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E-Newsletter    January 2024
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Editor's E-Note

Making Health Care More Inclusive

Among the changes to the American Medical Association’s CPT code set for 2024 are the inclusion of Spanish language descriptors for more than 11,000 medical procedures and services aimed to help CPT users better engage with and help individuals in the Latinx community.

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Kate Jackson, editor
In This E-Newsletter
E-News Exclusive

The CPT 2024 Code Set

To bridge language barriers and make health care more inclusive and transparent for patients who speak Spanish, the American Medical Association (AMA) now offers Spanish language descriptors for more than 11,000 medical procedures and services. The consumer-friendly descriptors in Spanish were added to the newly released CPT 2024 code set, the nation’s leading data-sharing terminology for medical procedures and services.

The consumer-friendly descriptors are an important resource that many hospitals, health plans, medical offices, and other CPT users already incorporate into English-language medical documents, insurance forms, price sheets, and patient portals. Including CPT consumer-friendly descriptors in Spanish that are clear and straightforward will help CPT users better engage and assist many in the Latinx community.

“Navigating medical care and paperwork can be especially challenging for Latinx patients who do not speak English or speak English as a second language,” says AMA Senior Vice President of Health Solutions Lori Prestesater. “Providing approximately 41 million Spanish speaking individuals in the United States with an easy-to-understand description of medical procedures and services can help build a more inclusive health care environment, where language is no longer a barrier and patients can actively engage in their own care.”

Other News
Updating Standards
Health and Human Services has proposed a new rule aimed at improving standards nationwide for marketplace plans under the Affordable Care Act for 2025. AMJC reports on the changes, which include a continuation of risk adjustment policies, with certain exceptions.

Minimum Data Set Assessment Changes
ICD10monitor warns of changes to the minimum data set assessments that could cause audits and reports on an increase in audit activity in skilled nursing facilities.

Artificial Intelligence and the Revenue Cycle
According to Revcycle Intelligence, the use of generative AI for revenue cycle operations is appealing to almost 60% of health care organizations.

Privacy Risks Associated With Virtual Care
Talk Business & Politics reports on the emergence of companies offering virtual care that do not accept health insurance, a choice that exempts them from certain legal requirements, including HIPAA.
Ask the Expert
Have a coding or documentation question? Get an expert answer by sending an email to edit@gvpub.com.
Products & Services
Survey Management Capabilities
Symplr has launched a new capability, symplr Survey Management, a cloud-based app that allows health systems to proactivity conduct and manage custom surveys using one tool. Learn more »

Learn How to Handle Sensitive Patient Data
The Haugen Group’s release of information courses helps health care and health information professionals handle sensitive patient data with confidence, providing an understanding of fundamental principles and best practices. Learn more »

New Train and Code Program
Elevate Medical Solutions has announced a new Train and Code Program designed to empower facilities’ medical coders, including outpatient coders, to be effective inpatient coders, with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to excel in their roles. Learn more »

Nym’s New Revenue Cycle Capabilities
A leader in autonomous medical coding, Nym has added new capabilities to its revenue cycle management solution, enabling hospitals and health systems to automate medical coding for inpatient care. It’s now offering professional (Profee) coding for inpatient, observation, and skilled nursing facility encounters. Learn more »
Current Issue
Data Usability Taking Root
The Sequoia Project has teamed with AHIMA in an initiative to help make data more useful.

Game On
Here are eight ways for providers to guard against the new era of payer denials.

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