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Perceptive Software and Allscripts Forge Collaboration

Lexmark's Perceptive Software announces a new agreement with Allscripts, a provider of clinical, financial, and operational software solutions for health care providers, including the EMR application Allscripts Sunrise. As part of this agreement, components of Perceptive's enterprise content management (ECM) solution suite will be private-labeled and optimized to become part of an integrated medical content management platform within Allscripts.

Perceptive Content will enhance Allscripts' existing document management solution, which includes third-party ECM software components from various vendors. Perceptive Software and Allscripts product engineering teams will collaborate to develop a solution that helps Allscripts users effectively capture, access, manage, and share unstructured patient content from within the Allscripts EMR platform.

Using Perceptive Software ECM solutions within Allscripts will enable clinical and business staff to access documents and medical images directly within the Allscripts platform, giving them complete patient information for more informed clinical decisions, better productivity, and streamlined workflow. Perceptive's Enterprise Content Manager, when embedded in Allscripts applications, will enable Allscripts customers to benefit from ECM across the health care enterprise, from operations and patient finance to HIM, scheduling, registration/admissions, patient care, and medical imaging.

Medical content management solutions from Perceptive Software help health care organizations connect, manage, and share patient content from disparate applications so they work in unison to optimize technology investments and make patient content available in existing applications, including the EMR. With enhanced ability to bring more clinical content together at the point of need, health care providers can save time and make fully-informed patient care decisions.

"This partnership is good news for Allscripts customers," says Scott Coons, CEO of Perceptive Software. "As a result of our joint effort, all of a patient's supporting content, regardless of origination point, format, or storage location, will be managed within a common infrastructure and accessed through a familiar Allscripts user interface. This leap forward in medical content interoperability means that physicians and clinical staff will be able to spend more time providing patient care rather than searching through multiple systems to find the information they need to make decisions."   

Brian Anderson, chief technology officer of Perceptive Software, says "Perceptive Software's motivation to work with industry-leading partners like Allscripts is driven by our realization that to be successful, we must enable our health system customers to achieve positive patient-care results while keeping costs at a minimum. Combining our knowledge of medical content management with Allscripts' expertise in medical record technology will infuse both of our software development teams with new understanding and ideas for solving customer problems and improving health care productivity and performance."    

"Allscripts' success is a result of our ongoing focus on the success of our clients," says Rich Berner, president of Sunrise and International for Allscripts. "This agreement with Perceptive Software is part of our strategy to provide our clients with the best clinical and financial tools for performance and growth. The ability to deliver enterprise content management as a part of the Allscripts platform should simplify enterprise access to patient information and IT administration."

Source: Perceptive Software