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2019 Article Archive

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February 2019


Altered Mental Status: More Info Please
Despite “altered mental status” being a generally accepted term throughout the medical profession, documentation experts warn that it typically does not adequately describe the care being provided.

Medical Record Requests Continue to Challenge Hospitals
When researchers checked in on the release of information process at 83 top-ranked hospitals, the results were not encouraging.

The Rise of the Chatbots
No, it’s not the title of the latest science fiction thriller to hit the big screen. Rather, it’s an examination of how the conversational agents fit into the world of health care.

Hitting the Mark on Coder Performance
Dashboards and EHRs have made it easier to track coder productivity, but a discerning eye is still required to ensure the data are painting an accurate picture.


Editor’s Note
Adventures in Car Repair

HIT Happenings
Telehealth platforms and wearable sensors are two of five technologies leading the charge to improve patient care.

Data Analytics
Predictive analytics is going beyond the exam room and into the revenue cycle, flagging troublesome billing problems and helping health care organizations understand operational issues.

Coding Corner
When a medical device adverse event occurs, coders must consider whether to code it as device failure or complication due to a postoperative condition.

Evolving Education
One of the most rewarding aspects of being a seasoned HIM professional is the opportunity to pass along knowledge to those looking to get their careers off the ground.

CDI Spotlight


By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care’s facts and figures.

January 2019


Is Offshore Coding Dead in the Water?
An eye-opening study spotlights the risks of choosing a coding partner that sends work offshore.

FHIR Blazes New Path Toward Interoperability
The standard may hold the key to dousing fears about health care's ability to seamlessly transfer clinical data.

Diversity Key to Patient Matching
A RAND Corporation study found that a multiprong strategy may help put a dent in health care's long-standing problem.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
It may be 2019, but the health care industry continues to hang onto the beloved fax machine, a bygone technology whose time may be short if the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has its way.


Editor's Note
Don't Be a Robot

HIPAA Challenges
The time it takes health care organizations to detect data breaches continues to decline, but it still is not ideal.

Quality Assurance
To achieve proper reimbursement, learn the ins and outs of reporting shared/split visits.

News Briefs
A survey on charge capture practices reveals several interesting tidbits on the role of coders.

Focus on Research
A colorful infographic helps to illustrate the five stages of data quality maturity.

EHR Insider
To avoid becoming vulnerable to malpractice claims, physicians must use EHR technology as it was intended.


By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care's facts and figures.