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Editor's E-Note

Social determinants of health are increasingly recognized as key to health and health maintenance. In this month’s E-News Exclusive, contributor Susan Chapman looks at how clinical documentation integrity can help identify social determinants of health and provide a more complete portrayal of patient well being.

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Social Determinants of Health and Clinical Documentation Improvement

By Susan Chapman, MA, MFA, PGYT

Social determinants of health (SDoH) are individuals’ living conditions that can include socioeconomic status, housing, food security, education, access to health care, and support systems and their impact on health outcomes.1 By ensuring that health care documentation accurately reflects a patient's medical and social histories, clinical documentation improvement (CDI) professionals can play essential roles in addressing SDoH.

The Impact of SDoH on Health Outcomes

SDoH can significantly affect health outcomes in a variety of ways. Low-income individuals and families with limited access to health care, for example, are more likely to experience poor health outcomes such as chronic disease and mental health disorders.2 Additionally, social isolation and lack of social support have been linked to poor health outcomes, including increased risk of depression, cardiovascular disease, and premature death.3

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