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2023 Article Archive

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Spring 2023


Addressing Gaps in Coding for Virtual Care
After restrictions eased during the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth use and spending mushroomed. Now, the medical coding infrastructure must address the challenges of keeping up.

Clinical Documentation Integrity’s Technological Evolution
Natural language processing is transforming clinical documentation integrity processes, increasing efficiencies, and improving outcomes.

Cancer Registries: Is Outsourcing a Better Option?
HIM and registry and compliance leaders are facing a number of challenges to cancer registry efficiency. Having a vendor partner can help reduce backlogs, address a lack of certified registrars, and reduce costs.

Renovating Your Release of Information Program
As with remodeling a home, the success of renovating a release of information program depends on a strong foundation. Learn how to assess your program’s foundation to help prevent problems right from the start.


Editor’s Note
Beyond the Realm of Science Fiction

Documentation Dilemmas
Risk Adjustment Factor Methodologies

HIM Challenges
Patient Data Integrity and AI/Advanced Analytics

Health IT Happenings
The Complexity of Denials in Today’s Claim Culture

Audit Alley
RADV Medical Record Reviewer Guidance and Preparedness Utilizing AI

Coding Corner
The AMA’s Revisions to the Evaluation and Management Guidelines for Emergency Medicine


By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care facts and figures.

Winter 2023


Race in CDS Tools
Does utilizing data about race contribute to ongoing health care disparities?

Cancer Registries Use Natural Language Processing in Data Abstraction
Natural language processing is helping cancer registries tackle the task of data abstraction.

Navigating Privacy and Compliance Post Dobbs
Learn about the challenges and impacts on health care organizations due to the elimination of the constitutional right to an abortion, as well as key points about compliance.

The High-Risk Game of High-Risk Diagnosis Groups
Internal audits and education can help prevent the loss of revenues to repayments and decrease the cost of defending claims.


Editor’s Note

News Brief

Becoming an AHIMA-Approved CDI Trainer

Release of Information Report
Data Breaches on the Rise

HIPAA Challenges
Lessons Learned From a Recent Data Breach

Coding Corner
Five Things Every Medical Coding Technology Should Deliver and How to Find the One That’s Right for You

Information Blocking
Leading the World in Patient Access: Two Insights Post Data Liberation Day


By the Numbers