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Top 10 Dictation Tips for Physicians

Electronic medical transcription services and other new technologies are revolutionizing how we record and store medical information, but a physician's dictation technique still plays a critical role in creating a successful medical transcription.

As a provider of electronic medical transcription services, MxSecure, Inc gets a lot of suggestions from professional transcriptionists about how physicians might improve their dictation techniques. Today, it's publishing 10 tips the company believes will help physicians improve their dictation skills, allowing them to significantly reduce transcription errors, and improve the speed and efficiency of patient records processing in their practices.

MxSecure's Top Ten Dictation Tips include the following:

• Before beginning, organize all the papers and reports you'll need for reference.

• Minimize competing noises, like a TV or radio, eating, shuffling papers, or others talking.

• Identify yourself and state what type of report you will be dictating and detail any special instructions at the beginning of the dictation.

• If dictating by telephone, avoid cell phones. They're convenient, but land lines offer better sound quality.

• Do not dictate while driving. The quality will be poor, and it's not safe!

For the complete list of medical dictation tips from MxSecure, visit www.mxsecure.com/dictation-tips

Source: MxSecure, Inc