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Poor Documentation: Why It Happens & How to Fix It
Health care organizations must ascertain the former and then execute the latter.

MACRA, MIPS — Slated to Make an M-pressive Impact
These acronyms are the latest to cause a stir in the health care industry.

"AFIRM"ative Action
Anyone involved with claim denials is anxiously awaiting word from the Senate on the Audit & Appeal Fairness, Integrity, and Reforms in Medicare Act.

A Solution Inside a Problem
A concept born in the early 1960s, the problem-oriented medical record provides a different view into a patient's history.

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• The Road Ahead for HIT: Transitioning From "Meaningful Use" to Useful Meaning
• Workflow Technology and HIPAA Compliance: Challenges and Best Practices

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• CHIME Board Chair Calls for Coordinated Cybersecurity Strategy

• Charles W. Stellar Named WEDI President and CEO

• HHS Clarifies Flat Rate Option for Releasing PHI

• Agreement Allows for EHRs to Include Heart, Lung Sounds

• Does HIPAA Apply to the Precision Medicine Initiative?

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The Perfect EHR Workflow – Video EHR

Will Your Medical Billing Software Fail When the ICD-10 Grace Period Ends?

The Mess That Is MACRA

Spotlight on Computerized
Physician Order Entry

CPOE Anytime, Anywhere

Alternative CPOE Solution Earns Plaudits

What to Do About CPOE Alarm Fatigue

By the Numbers


While more than this percentage of doctors surveyed by SERMO said ICD-10 implementation slowed their work down, three-quarters said they are back to the way they were before ICD-10. Only 37% said ICD-10 implementation was more difficult than anticipated.

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• Coding for Hypertension

• Coding for Hip Replacement Surgery

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