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Current Issue

October 2016


A Bird's Eye View of HIM Workflow
Mapping, dashboards, and process diagrams can lead to efficiency gains in the HIM department.

Gain Insight With Predictive Analytics
Unleashing the power of Big Data can help providers identify the best course of treatment.

This Drug's for You
The study of how genes affect an individual's response to a particular drug treatment, pharmacogenomics has the potential to be a health care game-changer.

Evolve or Be Left Behind
Industry experts say medical transcriptionists would be wise to adapt their skills to the latest technologies.


Editor's Note

Industry Perspectives
As outsourcing coding services grows in popularity, it's time the industry established pricing and quality standards.

HIM Challenges
With new health care initiatives almost outnumbering political ads these days, it's important that HIM makes its presence known throughout the organization.

Wireless World
A recent survey of health care professionals measured how Wi-Fi impacts facility operations and promotes better patient care.

CFO Zone
CIOs and HIM managers are increasing the value of clinical imaging by collaborating on enterprisewide strategies. 


By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care's facts and figures.