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Current Issue

March 2015


Where's the Payoff?
Despite design flaws, EHRs add value to health care. Nevertheless, experts say the technology is capable of much more.

The Complicated Anatomy of ICD-10-PCS
What has prevented coders from feeling comfortable with PCS? What needs to change in order to boost coder confidence going forward?

Life on the Low End of the Pay Scale
Medical transcriptionists believe their compensation doesn't match their contributions.

In Search of Actionable Data
As the bytes pile up, health care organizations must be able to sift through the more appetizing pieces to gain value from their cumulative information.


Editor's Note

Inside Informatics

HIT Happenings
Develop effective strategies to get the most out of consulting services.

Coding Corner
Sacrificing accuracy for speed can lead to misleading data becoming part of public health reporting and other metrics.

CIO Insider
Texting can be an efficient mode of communication, but health care organizations must be aware of its potential security issues.

Researchers found that tweets expressing negative emotions such as anger and stress were associated with higher heart disease risk.

HIT/HIMSS Spotlight

News Briefs
In an effort to curb unnecessary blood transfusions, a health care organization has embedded a "best practice alert" in its EMR.


By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care's facts and figures.