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AHIMA Responds to Proposed Disclosure Rule

AHIMA welcomes the proposed rules put forth by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) concerning the Accounting of Disclosure requirements recently published in the Federal Register. In light of the dramatic transformation of the U.S. health system, particularly with respect to the implementation of EHRs, and given the significant role that HIM professionals play in protecting and securing health information, we have eagerly anticipated this rulemaking process. AHIMA has established a response team comprising experts in EHRs, health information exchange, and confidentiality and security to formulate an official position on behalf of our 61,000 members. The AHIMA position will voice the concerns and views of the HIM profession. Our team will conduct an evaluation and prepare recommendations to be completed in time for further member involvement on this very important subject. AHIMA’s intent is to scrutinize the known requirements to provide subject matter expertise to OCR on the implementation of HITECH requirements. AHIMA leaders will assess and address the multitude of concerns generated by positive advancements in the Health Information industry.

Source: AHIMA