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Current Issue

March 2017


The Evolution of Personalized Cancer Care
HIT tools that promote data gathering and analysis are helping researchers better understand how cancer therapy can become more targeted.

Transcription Shell Game
In an EHR-dominated world, how to measure the cost of producing quality documents can be obtuse.

The 21st Century Cures Act
Recently enacted into law, the legislation features components that may reshape HIT … in due time.

Discovery Mission
Is data science the next big job opportunity for HIM professionals?


Editor's Note

HIM Happenings
The best information governance initiatives are enterprisewide efforts featuring heavy contributions from HIM.

mHealth Update
Studies indicate that patients eager to improve their health will be enthusiastic users of mobile technology.

HIPAA Challenges
Attacks on devices connected to the internet can be among the most damaging to a health care organization.

Chart Conundrums
Document with a purpose—colleagues and patients will be most grateful.

Letter to the Editor

CFO Zone
To survive in today's health care environment, providers must engage and educate patients on their financial responsibilities, including making payments more convenient.

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By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care's facts and figures.