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Saint Luke’s Installs Real-Time Document Imaging

Saint Luke’s Health System, which includes 10 hospitals across the Kansas City, Missouri, region, has finalized an agreement with EDCO Health Information Solutions to implement EDCO’s patented Solarity technology, and remote indexing services to assist the facility in achieving its goal of reaching stage 7 of the HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model. The technology and services will provide Saint Luke’s the capability to scan patient records at the point of care, and have the documents indexed automatically with Solarity. EDCO’s team of medical record indexing professionals will quality check the indexed documents before returning them to Saint Luke’s EMR in less than one hour.

Currently, Saint Luke’s Health System scans medical records postdischarge. The process of scanning and classifying documents is distributed through HIM departments in each of Saint Luke’s hospitals.┬áIn conjunction with their new EMR roll out, Sharon Korzdorfer, HIM director for Saint Luke’s Health System, was in search of a solution to scan medical records at the point of care to reach stage 7 of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model. Scanning the remaining paper documentation at the point of care will allow clinical providers to access all critical patient information digitally and improve patient care.

Korzdorfer immediately saw the potential that point of care medical records scanning with Solarity could bring to the health system. After further research and follow up, she and her team developed a strategy to emulate the scanning model employed at Rochester General Health System in New York. The model allows for hospital staff to scan records at the point of care quickly and efficiently to be indexed using Solarity technology.

“Saint Luke’s Health System works proactively to utilize the most up to date resources, which helps us offer the best care for our patients,” says Korzdorfer. “The Solarity technology will allow us to capture information securely at the point of care, which ultimately will improve patient care. The operation to implement Solarity technology and services will be concurrent with the health system installing a new EMR and EDMS. Project completion and implementation is targeted for March 2014.“

Source: EDCO Health Information Solutions