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Ciox Adds Contactless Records Request and Delivery

HealthSource Patient Request Built-in Response to COVID-19 Demand for Automation, Self-Service

Ciox, a health technology company, announces the general availability of a new feature to its HealthSource platform, which uses artificial intelligence to help fulfill, deliver, and track requests for medical records. HealthSource Patient Request adds the ability for patients to easily request their records via their provider's website and receive instructions on how to securely and electronically retrieve those records.

HealthSource Patient Request helps automate the records request process by directing patients to a simple, intuitive HIPAA-compliant online request form that is available in a multilingual format. The system then provides a link via email for easy online retrieval when requested records are available. This new capability makes it easier than ever for patients to complete and submit requests for their medical records, equipping them to make informed, timely decisions about their care and advocate more effectively for their health.

"We are putting patients first, by making it easy and contactless to request their medical records safely and securely with HealthSource Patient Request," says Pete McCabe, CEO at Ciox. "In today's environment with so many people working remotely and leveraging virtual medical visits, a trend likely to persist long after the COVID-19 pandemic passes, it's critical that we empower and inform patients by enabling them to seamlessly and digitally access their records."

HealthSource Patient Request is live at a variety of sites—from individual providers to large Integrated Delivery Networks—with many more doctors, hospitals, and health systems expected to adopt the online feature soon. Among patients who have used it, the online request process boasts a nearly 100% approval rating with users agreeing that it's easy to use and a great tool.

"This is a good tool as it allows us to make a request for medical records as needed," notes one patient requester. Ease-of-use for what can be a complex request seems to be the common theme, with one patient noting, "I wasn't sure I could do this (I'm 69), but it was very easy to follow the steps."

Another notes, "I'm impressed. It's well designed, considering the nature of the request."

In addition to the record requesting feature for patients, HealthSource Patient Request provides an aggregated statistical dashboard on the back end for providers to track the volume of requests over time, the quality of records returned and other vital metrics.

Patient Request is yet another feature improvement launched in Ciox's HealthSource platform this year to streamline ROI, ensure quality, improve turnaround times, and enhance patient and provider experiences.

Source: Ciox