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Current Issue

November 2016


The Future of Speech Recognition
New advancements promise to make speech recognition technology more interactive.

Data-Driven Remote Coding Management
Using data analysis to measure productivity trends can help both coding managers and coders themselves.

HIT's Public Health Report Card
Key hurdles must be cleared if data sharing during a public health crisis is to become commonplace.

Great Lengths, Big Trouble
Without strong documentation, hospitals run the risk of incurring severe length-of-stay penalties.


Editor's Note

EHR Insider
A recent study compared technology use at urban and rural health care facilities.

Evolving Education
Prehire assessments and continuing education programs can help organizations maintain a fully staffed, fully functional HIM department.

Transcription Trends
Turns out that the history of medical documentation is a case of copy and paste.

HIT Happenings
Technology can be a great asset, but health care organizations must ensure that it is properly integrated into workflow.

Ask the Experts
A hospital charged a mother $39 to hold her newborn. Is that "codeable"?

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By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care's facts and figures.