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2019 HIM Professional Census Reveals Opportunities in Revenue Cycle

Libman Education releases findings of the Annual HIM Professional Census

Libman Education has released the findings of their recently completed HIM Professional Census. The 2019 HIM Professional Census was undertaken to capture the perspective of HIM professionals due to their pivotal role in the complex Revenue Cycle system. The survey results identify the particular challenges they face and the opportunities for realizing their significant value to Hospitals and Health Systems.

“This is a professional population positioned at a critical juncture of the revenue cycle, and yet they are not often heard from,” says Susan Pepple, chief operating officer and vice president of Libman Education. “The goal of the survey was to solicit their thoughts directly and to identify areas of training that would provide the best benefit to both them in their professional growth and to the hospitals that depend upon them.”

Over 1,500 HIM professionals responded to the survey providing insights and creating benchmarks for future studies. The respondents came from every state and their titles reflect a diversity of seniority and responsibilities. Most significantly, the respondents shared their concerns about the future of HIM and provided valuable input for transforming the revenue cycle.

For a free copy of the HIM Professional Census, visit https://libmaneducation.com/2019-him-professional-census.

— Source: Libman Education