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Surescripts Adds NextGen Healthcare for Electronic Prior Authorization

Surescripts, a health information network, expanded the reach of its electronic prior authorization (ePA) solution to include NextGen Healthcare, a provider of health care information systems, services, and connectivity solutions. The addition of NextGen Healthcare, among the nation's largest EHR vendors, will afford 250,000 prescribers nationwide the ability to fulfill prior authorization requests faster and more efficiently, using Surescripts CompletEPA.

"The current manual process of prior authorization is time consuming and frustrating for all parties involved, especially the patient," says Mike Pritts, executive vice president of product innovation at Surescripts. "Picking up a prescription at the pharmacy can be delayed by days, but by connecting NextGen's users with CompletEPA, we can boost efficiency as well as cost savings and get needed medications into the hands of patients faster."

CompletEPA simplifies the process by eliminating the need for phone calls and faxes. Physicians are notified if a prior authorization is needed before sending a prescription, then dynamic questions are utilized to minimize the information needed and data is prepopulated where possible. Once questions are answered, Surescripts' fully electronic system speeds the communication between providers and health plans, resulting in instant approvals or denials.

"Prior authorization has been a pain point for providers and patients alike," says Michael Lovett, executive vice president and general manager for NextGen Healthcare. "Through our collaborative efforts with Surescripts, we are providing the industry with the tools necessary to alleviate this frustration while saving time and resources. Integrating CompletEPA into our application will provide our clients with automated, real-time electronic prior authorization processes enabling them to focus less on administrative functions and more on providing better patient care."

Historically, prior authorization has been the weakest link in the ePrescribing process. In fact, 91% of physicians say prior authorizations are frustrating and 90% of prior authorization requests require a phone call or fax. CompletEPA is connected to a majority of the market through four nationwide pharmacy benefit managers and eight other technology vendors.

Source: Surescripts