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Arrendale Associates Joins Health Story Project

Arrendale Associates, Inc announced that it has recently joined the Health Story Project, an alliance of healthcare systems, IT vendors, and health-related organizations to further the adoption of data standards for the movement of clinical information from traditionally dictated narrative into EMR systems.  

The Health Story Project’s initiative of producing data standards for the transfer of clinical narrative into EHRs will assist healthcare organizations and their medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) alike. The continuing growth of EMR systems and the initial lack of interfacing standards has resulted in expensive and time-consuming efforts for healthcare system IT departments and their MTSO partners to move physician dictation into EMRs.  

Arrendale brings experience with HL7 interfaces, healthcare EMR systems, and MTSO workflow to the Health Story Project to participate in the data standard adoption collaboration effort.  

Arrendale provides its worldwide customer base of physicians, healthcare organizations, and MTSOs with a fully featured, user-friendly system for dictation, automatic speech recognition and transcription while interfacing to major healthcare information systems.

The Health Story Project’s Clinical Document Architecture data standards will allow Arrendale’s customers to concentrate on the practice of healthcare while the movement of narrative text into EMR systems is automated through Health Story Project standards.  The inclusion of narrative text within EMR systems results in greater caregiver satisfaction, improved patient care, and efficiency to bolster EMR adoption even further.  

Source: Arrendale Associates