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Winter 2024 Issue

By the Numbers
For The Record
Vol. 36 No. 1 P. 34

$2.2 Million
Thanks to diligence and innovation, the Franciscan Alliance health care ministry was able to save this much across various Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.

1 Million
Wisp, a telehealth provider, is being sued for sharing the personal health information of at least this many patients with various third parties, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and TikTok, who use the information to better sell advertisements.

CMS has recently announced the Making Care Primary program, which will recognize primary care as a crucial part of value-based care. The program will launch in July of the listed year.

8.5 Million
In May 2023, hackers exploited a vulnerability in Progress Software’s MOVEit Transfer server, which was used by Welltok, a health care software company, and obtained personal information that has impacted this number of individuals.

$500 Million
The governor of New York plans to regulate cybersecurity for state hospitals which have become targets for security breaches. This much money has been appropriated to assist with proposal compliance.

$1.7 Million
Perceiv AI, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven precision medicine company, received this amount in December 2022 to bolster its AI capabilities to advance health care.

AdaptX is a Seattle tech company developing AI to aid health care providers in analyzing medical data to improve patient care. The burgeoning company has raised $20 million to increase growth and further investment in its technology, which has been adopted by this number of hospitals in Southeast Texas.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital reached a settlement that ordered it to pay this amount in damages for using advertising tools that compromised patient data and shared them with technology companies.