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April 2017

By the Numbers
For The Record
Vol. 29 No. 4 P. 34

2016 averaged at least one health data breach per day, and 2017 is off to a similar start, with this number of breach incidents disclosed in January, according to Protenus. Of January's breached records, 59.2% (230,044 records) were attributable to insider incidents.

KnowBe4 analyzed more than 10,000 e-mail servers and identified that this percentage is misconfigured, allowing spoofed e-mails to enter an organization disguised as coming from a company's own domain. Phishing subject lines that employees are most likely to click on include "Email Account Updates," "Re: Your Vacation Request," and "Internet Capacity Warning."

$0 to $99
The fourth annual health care survey released by the Transamerica Center for Health Studies found that the majority of Americans (81%) say they can afford their routine health care expenses, up from 71% in 2013. More than one-half (58%) of Americans spend approximately this range per month on routine health expenses.

This percentage of health care executives, surveyed by Premiere Inc, say they aren't successfully using telemedicine for primary care visits, noting that reimbursement and regulatory hurdles prevent its widespread use.

1 in 4
This number of US consumers (26%) have had their personal medical information stolen from technology systems, according to a survey from Accenture. One-half of those who experienced a breach were victims of medical identity theft.

10 Million
A data breach report by CyberScout and the Identity Theft Resource Center found the health care industry exposed more than this number of Social Security numbers in 2016.

Of the 1,093 total US data breaches in 2016, this number of incidents were in the health care/medical industry, with the remaining breaches occurring in the business, education, government/military, and banking/credit/financial sectors, according to a report by CyberScout and the Identity Theft Resource Center.