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Editor's e-Note
Being a salesman can be rough sledding. Rejection is the norm, lurking behind seemingly every corner. Nevertheless, if you’re equipped with solid, undeniable information to state your case, the odds increase dramatically that your argument will win out.

This month’s E-News Exclusive offers invaluable tips for those in HIM tasked with convincing the C-Suite that more resources should be allocated to master patient index technology.

Lee DeOrio, editor
e-News Exclusive
Making the Case for an EMPI Investment
By Gevik Nalbandian

For HIM professionals, patient identity management is one of the most challenging aspects of the job. Ensuring that medical records are complete, accurate, and current is an ongoing effort that requires a mix of sophisticated technologies and human intelligence.

Unfortunately, many health systems view patient identity management as a low-priority item, leading to underinvestment in this area of the HIT environment. But failing to recognize the importance a robust enterprise master patient index (EMPI) and comprehensive HIM process can create a cascade of data integrity problems that affect the entire organization.

Incomplete records and duplicate patient profiles—comprising up to 20% of patient records in some health systems—can negatively impact everything from patient safety and COVID-19 care to patient billing and collections.

Organizations that rely on Epic or Cerner are not immune to this issue. This is because master patient indexes within EHRs remain exceedingly limited in their ability to compare and link records from external sources. Without standards in place, EHRs continue to collect data in various formats that only serve to perpetuate the issue of duplicate and disparate information.

Health systems looking to provide safe, effective care while minimizing unnecessary costs simply cannot afford to sideline their patient identity management initiatives.

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Products & Services
PatientKeeper Debuts Charge Aggregator Solution
PatientKeeper, a national provider of EHR optimization software solutions, announces the immediate availability of PatientKeeper Charge Aggregator. This software enables a health care network’s central billing office to efficiently consolidate, reconcile, and process charges generated across multiple facilities, specialties, and systems. PatientKeeper Charge Aggregator provides billers and coders, many of whom are working remotely amid the pandemic, user-friendly technology to efficiently consolidate and normalize charges coming from multiple EHRs and hospital departments. It also utilizes automated logic to optimize the billing process. When used in conjunction with PatientKeeper’s charge-note reconciliation tool, billing professionals can match charges to clinical notes to help ensure billing accuracy and completeness. Learn more »

Change Healthcare Launches Social Determinants of Health Analytics
Change Healthcare has launched a national data resource that connects the circumstances of people’s lives to the care they receive. The solution, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) Analytics, is a resource to help health systems, insurers, and life sciences organizations explore how geodemographic factors affect patient outcomes. Change Healthcare’s SDoH Analytics links deidentified claims with factors such as financial stability, education level, ethnicity, housing status, and household characteristics to reveal the correlations between SDoH, clinical care, and patient outcomes. The resulting dataset is deidentified in accordance with HIPAA privacy regulations. Health care organizations can use SDoH Analytics to assess, select, and implement effective programs to help reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. Organizations can choose one of three ways to use SDoH Analytics: receive customized reports identifying SDoH factors that impact emergency department, inpatient, and outpatient visits across diverse population health segments; append existing systems with SDoH data to close information gaps and help optimize both patient engagement and outcomes; or leverage a secure, hosted environment with ongoing compliance monitoring for the development of unique data analytics, models, or algorithms. Learn more »

Virtual Medical Scribes Help Alleviate Documentation Burden
With Virtual Physician Scribes, physicians enjoy advantages such as reduced documentation time. Whether the physician chooses to do the charts in the examination room or later, the expertly trained virtual scribes will save them three to five minutes on each documentation process. Physicians will also be able to guarantee a better satisfaction rating for their patients; each visit will be more personal without the physician having to worry about the documentation process. The entire process is HIPAA compliant, so physicians do not have to worry about the safety and security of a patient’s data. Learn more »
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Not All EHR Use Measures Are Created Equally, Study Finds
A Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association study found EHR use measures vary across vendors, reports Healthcare IT News.

Bogus HIPAA Claims Are Flourishing as Pandemic Worsens
The pandemic has increased the number of misunderstandings about HIPAA, according to Law360.
Industry Insight
Next-Gen Bioinformatics Tool Enables Big Data Analysis Without Programming Expertise

A new data analysis tool developed by researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center incorporates a user-friendly, natural-language interface to allow biomedical researchers without specialized expertise in bioinformatics or programming languages to conduct intuitive analysis of large datasets.

The open-access, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven program, called DrBioRight, was created to lower barriers for all researchers to make full use of the increasingly large amounts of data generated in modern research methods. A report of this platform was published in Cancer Cell.

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