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Mercy Physician Network Launches MyHealth@Mercy Patient Portal

Patients within the Mercy Physician Network no longer have to wait until their doctor’s office opens to request a prescription renewal or seek medical advice.  Through the MyHealth@Mercy Patient Portal, patients and their caregivers can communicate electronically with their medical provider any time of the day or night.

Over the last two months, Mercy Physician Network, the physicians and practices owned and operated by Mercy Health System, rolled out MyHealth@Mercy to over 45 physician practices.  Using the Internet, patients can login to MyHealth@Mercy in order to do the following:

• schedule follow up appointments with their primary care physician and review all of their scheduled appointments;

• ask their provider nonurgent questions about their care and conditions;

• request prescription renewals;

• obtain health education information; and

• request their result reports.

MyHealth@Mercy provides convenience to all enrolled patients. Those with disabilities will find it particularly helpful.

“I find the MyHealth@Mercy patient portal to be extremely beneficial because I am deaf and it helps me remain independent,” says Rhonda Edwards of Norristown, Pennsylvania. “The portal allows me to make, change, and track my doctor appointments on my own, without asking a friend or family member to make phone calls for me. I have also used the portal to ask my doctor questions and received an immediate response. In addition, the portal provided me with valuable information on probiotocs, low sodium diet, and healthy living tips.”

“Mercy is committed to providing increased access to our quality health services and delivering person-centered care,” said Deborah Leonard, vice president, Mercy Physician Network. “Now, it’s even easier and more convenient to communicate with a provider through MyHealth@Mercy. We hope this encourages patients to turn to their Mercy provider when they need medical help, no matter what time of the day.”

Patients can sign up for MyHealth@Mercy at their Mercy Physician Network office and go online at www.mercyhealth.org/myhealth to register or learn more.  Once the registration process is complete, patients can communicate securely with the physician office.

MyHealth@Mercy allows patients to do the following:

View Test Results: Patients no longer need to wait for a phone call. They can request and then access online reports for lab and imaging tests and search the knowledgebase for health-related information on a variety of relevant topics.

Access Their Medical History: They can track future appointments, review messages to and from the provider, see their medications, and take control of their health by researching medical information from our medical knowledgebase.

Request Prescription Refills: Prescription refills with MyHealth@Mercy are quick and easy. They simply log on to keep track of their medications or request a refill.

Communicate With Their Doctor's Office: If their doctor's office is closed or they forgot to ask a question at their last appointment, they can securely message their office anytime with nonurgent questions or to request an appointment.

Provide Caregiver Access to their Family Member’s Health Record: Caregivers can now have convenient access to medical information of their children, parents, or other dependents, provided there is a guardian relationship or patient permission. This access is easy to set up so they can assist with the care of their loved one, even from across the country.

Source: Mercy Health System