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E-Newsletter    October 2022
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Editor's E-Note

To meet the challenges and avoid problems in the wake of code changes, your team needs preparation, education, and the best resources. Mary Beth Haugen, founder and CEO of Haugen Consulting Group and Haugen Academy, outlines a winning strategy.

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Kate Jackson, editor
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E-News Exclusive

Be Prepared for Coding Changes

By Mary Beth Haugen, RHIA, MS, CHRI

The best defense against problems resulting from code changes is preparation. Follow these steps to ensure that your coding team members are educated about the latest guidelines and understand code changes.

Invest in Your Coders’ Education

We know it is coming! But are we prepared? Code updates! Do you have a plan? Is the education being provided effectively and timely? Investing in the right education at the right time will set your team up for success.

Mid-September is the ideal time to begin preparing your team for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS updates, giving them enough time to absorb the changes without forgetting the information. Typically for CPT updates, provide education in early December to avoid training over the holidays and year-end processes. Due to the 2023 E/M code changes, provider and coder education may be necessary as early as October or November.

Other News

A Frightening Lack of Privacy
The Washington Post reports on the alarming privacy risks associated with popular health apps and the lack of protection consumers have against them.

What Do Doctors Really Think of Digital Health?
Results from the American Medical Association Digital Health Study indicate a growing approval of digital health tools and an increasing willingness to adopt them.

Pushing Back on Compliance Deadlines
Ten health care organizations have asked Health and Human Services for an additional year to comply with the 21st Century Cures Act information sharing regulations, citing confusion about the regulations, lack of technological infrastructure, and feedback from their vendors, according to a report in Becker’s Health IT.

California Blocks Sharing Abortion Data
Two bills signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom block technology and health care providers from sharing information about abortions to states in which police enforce tougher abortion restrictions.
Industry Insight

Study Finds EHRs May Be Key to Improving Patient Care
When hospital patients are transferred to another facility or to a specialist, their health records may not be easily accessed by staff, which can affect care. According to a new study at the University of Missouri that highlights the importance of interoperability, the use of EHRs can positively influence patients. Learn more »
Products & Services
HIPAA Express
A new service aims to help large health care systems and regional health care providers lessen their risk of data breaches and ransomware attacks—HIPAA Express, from Schellman, a provider of attestation and compliance services. Learn more »

New Maternity Care Program
BCBS Michigan has rolled out a comprehensive family building and maternity support solution for 2023 open enrollment. Its personal digital care app aids family planning, pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatric needs and supports different paths to parenthood, filling gaps in maternity and family health care to improve clinical outcomes. Learn more »

New Online Course CPT Surgery: General Surgery
Haugen Consulting Group’s new online course, CPT Surgery: General Surgery, introduces procedures commonly performed by general surgeons in the operating room. Learning begins with coding and excision of lesions, followed by fluid aspiration and incision and drainage procedures. The course concludes with gastrointestinal procedures and other general surgery procedures commonly seen in the operating room. Learn more »

New Staffing Services to Address Shortages
Enjoin, a physician-directed mid–revenue cycle solutions provider, has expanded its services portfolio to include workforce solutions to support health care organizations with clinical documentation specialists, inpatient clinical coders, case managers, and utilization review nurses. Learn more »
Current Issue
Shoring Up Safe Harbor
Nailing down the exact meaning of “recognized security practices” would help erase confusion about how organizations can qualify for the safe harbor law.

Diagnosis: A Serious Case of Note Bloat
Long-winded charts are the bane of many a health care organization. What can be done to corral the problem?

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