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AHDI Announces New Career Map for Health Care Documentation Sector

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) has launched a new career planning tool—Career Map for Healthcare Documentation—to support those in the health care documentation field, or those thinking about a career in health care documentation, in identifying, planning, and achieving their career aspirations.

The Career Map for Healthcare Documentation is readily accessible online in a user-friendly structure that outlines job roles in separate levels of skill set and health care departmental domains. Information about job roles includes job title, summary description of duties, education and experience needed, and level of responsibility or authority.

The Career Map has been designed as a guide for career planning and goal setting in new and changing roles within the health care documentation industry. Individuals will better be able to understand how they can use their knowledge, skills, and experience to better position themselves for the roles they want. The Career Map also is useful to organizations looking to refine or restructure their departments and develop their teams. Job titles, roles and responsibilities, and education or experience needed may vary by employer.

As career paths continue to develop and evolve, AHDI's aim is to map all the relevant qualifications against the various job roles in the industry.

Source: Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity