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AHIMA Releases 2022 Advocacy Agenda and 2021 End of Year Report

Every year, the AHIMA policy and government affairs team works to advance its vision of transforming health and health care by connecting people, systems, and ideas.  Despite the continued challenges that health care faced in 2021, AHIMA’s advocacy efforts created meaningful legislative and regulatory changes for the health information profession. Read more about AHIMA’s 2021 Advocacy Accomplishments

AHIMA also recently released its 2022 Advocacy Agenda. The advocacy agenda will leverage the knowledge and expertise of health information professionals to influence public policy to benefit our patients, clinicians, and communities. The agenda focuses on three key themes: (1) improving the patient health journey through access to information, privacy, and equity; (2) ensuring the quality and integrity of health information; and (3) advancing health care transformation.  

Source: AHIMA