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Current Issue

February 2015


ROI Peak Performers
Harried HIM departments may want to consider outsourcing all or part of their release-of-information functions to a third party.

Realistic Expectations Key to Speech Recognition Success
By being aware of what the technology can and can't do, health care organizations are more apt to achieve the desired results.

Auditors Take Aim at DRGs
Health care organizations must brace themselves for the inevitable perusal of their coding.

So You Want to Be a Privacy Officer?
Four industry veterans talk about the skills necessary to master this demanding, ever-evolving position.


Editor's Note

Industry Perspectives
HIM professionals looking to gain access to the C-suite must believe in themselves.

EHR Insider
Big Data get most of the ink but it's foolhardy to ignore the importance of quality standards for small data.

Chart Conundrums
Pediatric documentation presents a unique set of challenges to the HIM professionals responsible for maintaining its accuracy.

mHealth Update
An Orlando children's hospital sends text messages and images via a smartphone app to keep loved ones informed during surgery.

ICD-10 Spotlight Showcase

News Briefs
Research highlights the potential of computers to improve physician documentation.


By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care's facts and figures.