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Educational Campaign Launched to Support 5010 Transition

Cooperative Exchange, the nation’s recognized resource and representative for the clearinghouse industry, recently announced its collaboration with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), and other industry and government entities to support the healthcare industry’s upgrade to ASC X12 5010.  This support will take the form of a multitiered campaign to gather feedback, track challenges, identify and provide guidance to correcting ASC X12 5010 implementation-related issues, especially among commercial payers.

The campaign includes the launch of the online 5010 Issue Reporting System and a series of free live webcasts. Cooperative Exchange, in collaboration with WEDI and CMS, ASC X12, and other industry representatives, will analyze submitted issues and work to identify appropriate solutions or industry guidance as needed.  

The online 5010 Issue Reporting System allows all affected parties, including providers, payers, clearinghouses, and vendors, to easily submit their issues associated with implementing ASC X12 5010, and search through a database of current documented problems. This Web-based system offers an easy-to-use interface with multiple sorting categories and sub-categories, including the option to view previously submitted issues and responses to those posted issues.

“The transition to version 5010 of the HIPAA Transaction and Code Set Standards has been challenging, and everyone that works with electronic transactions has been impacted. As the organization responsible for the oversight of this process, CMS is collaborating with all affected parties to resolve these issues including providers, payers, clearinghouses, and vendors,” says Tim McMullen, JD, CAE, Cooperative Exchange executive director. “We are pleased they have reached out to healthcare industry associations and organizations to gather feedback, track challenges, and identify and fix the root causes of outstanding 5010-related issues.”

Source: Cooperative Exchange