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Editor's e-Note
While we often hear the news associated with health care technology failures, there are plenty of projects that have succeeded big time.

This month’s E-News Exclusive focuses on one of those success stories: Blue Button. Not only has the technology already made a significant impact, but its future plans sound even more impressive as more entities and initiatives come on board.

Lee DeOrio, editor
e-News Exclusive
Blue Button
By Meryt McGindley

Blue Button. If you’ve been in HIM for a while, you’ve doubtless heard the term. And despite it being part of the industry vernacular, its meaning remains unclear. Like many terms in a fast-changing industry, Blue Button has had numerous connotations. However, it has begun to settle into a label for any software tool that allows consumers to securely move their health information. Patients with an interest in the contents of their medical records should take advantage of this easy-to-use technology to download their health data into a consumer-facing application (CFA)—typically a PHR app—that they control and keep up to date.

The most ubiquitous method available for consumers to get their health information is by obtaining what is known as a Direct secure messaging address. (“Direct” is shorthand for technology standards that require information to be encrypted from end to end.) A Blue Button-enabled CFA provides a Direct address to users, enabling the secure exchange of health records between HIPAA-covered data holders and their patients.

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HEALTHCON 2016 Wraps Up
By Alex McKinley

Nearly 2,700 professionals representing the business of health care converged on Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, in Orlando, Florida, April 9-13 for HEALTHCON 2016, AAPC’s 24th annual national conference. Attendees represented every state in the nation and included international visitors from the Bahamas, Canada, India, Qatar, South Africa, South America, and United Arab Emirates. The event was one of the highest-attended national conference events in AAPC’s history.

Conference sessions covered a wider spectrum of topics than years past, including medical coding for outpatient and inpatient services, career development, compliance, auditing, and other relevant issues to health care professionals. Many sessions focused on growing trends in the field, such as risk management, value-based payment, the use of medical scribes, legal issues, and health care techniques and technology. Presenters represented a variety of backgrounds and included the largest-ever panel of physician presenters.

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AJCC Cancer Staging Manual Eighth Edition
Dedicated to Cancer Registrars

Mahul B. Amin, MD, FACS, FCAP, editor-in-chief of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual Eighth Edition, announced at the National Cancer Registrars Association’s (NCRA) 42nd Annual Conference in Las Vegas that the eighth edition will be dedicated to cancer registrars. Amin cited that the honor was to recognize cancer registrars’ education and unique commitment to the recording and maintenance of data that are so vital for the care of the cancer patient. He noted their professionalism in the collection of factors fundamental to sustaining local, state, and national cancer registries and their dedication to the cataloging of information crucial to cancer research. He also described their leadership and support of the principles of cancer staging.

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Industry Insight
HCI Group Becomes First HIMSS EMRAM Global Education
and Certification Provider

The HCI Group (HCI), an HIT services consultancy, recently announced its partnership with HIMSS to become the organization’s first official EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) Global Education provider.

HIMSS Analytics has been providing maturity models for more than 10 years, focusing on important areas of health care advancement including EMRAM. EMRAM is used globally as a measurement of the maturity of health care facilities as they leverage technology to improve the quality of health care.

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Tech & Tools
NEMT Launches SpeakEZ Dictation App for iPhone
Launched by New England Medical Transcription (NEMT), SpeakEZ allows doctors to dictate reports into their iPhones with no additional hardware. Doctors simply open the app, record, and send. The app is also loaded with features to help process dictations efficiently. Doctors’ patient schedules are automatically loaded when they log into the app, so they can simply select the patient from the list and hit the record button. After the send button is hit, the dictation is encrypted and securely transmitted for processing. SpeakEZ allows doctors to select a work type so the dictations can be processed based on expected turn-around time. The app gives a visual indicator so users can tell at a glance which dictations have already been recorded and sent. They can listen to recordings they already submitted for processing and can keep the recordings as long as they wish. The app is vendor neutral, so doctors can use SpeakEZ whether they use NEMT’s transcription services or not. Learn more »

ePrescribing App Debuts on Apple Watch
MTBC recently released its ePrescribing app, known as MTBC iRx, for the Apple Watch, extending key components of the iPhone version. Users can view patient refill request alerts and inbound patient communications on the watch and then leverage iRx to authorize refills, write new prescriptions, access patients’ medication histories and clinical support decision tools, and more. MTBC’s Apple Watch app is the latest addition to its mHealth suite, which also includes an ICD-10 converter app. Learn more »

Smart Thermometer Shares Fever Data
Swaive Corporation, makers of a smartphone-enabled ear thermometer, has partnered with Sickweather, developer of a real-time map of illness, to allow Swaive Thermometer users to anonymously volunteer their fever data to the Sickweather community for tracking colds, flu, strep throat, and more. Customers will also see which illnesses are trending in their area when they use the thermometer, which works with both iOS and Android and is available in the Apple Store and Amazon. Learn more about Swaive or Sickweather »
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Other News
Patients’ Assessment of Their Health
Is Gaining Importance in Treatment

There’s been a growing interest in using outcomes reported by patients to help guide clinical care, according to Kaiser Health News.

Massachusetts General Launches
Epic Health Records Upgrade

Massachusetts General Hospital recently launched a new EHR system that replaces a patchwork of different programs with one integrated program, according to the Boston Globe.
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