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Current Issue

December 2014


Hurry Up and Wait
The task of reinvigorating coding departments to prepare for ICD-10 is complicated by the continuing skepticism surrounding the actual implementation of the new codes.

Where's HIT Headed in 2015?
Industry leaders discuss potential developments on the HIT landscape.

MTSOs Gear for OCR Audits
As business associates, transcription organizations may be targeted in the next round of HIPAA scrutiny.

Into the Abyss
The destructive properties of a data breach can be felt in virtually every aspect of the organization.


Editor's Note

Chart Conundrums
Questionable documentation and coding practices can lead to important health care data being lost.

Industry Perspectives
A New York State data coordinator says a lack of proper EHR functionality may generate faulty birth certificate data.

Evolving Education
Rush University Medical Center has implemented a training program designed to find IT positions for veterans.

Coding Corner
Coding managers faced with staff members failing to meet productivity standards have several options to tackle the issue.

Wireless World
To remain HIPAA compliant, health care organizations may want to avoid consumer wireless networks.


By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care's facts and figures.