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The World Health Organization has outlined more than 40 recommendations for health care providers and others to help them appropriately use large multimodal models (LMMs)—a widely adopted form of generative artificial intelligence technology. The guidance pertains to five applications of LMMs, among which are diagnosis and clinical care and documentation and summarization of patient visits within EHRs.

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Kate Jackson, editor
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E-News Exclusive

AI Ethics and Governance Guidance

The World Health Organization (WHO) is releasing new guidance on the ethics and governance of large multimodal models (LMMs)—a type of fast growing generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology with applications across health care.

The guidance outlines over 40 recommendations for consideration by governments, technology companies, and health care providers to ensure the appropriate use of LMMs to promote and protect the health of populations.

LMMs can accept one or more types of data inputs, such as text, videos, and images, and generate diverse outputs not limited to the type of data inputted. LMMs are unique in their mimicry of human communication and ability to carry out tasks they were not explicitly programmed to perform. LMMs have been adopted faster than any consumer application in history, with several platforms—such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Bert—entering the public consciousness in 2023.

Other News
Does Artificial Intelligence Mitigate Burnout?
Artificial intelligence is commonly touted for its ability to reduce both burnout and the burden of documentation for clinicians. Recent research, however, suggests that the benefits at this point aren’t so clear-cut.

Reproductive Health Care Privacy
The Office for Civil Rights has finalized updates to HIPAA that aim to protect privacy for people obtaining reproductive health care, including contraception, pregnancy care, and abortion.

Updated Guidance on Tracking Technologies
2022 guidance from the Office for Civil Rights has been updated to help covered entities and business associates understand under what circumstances information gained from tracking technologies is considered individually identifiable health information and their responsibilities related to such technologies.

Cybersecurity Risks
According to a report in Chief Healthcare Executive, not all cybersecurity breaches result from ransomware groups, and significant risks come from breaches of vendors and third parties.
Ask the Expert
Have a coding or documentation question? Get an expert answer by sending an email to edit@gvpub.com.

This month’s selection:
We have been following Medicare guidance concerning the expectation that documentation is completed and signed off on within 24 to 48 hours from the date of service. But the question has been posed if there is a reference to cite with a definite time range to educate providers on this matter.

I have searched the Medicare website but can find nothing that cites that specific verbiage. Is there a reference you can offer that can help explain timely documentation practices to our providers?

Rachel Adkins, CPC, CPMA, COBGC, COPC
Medical Coding Auditor
Valley Health Systems, Inc, Huntington, West Virginia

Products & Services
Cybersecurity and Privacy Advancements
SYNERGEN Health, a provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle services and solutions for health care organizations, has completed the SOC 2 plus HITRUST CSF type 2 and the SOC 3 audit, providing independent confirmation that SYNERGEN Health’s information security practices and controls are effectively helping safeguard client data in addition to the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of that data. Learn more »

Patient Relationship Management
TeleVox, a provider of omnichannel patient relationship management technology, offers a platform designed to help health care providers move from simple, episodic patient interactions to more comprehensive and meaningful relationships. TeleVox’s Enterprise Edition redefines patient engagement, turning episodic patient experiences into continuous, evolving relationships. Leveraging SMART SMS, it enhances patient experiences, optimizes care, lightens the staff workload, and contributes to the financial success of health systems. Learn more »

Clinical Endpoint Adjudication
Ethical GmbH, a Swiss eClinical company providing personalized, compliant, and innovative software solutions to streamline the management of clinical trial expert committees, is upgrading its eAdjudication® software platform for clinical endpoint adjudication with an innovative AI-powered conversational documents search tool. Available for the coordinator and committee member roles, the easy-to-use artificial intelligence–powered search tool alleviates the heavy burden associated with retrieving files, locating important information, and checking crucial data during the clinical endpoint adjudication process. Learn more »
Current Issue
Documentation Challenges
Leverage EHR metrics to alleviate documentation burden and the burnout it fuels.

New Code Alert: G2211
What coders need to know about the new CMS office and outpatient evaluation and management visit complexity add-on code.

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