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Editor's E-Note

The calendar year 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, released by CMS, will not only advance health equity and increase access to critical medical services, including behavioral health care and some oral health services, but also support President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot.

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Nym Health | Automation in Revenue Cycle Management: Providers Share Their Experiences With Autonomous Medical Coding. Read the article today: https://blog.nym.health/automation-in-revenue-cycle-management-healthcare-providers-share-their-experiences-with-autonomous-medical-coding

CMS Physician Payment Rule Advances Health Equity

CMS recently issued the calendar year (CY) 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) proposed rule to announce rate updates, advance health equity, and expand access to critical medical services—including behavioral health care and certain oral health services. Notably, the proposed rule supports the Biden-Harris Administration’s Cancer Moonshot mission to accelerate the fight against cancer.

“At CMS, our mission is to expand access to health care and ensure that health coverage is meaningful to the people we serve,” says CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure. “CMS’s proposals in the proposed physician payment rule would help people with Medicare navigate cancer treatment and have access to more types of behavioral health providers, strengthen primary care, and for the first time, allow Medicare payment for services performed by community health workers.”

“CMS continues to demonstrate commitment to advancing health equity and building a stronger Medicare program,” says Meena Seshamani, MD, CMS deputy administrator and director of the Center for Medicare. “If finalized, the proposals in this rule ensure the people we serve experience coordinated care focused on treating the whole person, considering each person’s unique story and individualized needs—physical health, behavioral health, oral health, social determinants of health, and are inclusive of caregivers, which are all so important to providing the care that people with Medicare deserve.”



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Other News

HCCA | Healthcare Enforcement Compliance Conference | November 5-7, 2023, Washington, DC | Learn more: https://www.hcca-info.org/conferences/specialized-knowledge/2023-healthcare-enforcement-compliance-conference?utm_source=PAID%3A+For+the+record&utm_medium=Enews&utm_campaign=2023+HCCA+HECC

More Money for Nursing Homes
CMS will raise the amount of payments to skilled nursing facilities in fiscal year 2024 by 4% ($1.4 billion) as a “parity adjustment recalibration” to address a $2.2 billion underpayment in 2023 based on overestimated overpayments, reports Fierce Healthcare.

Tackling Burnout
According to Medical Economics, inefficient billing workflow is a key contributor to physician burnout. It reports on strategies for combatting physician burnout and improving practice efficiency, including optimizing billing processes, educating staff about EHR systems, and preparing them for insurance verification and billing.

Improving Clinical Decision-Making
In a recent study, researchers performed 12 experiments designed to determine whether clinicians’ diagnostic ability and treatment decisions could be improved by collective medical intelligence—structured information-sharing networks—according to a report in News Medical Life Sciences.

Can Blockchain Technology Address Privacy and Security Concerns?
According to a report in Forbes, moving medical records onto blockchain and linking them to industrywide patient identifiers will give consumers control over their records that are stored across networks of providers and institutions and provide the ability to either lock down their records or authorize them to be seen.
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