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Winter 2023

By the Numbers
For The Record
Vol. 35 No. 1 P. 34

A recent report found that the Arizona Technology Council, which connects technology businesses and bolsters their reach to aid in growth, was ranked this place in a list of diverse organizations in the US tech industry.

$3.5 Million
A ransomware attack on Scripps Health, a nonprofit health care system used in hospitals, resulted in major disruptions such as canceled appointments, redirected ambulances, and stolen patient data. Lawsuits filed against the organization resulted in a settlement expected to exceed this amount.

In a list of the top five ambulatory surgery center medical billing companies, Bolder Healthcare Solutions ranked number three, with this number of subsidiary locations across the United States. Bolder Healthcare Solutions provides hospital and physician management solutions to increase revenue of clients.

A Forbes list of 16 emerging technological advancements/roles coming to the health care industry has 3D data analyst listed as this number.

$4.9 Million
A recent report by the Office of Inspector General uncovered that large numbers of procedural services did not comply with federal law regarding modifier usage, resulting in this amount in overpayments.

In a Medical Economics survey of roughly 2,000 adults, about this percentage said that they wanted health care services to mimic those provided by apps used for shopping or ordering meals online. They cited ease of use at any time and in any location as some of the main reasons for such health services.

A poll conducted by the Ponemon Institute, an organization that promotes best information and privacy management practices, found that this percentage of 640 surveyed organizations experienced an average of almost one cyberattack each week in 2022.

This number of strategies was proposed by Nelson Mullins, a US law firm, regarding HIPAA-compliant use of online tracking technologies.