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Current Issue

June 2017


Discover the Auditor Within
More organizations are looking to take control of the auditing process by developing auditors from their pool of coders.

NLP: An Evolving Dictation Opportunity
A formative study looks into natural language processing's role in solving the documentation quagmire.

Improve Security Through Information Governance
Take these seemingly disconnected elements and form a hand-in-hand partnership to better protect your organization.

External Cause Codes in the Courtroom
How a shooting incident was coded led attorneys to request a new trial in a high-profile case.


Editor's Note

Evolving Education
No doubt, credentials and the credentialing process can be cumbersome. Are they worth the effort?

CFO Zone
A longitudinal EHR could be just the solution for health care organizations trying to stay solvent in a fee-for-value payment model.

Thought Leader Q&A
Security expert Saryu Nayyar shares her opinions on how health care organizations can thwart hackers, including why machine learning may be a game-changer.

Summer Showcase

HIT Happenings
These days, cyber threats take all shapes and forms, making it imperative for organizations to create a culture in which protecting data is paramount.

Industry Perspectives
An HIT expert believes analytics is holding back the industry.

By the Numbers
et the lowdown on health care's facts and figures.