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Editor's E-Note

Artificial intelligence has inserted itself into virtually all aspects of HIM, but its reach, purpose, rewards, and risk are still puzzling to many. James F. Jordan offers a practical guide in this issue’s E-Newsletter.

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Kate Jackson, editor
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Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for Health Information Managers

By James F. Jordan

Health information managers play a critical role in health care organizations. They’re responsible for maintaining, collecting, and analyzing health records, optimizing information management systems, and ensuring quality data governance.

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), health information managers now have powerful new tools to help them perform their functions more efficiently and accurately. AI systems can automate routine tasks like coding medical records, freeing up managers to focus on big-picture data analysis and strategy. AI also enables managers to spot trends and derive insights to improve care and outcomes across patient populations.

By understanding the capabilities of AI and integrating it responsibly into workflows, health information managers can transform how information is managed to serve patients and health care providers better.

This article provides a practical guide to demystifying AI and harnessing its potential to elevate the HIM profession.

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Patient Engagement Metrics
Health care organizations can improve their quality of services by focusing on patient engagement metrics, including those pertaining to health IT. PatientEngagementHIT looks at the barriers and the solutions.

No Roadmap for Generative Artificial Intelligence
Health system executives are persuaded about the potential of generative artificial intelligence in health care but lack a plan for putting it into use, according to a report in Fierce Healthcare.

From Fragmentation to Collaboration
Rajan Kohli, CEO of Citius Tech, believes health care interoperability is “the linchpin of a patient-centric ecosystem.” In an article in Forbes, he writes about the need for collaboration between interoperable systems.

The Ethical Challenges of Artificial Intelligence
As health care increasingly adopts machine learning, natural language processing, and large language models, it raises concerns that demand to be addressed. An article in Cureus explores the challenges and the strategies with which to address them.


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