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Editor's e-Note
Have you or someone you know just wrapped up their undergraduate studies in an HIM-related field? Are they considering pursuing a master’s degree?

If that’s the case, you’re in luck because this month’s E-News Exclusive lays down the ins and outs of how to choose the program that best fits your needs. It can be a daunting decision but a little friendly advice could help narrow the field.

Lee DeOrio, editor
e-News Exclusive
What Prospective Students Should Look for in an HIM Program
By Amy Watters, EdD, RHIA, FAHIMA, and Katie Kerr, EdD, RHIA

Pursuing a master’s degree in HIM is one way to build a better future for yourself and meet the needs of this dynamic profession. Choosing to attend graduate school is a significant undertaking that requires time, money, commitment, and a lot of reflection. The process of reflection, although often overlooked, is a critical component of the decision-making process, helping to clarify your thinking, identify priorities, and ultimately better understand yourself; it has been described as a process of guided personal change. Taking time to reflect on your personal, professional, and academic goals will help you make a decision that you won’t regret.

The first question to ask yourself is, “Why do I want to pursue a master’s degree?” To answer this question, you must consider your personal, professional, and academic goals. These goals will be unique to you and your personal needs, skills, talents, and interests. When you consider your personal goals, think about your strengths, your passions, and where you see yourself in three to five years. Consider the career you envision for yourself and whether it requires a focused area of study, or a master’s degree, a graduate certificate, and/or credentials. If you’re seeking credentials through AHIMA, then it’s important to select a program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education, or CAHIIM.

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Products & Services
OneRecord Delivers Vaccine Wallet Pass Nationwide
OneRecord, a digital health company with apps on iOS, Android, and web, announces brand new features to find, store, and present vaccination records from iOS and web devices. This ability is taken one step further by giving users with iPhones the ability to easily access their vaccine records with their Apple Wallet. OneRecord’s wallet pass works by enabling the user to connect their existing health portals to their OneRecord app and fetching data via secure FHIR APIs. Unlike a tethered patient portal that relies on a single health system, OneRecord is an untethered application that can find and pull digital health records from any source a user provides. The vaccine wallet pass developed by OneRecord will support vaccination and immunization records of all types, expanding its use case outside of just COVID-19. Users can also use OneRecord’s medical files management system to upload a photo of their vaccination record to the application for secure digital safekeeping. OneRecord is available on the App Store, the Apple App Store (supporting iPhones running iOS 12.4+), and Google Play (for devices running Android 9+). OneRecord also recently became publicly available on athenahealth Marketplace. Learn more »

HCPro Announces ACDIS Physician PRO
With ever-changing documentation rules and new coding challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians aren’t always familiar with payers’ expectations or all the ICD-10 requirements related to medical necessity and clinical validation. To address this disparity, the Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS) announces the launch of ACDIS Physician PRO. This new, comprehensive online tool is accessible from any smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, helping physicians find information quicker, increase productivity, ensure accuracy, and minimize denial risk. ACDIS Physician PRO enables physicians to have access to guidance-related diagnostic criteria, documentation requirements, and a range of diagnoses at their fingertips. ACDIS Physician PRO also is equipped with customization features to fit the needs of physicians and facilities alike. By incorporating personalized notes and bookmarks alongside each clinical condition, physicians can easily view organizational policies and definitions all on a single page. Learn more »

SCL Health App Empowers Patients to Take Active Role in Their Health
SCL Health has launched a new streamlined experience that empowers its patients to take a more active role in their health. Through the new SCL Health app, patients can schedule appointments, connect to a doctor virtually using their smartphone, access health and wellness tips, and receive important medical reminders. The easy-to-navigate front-end user experience gives patients the ability to make informed decisions about their care options, with a 24/7 virtual access point. The app can be found in the Apple App Store or Google Play and downloaded at no cost. Learn more »

EHR Vendor Launches Vaccine Tracker
eClinicalWorks announces the successful implementation of its Vaccine Administration Management Solution (VAMS), which is supporting the administration of COVID-19 vaccine doses across 29 states. The eClinicalWorks’ VAMS aids health care providers with efficient, effective COVID-19 vaccine distribution. eClinicalWorks’ VAMS works with the eClinicalWorks EHR or can be used as a stand-alone solution at a practice, health center, or vaccination clinic. eClinicalWorks is poised to help medical practices across the country get up and running with the VAMS system in as little as 48 hours. eClinicalWorks’ VAMS offers simple online booking with automated patient appointment reminders (via text); safe, contactless check-in that includes consent forms and questionnaires; complete, straightforward HIPAA-compliant documentation of all vaccines administered; easy transmission of data to eClinicalWorks-supported state vaccine registries; a trackable vaccine inventory solution; and a simple process for reporting and submitting applicable claims to payers. Learn more »
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Other News
Tossed Medical Records Spur Suit in Arkansas
A lawsuit alleges two chiropractic clinics dumped patient files containing personal information in a park, reports the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Computer Glitch Adds Digit to Medication Dosages
A glitch in the computer system used at some South Australia hospitals caused the last digit of medication doses to be duplicated, changing 10 mg to 100 mg, for example, according to ABC News.
Industry Insight
AHIMA and Moxe Announce AHIMA dHealth

AHIMA announces the creation of AHIMA dHealth (, a solution where providers and other health care stakeholders can discover digital health products, including ones that have passed an AHIMA assessment showing they secure and protect patient data.

AHIMA is working with Moxe, a clinical data clearinghouse focusing on interoperability solutions, to develop AHIMA dHealth. Through the AHIMA dHealth Assessment, providers now have a reputable resource they can turn to for critical information about a digital health product’s privacy and data security practices and policies. All AHIMA dHealth Approved digital health products will be listed in an online directory providers can use to verify the product has earned the designation.

The AHIMA dHealth Assessment is especially relevant in light of recent regulatory changes in the United States that give patients more access and power over their health information. Last year, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology finalized the Cures Act Final Rule, which requires hospitals and providers to adopt standardized application programming interfaces that allow individuals to access and use electronic health information without special effort on the part of the patient. This means patients now have the power to direct providers to share their health records with third-party digital health products, including consumer health apps.

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