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The Association of Health Information Outsourcing Services Elects New President

HealthMark Group’s Bart Howe to drive educational and policy initiatives designed to unlock the power of patient data by providing both secure and timely access to patient health information

The Association of Health Information Outsourcing Services (AHIOS) recently announced that Bart Howe has been elected as the new association president. Howe also serves as the CEO at HealthMark Group, a leader in digital HIM based in Dallas.

AHIOS comprises the leading HIM outsourcing service companies, with the mission to promote the appropriate handling and dissemination of protected health information (PHI). To support this mission, AHIOS provides education and training resources for individuals who handle patient data. AHIOS administers the Certified Release of Information Specialist certification, which is earned by passing an extensive exam that certifies an individual’s understanding of the complexities and risks associated with the release of patient health information.

“The amount of patient data in the US health care ecosystem is growing at a staggering rate, and this data holds incredible value for improving health outcomes. How we manage this data as a society is critical to unlocking its population health value—we must find the right balance between making patient data accessible while also protecting it from an increasing number of security and privacy risks,” Howe says. “AHIOS plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the appropriate technologies, operational protocols, and privacy standards are in place to keep patient data secure yet accessible.”

As president of AHIOS, Howe will lead key initiatives to enable the secure, timely, and digital exchange of PHI while protecting patient privacy by preventing unauthorized disclosures and misappropriation of health care data. Prior to being elected president, Howe was an active member of the AHIOS legislative subcommittee which focuses on the impact of policy and regulatory changes pertaining to the secure and timely access to PHI at both the state and federal level.

“AHIOS has proven to be a powerful force for driving real change in health information management by providing training, education, and certifications that promote best practices for managing and exchanging patient data. I’m honored to be in a position where I can advocate on behalf of patients for the adoption of new technology and regulatory frameworks that will ensure the security, integrity and accessibility of their protected health information,” Howe says.

In addition to this new role with AHIOS, Howe also serves as the CEO of HealthMark Group. Prior to his current role, Howe served as executive vice president of business development and corporate strategy at Caris Life Sciences, a pioneering leader in precision medicine, biotechnology, and molecular diagnostics. Howe’s professional experience also includes cofounding Ubiquitous Energy, Inc, a venture-backed solar energy technology company, and corporate and investment banking at JPMorgan Chase. Howe holds a BBA in finance from Texas A&M University and a master's degree in business administration from Harvard Business School.

Source: The Association of Health Information Outsourcing Services