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AHIMA Develops Tools to Help Clinical Documentation Integrity Professionals During COVID-19

With clinical documentation integrity (CDI) professionals playing a key role in efforts to “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic, AHIMA has developed tools designed to ease administrative burdens during this difficult time. 

AHIMA’s two new COVID-19 CDI query templates will help CDI professionals ensure the integrity and quality of a patient’s health record. With data being such an important element in the fight against COVID-19, the new templates provide a clear guideline of what critical data needs to be obtained to accurately document for the virus. The templates are similar to those CDI professionals use to document other diseases. 

“I feel immense pride when I see the important work CDI professionals are doing during this pandemic,” says Wylecia Wiggs Harris, PhD, CAE, AHIMA CEO. “We believe these clear, concise, and compliant templates will make it easier for CDI professionals to document this virus, which in turn gives courageous medical providers more time to focus on patient care.” 

The new templates are designed to capture high-quality documentation to support the continuum of care in this complicated health care environment. CDI is critical during the pandemic because it can impact research efforts to curb COVID-19 and provides government and health care leaders with key information for their decision-making processes.
The two new COVID-19 CDI query templates are available to all health care professionals for free at https://ahima.realmagnet.land/covid-19-query-templates-professional

AHIMA has created more than 130 CDI templates for use in multiple health care settings. These templates (not related to COVID-19) are available through the Artifact Health platform.

— Source: AHIMA