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Health Record Banking Alliance Joins NATE

The National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) recently welcomed the Health Record Banking Alliance (HRBA) as its newest association member. HRBA is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 to promote consumer-centered, consumer-controlled, comprehensive, lifetime EHRs.

The Health Record Banking Alliance advocates for a consumer-centered, unified, lifetime EHR. After consumers visit a health care provider, they should request that their provider send a copy of their visit summary to an account that they have established with a trusted private repository. Over time, this will become a comprehensive record of each consumer's care, which they can make available, at their option, to providers, family members, and even medical researchers if they so choose. HRBA believes that a single reconciled account of all of a consumer's health records will promote safer, more effective, and less expensive care while giving the consumer peace of mind about who is looking at their medical records.

"NATE and the Health Record Banking Alliance agree on a core principle. Consumers are healthier when they are actively engaged in their care but they can't be successful if their data isn't all in one place," says Aaron Seib, CEO of NATE. "We are very excited to welcome HRBA as a NATE member. Together we can accelerate progress on behalf of patients across the nation."

"HRBA and NATE are trying to bring about the same end," says Richard Gibson, MD, PhD, executive director of HRBA. "Both of our organizations are dedicated to giving consumers access to and control over their entire health record because it improves outcomes. We're looking forward to working together to achieve our shared goals."

NATE is a not-for-profit membership association focused on enabling trusted exchange among organizations and individuals with differing regulatory environments and exchange preferences. Like-minded stakeholders are invited to visit nate-trust.org/membership for additional information.

Source: National Association for Trusted Exchange