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Current Issue

July 2017


Keep an Eye on Exclusion Monitoring
Learn the basics of exclusion and sanction monitoring, some of the challenges associated with implementing a monitoring program, and helpful hints on how to overcome potential hurdles.

Sticky Query Situations
As HIM professionals know well, nothing is straightforward in health care—not even asking a question.

How HIPAA Affects Research Efforts
Determining whether patient data are being used for quality improvement or research purposes can be dicey.

A Skills Evolution
These days, data reign in health care. As a result, HIM must shift its approach to education and workplace issues.


Editor's Note

Transcription Trends
HIM experts weigh in on the recent cyberattack affecting Nuance.

HIM Challenges
By integrating data from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community into EHRs, clinicians will be better able to impact the care of this patient population.

Coding Corner
An industry expert reviews the intricacies of coding for vaccinations.

Inside Informatics
As interoperability concerns continue to mount and value-based care takes shape, nurse informaticists have taken a more prominent role at many organizations.

Chart Conundrums
Documenting in postacute care settings poses a unique set of challenges.

By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care's facts and figures.