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The emergence and widespread use of artificial intelligence in health care and HIM has created a demand for a work force better educated in its use and complexity. Keith Loria reports on the needs and the opportunities of AI in health care.

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E-News Exclusive
How AI Is Changing Educational Needs for HIM Professionals

By Keith Loria

Due to the changing health care ecosystem and technological advances, there’s a greater need for HIM professionals to become more educated, trained, and skilled at a higher professional level. This includes fostering interoperability, understanding data analytics, focusing on data integrity, and learning how automation and artificial intelligence (AI) tools affect HIM workforce.

“AI will aid HIM professionals in becoming more empowered to oversee software and systems, replacing many manual tasks,” says Lakeisha Tolbert, MA, RHIA, CHPS, AHIMA’s director of practice advancement. “Professionals cannot wait for their leader to suggest or recognize them; it’s up to each individual to prepare themselves by gaining the education needed for our evolving future in the AI world.”

Brian Prince, founder and CEO of TopAITools.com, a platform dedicated to demystifying AI, has witnessed firsthand the amazing potential of AI in health care.

“The integration of AI into HIM marks a shift in how we process, analyze, and utilize health care data,” he says. “AI is an integral component in efforts to enhance decision-making, improve patient outcomes, and pioneer personalized medicine. However, the complexity and newness of AI technologies require that HIM professionals possess a level of proficiency and understanding to harness these tools effectively.”

Other News
New Ways of Finding Cancer Clusters
After cancer cluster investigations were found to be unsuccessful in pointing to cancer clusters, the Iowa Cancer Registry is changing the way it looks into the causes of cancer, beginning now with a place with known contamination and investigating whether nearby residents are sick. The Gazette reports on new ways of looking for clusters.

Adopting AI
Health care organizations are eager to adopt artificial intelligence, but, according to reporting in Medical Economics, to get the best value from investments, they need to balance the rewards with the return on investment.

Maintaining AI Tools in Clinical Settings
Fierce Healthcare interviews Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, president of the American Medical Association, about benchmarks for artificial intelligence tools and the difficulties associated with maintaining them and communicating about them with patients.

The Persistent Use of Meta Pixel Tracking Code
According to a recent analysis, Meta Pixel tracking code continues to be used widely in health care websites, despite significant risks. The HIPAA Journal reports on the research about website tracking technologies.
Ask the Expert
Have a coding or documentation question? Get an expert answer by sending an email to edit@gvpub.com.
Products & Services
Collette Health Launches Enhancements
Collette Health, a provider of continuous virtual patient observation solutions, has launched three new major platform enhancements to increase patient safety and allow care from anywhere. These include an all-in-one hardware device designed for every room application that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, providing a smaller footprint and reducing costs; EMR integration that streamlines data entry and documentation and improves data accuracy; and a new “follow patient” feature, which uses human-centric artificial intelligence and machine learning and allows a virtual observer to maintain visual contact with each patient even as the patient moves throughout the room. Learn more »

Revenue Diagnostics
Rivet has launched Revenue Diagnostics platform, which provides heath care leaders full visibility into their organizations’ financial health. It’s designed for health organizations by industry experts. The platform leverages machine learning to analyze trends and nuances in historical data to produce real-time predictions, enabling strategic decision-making for organizations to confidently manage revenue activities. Learn more »

State of Revenue Report
Model N, a leader in revenue optimization and compliance, released the sixth annual State of Revenue Report to share industry insights from medtech executives on market conditions and revenue management. This year, the report reveals why executives plan to invest in artificial intelligence to improve business operations. Learn more »
Current Issue
Switching It Up
Learn why, when, and how to transition to a new HIM vendor.

Automation and Documentation in Health Care
Technology can relieve the burden of documentation for clinicians and help mitigate burnout.

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