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HealthPort, IOD, Care Communications, ECS Announce New Name

CIOX Health launched during the HIMSS16 Conference & Exhibition with the vision of advancing the way health information is managed. The company, created by the 2015 merger of four industry-leading companies—HealthPort, IOD, Care Communications, and ECS—has the industry's broadest provider network and capabilities in release of information, record retrieval, and HIM. CIOX Health serves more than 18,000 hospital and provider sites, 100 health plans, and 1 million unique requesters of patient information.

CIOX Health represents the culmination of 40 years of industry experience as the leading clinical data exchange organization focused in release of information and retrieval of information. The organization facilitates the exchange of patient clinical information with the demand for that information through people, technology, and best in class processes.

"CIOX Health is the single largest nexus for meaningful health information in the country," says Vishal Agrawal, chief growth officer and president of health plan solutions at CIOX Health. "As a technology-enabled services company, we are uniquely positioned to bring consent-driven access to all those who need it—regardless of location, EHR, or health system affiliation."

CIOX Health offers products and services that assist in the management and exchange of health information, increasing efficiency, speed, quality, and security and positively impacting the bottom line. The company delivers expertise in information exchange, workflow, coding, and audit management technology and services. CIOX Health's benefits to providers, health plans, and requesters include the following:

"We've unveiled a new name and brand because we're the combination of four best in class companies, and we are driving a transformation in the way health information is managed," says Matthew Bennett, CEO of CIOX Health.

Learn more about CIOX Health and its unique solutions by visiting www.cioxhealth.com or booth 6021 at the HIMSS16 Conference & Exhibition.

Source: CIOX Health