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2024 Article Archive

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Spring 2024 width=


Documentation Challenges
Leverage EHR metrics to alleviate documentation burden and the burnout it fuels.

New Code Alert: G2211
What coders need to know about the new CMS office and outpatient evaluation and management visit complexity add-on code.

Maintaining the Chargemaster
The charge description master is vital to the revenue cycle, so it’s important to ensure it contains accurate data and reflects current codes and prices.

What’s in a Name?
Stakeholders weigh in on a new AHIMA naming policy framework for patient identity management.


Editor’s Note
Cybersecurity Blues

The Evolution of Clinical Documentation

Cancer Registry
Pathway to a Career as a Cancer Registrar

Perspective on Automation
Automating ROI Workflows Is the Future. Is Your HI Team Prepared?

HIM Challenges
Triaging Your Automation Needs in Five Steps

Data Security
Safeguards to Consider in the Era of Interoperability

Revenue Cycle Management
Best Practice Advice: Implementing RPA in the Revenue Cycle

Coding, CDI, & Revenue Cycle Management Guide

News Brief


By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care’s facts and figures.

Winter 2024 width=


Switching It Up
Learn why, when, and how to transition to a new HIM vendor.

Automation and Documentation in Health Care
Technology can relieve the burden of documentation for clinicians and help mitigate burnout.

Patient Identity Management
With no industrywide standards or unique health care identifier, patient identity management is one of health care’s most intractable problems.

Physicians and Coding
Ongoing education and the right tools and resources can help physicians facing increased coding responsibilities.


Editor’s Note
Turn and Face the Strange

Cancer Data
How Technology Is Overcoming Challenges in Clinical Trial Matching

Clinical Documentation Integrity
Overcoming Query Challenges

Evolving Nurse Informaticist Skill Sets

HIM Careers: The Rise of Skills-Based Hiring

Industry Perspectives
Include the HIM Team to Maximize Your EHR Implementation


News Brief

By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care’s facts and figures.