Technology Trends: Virtual Health Care

• Substance Abuse and the Release of Information

• A Glimpse at the Future: What’s in Store for Biometric Patient Identifiers

• Standardization: A Growing Trend in Health Care Security

• What Now? WEDI Summit Tackles ICD-10

• The Evolution of Health Care Information: Shifting From Documents to Data

• Improving Claims Filing for Better Patient Care and Operating Efficiency

• To Be or Not to Be: An Inpatient Status

• Telemedicine: More Than New Technology

• ICD-10: Why Do We Need to Change?

• The Journey of an Unlikely Public Speaker

• Five Ways Clinical Optimization Can Increase Patient Satisfaction

• What Makes a Good Change Sponsor?

• Florida Health Network Turns to Automated Informed Consent

• Proactive Approach Ensures Efficient RAC Request Management

• The Intersection of Health Care and IT

• Hospital Engagement Index Gauges Patient Involvement

• Population Health Management: The True Value of an HIE

• Will You Be Burned by FHIR?

• Pinpointing Strategies, Resources Needed to Move Toward Value-Based Care

• Predictive Modeling Shortfalls for Assessing ICD-10 Financial Risk

• WEDI National Conference Wrap-Up

• Seven Tips to Ensure a Smooth ICD-10 Practice Transition

• Healthcare Privacy and the Cloud

• Reviewing Top 10 DRGs, Codes Insufficient for ICD-10 Prep

• Healthy Workstations

• Digital Pen and Paper Technology: A Pathway to Meaningful Use

• AHIMA Summit a Rousing Success

• Manage Healthcare Reform With Automated Workflow

• The Value of the ‘Why’ Explanation in Clinical Documentation

• Using Algorithms to Identify Impacted ICD-10 Stakeholders

• Have No Fear of ICD-10

• Medical Practices, Social Media, and HIPAA — Can’t We All Just Get Along?

• Drug Prior Authorizations Should Improve Medication Adherence

• Who’s Responsible for Patient Engagement?

• Get the Most Out of Your Secure File Transfer System

• A Guide to Protecting Your Sensitive Business Data

• Where’s Healthcare? — A Recap of the National Conference on Managing Electronic Records

• Dispelling Some ICD-10 Myths

• Physician EMRs Can Accelerate Integration Innovation

• Using Data to Make Better Health Plan Decisions

• CMS New Annual Wellness Visit Benefit Explained

• Practicing Coding Compliance

• Five Reasons E-Prescribing Benefits Your Practice

• When and How to Use Modifier -25

• The Achilles’ Heel of Cloud Services

• The Year of the ACO

• A Role for IT Companies in HIT Transition

HIPAA 5010: Are You Ready?

• The True Cost of EHR Downtime

• Why the Healthcare Industry Cares About the Spectrum Shortage

• New Care Designation Focuses on Patients

• AHIMA Impressions

• ASCs Face Unique Meaningful Use Challenges

• HIPAA vs. the Cloud

Unexpected Consequences: AHIMA’s 2011 LEHR Session

• The Importance of EHR Design Documentation

• Potential CMS Extension for E-Prescription Exemptions

• Patient-Driven EHRs: The New, Smart Choice

Secure and Accurate Patient Information Requires Routine Check-Ups

The Importance of Patient Engagement in a Successful HIE

• HIM Advocacy on Capitol Hill

Foreign-Language Medical Records: When Every Detail Counts

‘Bone’ Up on Your Anatomy and Physiology for ICD-10

MU Concerns, Counsel Offered at HIT Standards Committee Hearing

An Opportunity to Lead: HIM’s Role in Leveraging ICD-10 for Strategic Advantage

Effective HIE Business Models Remain Elusive

Ensure a Solid Incident Response Plan to Effectively Manage Breaches

A Sneak Peek at the HIMSS Conference

How Healthcare Organizations Can Incorporate Mobile Devices

A Call for Mobile Chronic Disease Management

Transcription Quality Best Practices: A Preview to the New Industry Standards

To Host or Not to Host: That Is the EMR Question

Choosing an HIE Model

What Is an RVU?

Additional Ways to Obtain Physician Buy-In for Speech Rec Technology

Disaster Recovery Can Be a Life-Saver

• The Reality of Finding Meaning in Meaningful Use

Make Sure Faxes Are Part of Your EHR Strategy

• Conference Recap: MER Magic

• New CMS Signature Regulations Baffle Providers

Coding Injections and Infusions: Think Outside the Box

The Value of Health Information Privacy and Security Week

Updating Healthcare's IT Systems Without Downgrading Productivity

• The Mechanics of Meaningful Use

Take the Time to Understand Your Role in the Denials Management Process

For The Record Q & A With Jeff Margolis

Latest Microsoft Venture Spotlights Healthcare Trends, Technologies

EHRs: 10 Essential How-To's

HITECH Act: The Next Logical Step in Protecting PHI

Billions for EHRs Mask Physician IT Progress

Implementing the Value-Based Purchasing Program

Opinion: The Effects of IPPS Changes

The Meaning of "Meaningful" From the Physician Point of View

Transcription Associations Lobby for Practical Definition of "Meaningful Use"

Correct Coding for Lupron Depot Administration

HIT for Effective Healthcare

• Point-of-Care Computing for Interdisciplinary Teams

MTIA Conference Preview

• Conference Review: 2009 AIIM International Exposition + Conference

• Medical Reconciliation Successful at Goodall Hospital Thanks to E-Prescribing

Taming Transcription: A Physician's Saga

Coding Sleep Studies

Healthcare IT Budgets

Privacy Report