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AMA Opens Doors for Health Tech Innovators With New CPT Developer Program

Leader in medical terminology offers developers access to widely used CPT code set and resources  The American Medical Association (AMA) announced the launch of a new developer program to help creators of health technology and services easily leverage AMA-published content from CPT, the nation’s leading medical terminology for describing and coding health care procedures and services. 

The CPT Developer Program is devoted to the needs of developers and facilitates access to the AMA’s expertise, content, resources in medical terminology and coding to those with pioneering ideas at the crucial development stage of innovation. “As the physician’s powerful ally in patient care, the AMA is driving the future of medicine by promoting a culture of innovation and offers the AMA’s trusted CPT content and resources to help developers create a generation of technology and services that expands the bounds of science, streamlines our health system, and enhances the care of patients,” says Tom Giannulli, MD, chief medical information officer at AMA’s Integrated Health Model Initiative. “The CPT Developer Program is more important than ever as innovations in digital health technology and services are expected to seamlessly integrate medical terminology before they emerge onto the market,” says Laurie McGraw, AMA senior vice president of health solutions.

Key features offered at no fee to developers who register for CPT Development Program include the following: 

Front-line physicians, entrepreneurs and developers share a passion about transforming health care. To harness this passion, the AMA offers the following additional resources to inspire innovations that will make the health system work better for everyone:  

Through its ongoing leadership, the AMA is shaping and supporting digital health innovation and breaking down policy barriers to the adoption of digital health technology. From revitalizing medical practices to ensuring that evidence-based digital health technology helps provide high-quality patient care, the AMA is striving to help physicians navigate and succeed in a continually evolving health care environment.

Source: American Medical Association